Anti Thrombin III Activity/Functional Test


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The anti-thrombin-iii-activity-functional test detects protein-blocking abnormal blood clot formation.

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Anti Thrombin III Activity/Functional (1)

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Anti Thrombin III Activity/Functional Test

Also known as antithrombin, functional antithrombin III, or the AT III Test, the antithrombin III activity/functional test is conducted to measure the amount of antithrombin protein in your body to determine if you have an antithrombin deficiency or not. Antithrombin acts as a natural blood thinner; when their levels are too high. It causes blood to clot more quickly than usual. An antithrombin-3 activity test at a top-tier diagnostic center in India, such as Redcliffe Labs, is recommended to avoid the complicated side effects.

Anti Thrombin III Activity/ Functional Test Price

Name Of The Test Anti Thrombin III Activity/ Functional Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 5800
Discounted Test Price 2900
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
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It can be a little complicated to search for the best diagnostic centre that can work as a one-stop solution for you. However, you do not have to get stressed when Redcliffe Labs is there for you to help you even on your bad days. From providing the home sample collection to assuring you get 100% accurate test results within the estimated timeframe, Redcliffe Labs always remains ready to stand with you through thick and thin.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it essential to go for an anti-thrombin III activity/functional test?
Your doctor might order you to undergo this test if you have repeated blood clots or your blood-thinning medicine is not producing positive results.
    What are the reasons for high Anti-Thrombin III Activity/Functional Test Levels?
    The high level of Anti-thrombin III activity/functional test results due to low level of vitamin K, kidney transplant, Bleeding disorder( hemophilia), and Excess usage of anabolic steroids.
      What are the causes of low Anti-Thrombin III Activity/ Functional Test Levels?
      Bone marrow transplant, liver cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) all cause low anti-thrombin III activity and functional test levels.
        What is the cost of an Anti-Thrombin III Activity/ Functional Test?
        Using cutting-edge technology methods while not putting a strain on your pocket, Redcliffe Labs can help you get diagnosed with INR 2900.
          MRP 5800/-2900/-