Smart Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad


Includes: 85 tests

CBC with ESR (27 tests), Thyroid Tests (3 tests), Urine Routine & Microscopy (23 tests), Liver Function Tests (12 tests), Kidney Function Tests (10 tests), Lipid Profile Tests (9 tests), Blood Sugar Fasting

Fasting Information

Fasting 8-10 Hrs Fasting Required

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Age Group 18-99 years

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Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad

Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for Smart Full Body Checkup?

• All adults need a smart full-body checkup.

Why take smart full body checkup in Hyderabad?

• It is important to detect serious illness.• Helps in early diagnosis and treatment.• Promotes a healthy lifestyle and fitness.• Controls on bad habits such as alcoholism, drug and tobacco addiction, etc• It helps to get the right medication and treatment.

What are the benefits of smart full body checkup?

• On the basis of this test result, you will be able to accomplish all your health goals.• It detects illnesses at an early stage.• The test aids doctors in managing your serious health issues such as thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disorders, and liver ailments more easily.• After a complete analysis of this health checkup, your doctor may recommend proper medications and better lifestyle and diet modification strategies.• The smart full-body checkup helps you to get rid of certain serious health problems in the early stages with the right treatments.

Test Parameters

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Blood Glucose Fasting (1)

CBC with ESR (27)

Kidney Function Test / KFT (10)

Lipid Profile (9)

Liver Function Test / LFT (12)

Thyroid Profile - Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive) (3)

Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine R/M) (23)


What Is A Full Body Checkup?

It is a preventive health test that examines different organs to diagnose different health conditions and minimize all possible complications in their initial stage possible.

What Tests Are Included In The Health Checkup Package in Hyderabad?

85 Tests, including Thyroid Profile, Blood Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine & Microscopy, KFT, CBC Test, LFT, Lipid Profile, etc., are involved in this package.

Is A Full Body Checkup Necessary These Days?

Yes, it is. Nowadays, our lifestyle is not as healthy as it is supposed to be, which impacts health and calls for periodic health checkups that help track your condition and decline complications.

Which Is The Best Lab in Hyderabad For A Full Body Health Checkup?

Redcliffe Labs is undeniably the name you should consider for your search related to the Best Lab for Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad. We have ultra-modern resources and a skilled team to provide the best testing according to defined standards.
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Amount to be paid 799
*inclusive of all the taxes, fees and subject to availability

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Full Body Test in Hyderabad

In this 21st century, we are so tied up with hectic schedules that we have forgotten about contributing to our health. This is where a full body checkup plays a significant role. Doctors always suggest getting the health checkup done once a year to ensure the right body functioning. It is primarily important for people living in metropolitan cities because of the high risk of different diseases such as asthma, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, allergies, diabetes, mood disorders, STIs, cancer, obesity, mental health issues, infectious diseases, etc. All of these are the reasons for an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits. Redcliffe Labs specializes in full body checkup in Hyderabad and offers you the best services to ensure that your health is in a good state. There is no requirement of stressing more about the cost because we provide you the whole health packages at affordable rates. We have a team of highly professional and experienced medical staff offering you precise medical reports. Frequent checkups are essential for the body, and we must take them seriously now. We get ourselves tested most of the time when we begin to face the issue or any serious sign of a health problem. We keep procrastinating on the health checkups in the belief that the problem will go away on its own. Redcliffe Labs keeps stressing over the full body test in Hyderabad because we don’t know what is going on inside our body and the unexpected outcomes. It is recommended that one get the full body checkup done every two to three years if you are below 30, but for people above 30, it should be once a year.

What is Included in a full body checkup?

Redcliffe Labs - Healthy is a new Wealthy

Those days are gone, when health issues were limited to the old age people, now is when the young generation is facing more health issues. Understanding the need, we at Redcliffe Labs have included the whole body checkup in Hyderabad, signifying our adage of “healthy is a new wealthy”. These days, we shouldn’t be taking our health for granted because a pandemic has severely impacted the world. So, it becomes more important that we keep tracking our health frequently. With these regular checkups, you can know about your body. It will help you realize what health changes you need to make in your daily life, and also, you will be more persuaded towards a healthy lifestyle once your reports are satisfactory. On the other hand, these frequent tests also help identify the health complications before it causes any severe damage to the body. It becomes easier for the doctor to suggest the proper treatment or medication needed for the problem.

