What Puts Up Redcliffe Labs as The Leading Diagnostic Partner?


We ensure Smoother, Quicker and Transparent Operations with deep level integrations to automate the experience.


Redcliffe Labs has the highest geographical coverage with its services in over 150 cities for more than 3600 tests in pathology and over 500 centres for radiology and wellness.

Revenue Models

We possess proven customization capabilities in optimizing the discounts, transfer pricing models and service offerings that favour all the stakeholders.


With Redcliffe Labs, you can expect Ultralight Booking assistance, Real-time Phlebo, Sample & Report Tracking, and Dedicated KAMs.

Why partners opt for Redcliffe as their diagnostics service provider ?


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API and Webhooks

We have a personalized customer flow developed plug and play APIs for empanelment. It offers convenient operations and precise scaling.

Ultra-Flexible Booking Tools

Our partners have a flexible booking module. One can expect Bulk Booking Uploader, Partner Dashboards, and a Partner App for smooth operations and test boo read more

Data is the new oil

Highly flexible functionalities to source your patient data in a consumable format such as CSV, JSON, PDF etc for ease of deep level analysis, designing di read more

Pre Policy Medical Checkup module

We facilitate all the Redcliffe Labs’ partners with Digital KYC, Video KYC, Risk assessment, Physiological, diagnostic and pathological Biomarkers, MER, a read more

Coupon Management System

All our partners have access to Coupon Management System so that they can design and use them accordingly. One can customize coupons for one-time, multiple read more

Customized Landing Pages

To retain your customers and improve customer experience, we provide you with customized landing pages on the web as well as the app to ensure your custome read more

Camp and Wellness Dashboard

We provide a comprehensive dashboard to all our B2B partners, which helps them organize on-site camps, a versatile payment module, initiate CTA, check enga read more

Our Glorifying Strategic Partners In Different Categories

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Disease Management Platforms

We are into existing partnerships with several disease management platforms and looking forward to associating with more in the near future.

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