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One Stop Solution for all your diagnostic Needs

We are a state of the art diagnostic lab with complete pathology solution offering a wide range of test menu spanning over 9 major departments. At redcliffe we offer:

  • Pathology Services
  • Health Checkup Packages
  • Routine
  • Hormones
  • Specialized and Genomic Investigations

Team of Pathology Experts

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics is headed and supervised by expert personnel of skillful and dynamic technocrats in the domain of Medicine and Pathology. Our labs are equipped with ultra modern and automatic Equipment and accessories ensuring 100% error free results.

  • Accuracy of test results
  • Hygienic diagnostic labs
  • Timely delivery of test reports
  • Credibility
  • Cost-effective

Your health is important to us

  • We help doctors and patients to plan an accurate and appropriate treatment by helping them with the right diagnosis for a particular medical condition.
  • We are available around the clock to provide our patients with highly competent, evidence-based and state-of-the-art diagnostic expertise.

    What makes us different

    We have an advanced and well-equipped testing laboratory which is built in accordance with the globally recognized standards and a competent team of highly trained experts and technologists to meet the laboratory testing requirements of our patients.

    • Widest network of Lab and collection centers
    • More than 3500 Tests covering all routine and specialized tests
    • Genetic Testing - Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
    • Preventive Health Checkup Packages


    • Mark yourself safe from COVID-19/coronavirus.
    • We are keeping people informed about Coronavirus.
    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing is available at our dedicated COVID-19 collection points.
    • We are providing real-time RT-PCR and Antibody test to prevent the spread of COVID-19


    Services you can trust

    Redcliffe Life Diagnostics provide the following clinical laboratory services:

    Biochemistry & Immunoassay

    Biochemistry blood tests are performed to evaluate the efficient capacity of various critical organs and systems, like liver and kidneys. We are equipped with fully automated integrated state of the art analyzers that can share sample requiring both types of tests.

    Hormone Assays

    Hormonal assays are conducted to examine the metabolic processes and conditions, or ‘hormone imbalance’. It is used to measure hormones in the blood, including male and female sex hormones like oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.


    Hematopathology tests are performed to examine blood and blood disorders. It helps in the evaluation of blood related conditions. Our department continuously works on expanding its test menu by innovating newer assays for various serious complications and making clinical decision making easier.


    We are a very few labs of the country who offer a very wide range of Immunohistochemistry Markers. We are equipped with an automated tissue processor, IHC stainer, LBC processing and stainer.

    Clinical Pathologyy

    Clinical pathology is associated with the evaluation of diseases related to urine, blood and tissue homogenates. At Redcliffe life diagnostics, the board-certified Phlebotomists conduct pathology tests and provide results in a thoughtful manner.

    Microbiology, Serology and Immunology

    Our departments work under the supervision of highly experienced Microbiologists and trained technical staff. We have a separate section for mycobacteriology and a BSL-2 Compliant Lab. We support our hospital clients in deciding infection control programmes and antibiotic policy.