Full Body Checkup Price in Hyderabad

Name Of The Package Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad
Sample Type Blood & Urine
Number Of Tests 85
Actual Test Price 1599
Discounted Test Price 799
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Nil
Fasting Before Test 8-10 hours of fasting required
Get Reports Within Same Day

Economical and precise services- Redcliffe Labs

Redcliffe Labs comprehends the current pandemic situation, which has hit the world physically and financially, emotionally, and mentally. Keeping it in mind, we have customized our packages affordable for you. You can book the health package for a full body checkup price in Hyderabad according to your requirements and pocket. Also, you get the option of customization of health packages as per your health needs. Once you pick us, you’ll get to know that we have a competitive pricing structure. It is to be noted that we don’t ask for additional fees or any commission. To offer you the best and precise services, we have accommodated the advanced technologies which again benefit in cutting the costs. We are completely transparent regarding pricing, so there is no need to get apprehensive when choosing us. The different range of health packages which start from Rs. 799 are; smart full body checkup, smart plus full body checkup, super advance plus full body checkup for male, super advance plus full body checkup for females, advance full body checkup, and advance plus full body checkup.

Ordering full body checkup at Redcliffe Labs

These days, most people prefer full body checkups at home services, and since the pandemic is still hitting the world, the need for online diagnostic lab services is evolving. Ordering a full body health checkup in Hyderabad with Redcliffe Labs is effortless, and our experts have ensured that your bookings are scheduled effortlessly. To book your appointment, you have to give us a call or fill the form given on the website. Once you do that, our team will take your request further to send the phlebotomist to your given address. After collecting your blood samples, we will ensure accurate reports are sent to you within the defined time. Representatives will answer your doubts and queries. You can also obtain the details of the health packages that we have combined. Our full body checkups would be easier to monitor the varied body levels like blood glucose, TSH, CBC, Lipid Panel, and wide-ranging health checkups. With the health packages at Redcliffe Labs, you can be sure of your good health. As diagnostic lab service providers, we know that the health issues develop gradually, and humans don’t even know when it gets worse until it is delayed already. You identify the health complexities beforehand and take the appropriate measures to prevent the problem. After a full body checkup, if any problem is displayed in the report, it is suggested that you must reach your doctor for further assessment of your health. Further, ensure that you are prepared while going for a whole body checkup in Hyderabad if your doctor asks for more tests.

Redcliffe Labs - Why?

Redcliffe Labs is a foremost name in diagnostics and has efficiently managed to mark its footprint all over the country by offering proficient services. As a diagnostic center, we realize the significance of quality and appropriate analysis when it comes to an individual's health. We humans face many problems, stress, and bad habits like poor sleeping hours, alcohol, smoking, drugs, and whatnot. Because of all this, our health gets affected severely. To improve the better lifestyle among people, we have introduced different health packages for a full body health checkup in Hyderabad, which would assist you with picking your package as per your diagnostic needs.

Let’s see why we are the finest choice for you when it comes to the health diagnosis:

  • We have a team of qualified and skillful MD pathologists holding years of experience in diagnostics. With their assistance, it is ensured the test reports sent to you are precise.
  • We respect the security of our clients hence appropriate measures are included. Our team ensures that the data collected when booking an appointment for a whole body checkup is protected and never shared with third entities.
  • Realizing the present scenario of covid-19, we have ensured affordable health diagnostic packages so that anyone can benefit from health checkups with us.
  • You will get the at-home services with Redcliffe Labs, which means no hassle of visiting the labs.
  • Test reports are delivered to you within the defined time, which is 24-48 hours.
  • Your test reports are sent to the verified laboratories for analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Cost Of Full Body Check Up in Hyderabad?

The cost of a Full Body Check Up in Hyderabad with 85 tests, including Thyroid Profile – Total, Blood Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine R/M), Kidney Function Test / KFT, CBC, Liver Function Test / LFT, Lipid Profile @ Rs 799 only. The cost of the test depends on different factors, like the number of tests covered, the city, diagnostic center, home test or lab test, etc.

2. What Should You Avoid Before A Full Body Check-Up?

Full Body Check-Ups are crucial to avoid any impending medical crisis. Since it’s a full-fledge package, it covers different tests, and therefore, there are several prerequisites that one should follow, like:

  • Monitor food intake
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Carry reports of existing disease
  • Take proper sleep a day before the test
  • Avoid salty and fatty foods before the test
  • Other than that, if you are on a specific medication, don’t forget to discuss it before your healthcare professional to maintain maximum accuracy of the tests.

3. How Useful Is A Full Body Health Checkup?

Whether we accept it or not, Full Body Health Checkups are the most proactive ways to track, manage and improve your health. With Health Checkups assessing and addressing health disorders in their early stage becomes possible and makes it much easier for doctors to cure them. All in all, these are very useful and worth trying.

4. Should You Get A Full Body Checkup Every Year?

Yes, you should get a full body checkup every year to maintain a health baseline and overcome conditions before they become complicated. So, even if you are healthy or not feeling any sickness, you should get regular health checkups done to identify problems and avoid sickness and severities.

5. Is It Possible To Book Full Body Checkup At Home?

Yes, With Redcliffe Labs, you can book a Full Body Checkup at home. We have soft-spoken and trained phlebotomists to come to your home for sample collection, following defined testing measures. So, say no to the long queues and book a Health Checkup at home today.

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