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The viral markers rapid test detects viral infections such as HBsAg, HCV, and HIV.

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Who all are eligible for Viral Markers test?

• A viral marker is a unique kind of package that has been designed to identify a wide range of viral infections.• Married couples, same-gender couples, transgenders• People with a high risk of communicable diseases such as HIV and STDs.• Drug users who share needles or get injections• People suffering with hepatitis, HIV, STDs, and other undetectable viral infections need to take viral marker tests to save their lives from unknown viral infections• If someone has signs and symptoms of hepatitis or jaundice, such as loss of appetite, joint pain, dark urine, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, mild fever, pale skin tone, etc.,• Pregnant women and people with flu-like symptoms• those who were in close contact with the infected patients.• People who have been on dialysis for a long time.

Why take Viral Markers test?

• This is a combined test to identify HIV 1, HIV 2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, a range of viral infections.• This viral marker test comes under the wide range of diagnostic tests.• It helps to diagnose viral hepatitis B and C, HIV, viral fever, and other viral infections that are not detectable by normal diagnostic tests.

What are the benefits of Viral Markers test?

• On the basis of the test results, the doctor may save the vital organs from lethal viral attacks before the illness gets worse and life-threatening.• Proper screening helps the doctors with disease monitoring and its progression.• After these test results, doctors recommend suitable medications for complete recovery.

Test Parameters

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Hbsag (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen ) (1)

HCV (Hepatitis C virus ) (1)

HIV Antibody, Rapid Card (1)


Q. How can I book my test?

A. If you are planning to book diagnostic tests with Redcliffe Labs, then it is quite a simple and smooth process. All you have to do is just call us and our well trained and patient-friendly representatives will book an appointment for you. Also, you can book the test online by visiting our website and as soon as we get your query within no time we will make sure to book the appointment for you.

Q. In how much time will I get my test report?

A. Redcliffe Labs knows how important the timing is when it comes to health checkups. We make sure that reports are sent to you as soon as possible so that you can begin with the right treatment and medications on time. You will get your reports within 24 hours.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. You can receive your test results at your given email address or on your phone number and also on WhatsApp. Redcliffe Labs makes sure to send precise and timely reports following the highest standards to maintain quality.

Q. Is home sample collection available for Viral Markers Rapid Test?

A. Yes, home sample collection is available for the diagnostic tests as per your needs. Once the test is booked as per your diagnostic requirements, our expert phlebotomist will reach your given address to collect the sample.
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Viral Markers Blood Test  

The viral marker blood tests are a set of three tests that includes the HIV rapid test, HbsAg Screening (Rapid) test, and HCV Tri Dot test. The test evaluates the presence or absence of the hepatitis virus in your blood sample.

Hepatitis is a liver disease that is most commonly caused by hepatitis A, B, and C virus. The hepatitis panel test can detect the presence of all three types of viruses in the blood sample. The symptoms caused by these viruses and the mode of their transmission are different in different viruses. The details about these viruses are given below:

  • Hepatitis A: This virus spreads when a person comes in contact with the feces or stools of an infected person or by consumption of tainted food. The spread of the virus through sexual contact with an infected person is reported in very rare cases. The recovery rate from hepatitis A is high and the virus generally does not leave a lasting impact on the liver.
  • Hepatitis B: This virus generally spreads in cases where the patient comes in contact with the body fluids of an infected person, like its blood or semen. The recovery of patients from hepatitis B can be quick in some cases while in other cases, it may lead to long-term, chronic liver disease.
  • Hepatitis C: This virus generally spreads if you come in contact with the blood of the infected individual. The most common cause of infection is due to the sharing of hypodermic needles. In rare cases, the virus can spread due to sexual intercourse with an infected person. Developing cirrhosis and chronic liver diseases in patients infected by hepatitis C virus is very common in most cases. 

Symptoms That Call For A Viral Markers Test:

The symptoms for every individual may vary due to multiple reasons. However, some of the most common signs that may call for a Viral Marker Test are:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Jaundice
  • Unintentional Weight Loss
  • Night Sweats
  • Persistent Cough
  • Rashes on the skin

It is important to note that symptoms may vary from person to person. Hence, if your doctor has recommended the Viral Marker Test in Pregnancy, prioritize it to avoid problems later. The test provides valuable information about your health and helps to diagnose & monitor viral infections.

Importance Of Viral Markers Rapid Test:

  • Early Diagnosis: It looks for viruses to detect infections, including HBsAg, HCV, and HIV, at a stage where it is still treatable to avoid complications.
  • Prevent Transmission: The test identifies the individuals who are infected with a virus, which makes an individual alert and helps them take treatment early to prevent the progress of the infection & spread of the virus further.
  • Prompt Treatment: In addition, diagnosing the problem enables individuals to intervene in the treatment early to ease the symptoms.

Do not take your health for granted, and go for screening at the earliest. If you have symptoms or your doctor has prescribed this test, get tested in time with Redcliffe Labs. Book a Viral Marker Blood Test now for just Rs 750.

Viral Marker Test Price

Name of The Test Viral Marker Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 3
Actual Test Price 1350
Discounted Test Price 750
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No fasting Required
Get Reports Within 12 Hrs

Viral Marker Test List:

The test looks for HIV 1 & 2 antibodies and helps confirm whether an individual is HIV positive/negative. The earlier one can be diagnosed, the easier it will be to initiate the treatment and ease complications.

Preparations For Viral Marker Test:

  • To ensure that your viral marker test reports are accurate, follow all the instructions provided by your healthcare professional.
  • Keep yourself hydrated unless instructed otherwise by your healthcare professional.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking & more such harmful substance for at least 24 hours before the test, as this could interrupt the test results.
  • If you are on a specific medicine, confirm with your doctor whether you can take them or need to stop. Just make sure not to avoid any prescribed medications without your healthcare professional’s advice.
  • Get plenty of rest & sleep well before the test, as fatigue can impact test results.
  • If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your healthcare professional to ensure you have all the instructions.

Why is a viral markers test conducted?

A viral markers test is conducted if you have one or more symptoms of acute or chronic hepatitis, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been infected with the hepatitis virus or HIV. The test is also recommended to patients who have been on dialysis for a long term, or who have been injected with illegal drugs. The test is suggested for pregnant women as well.

How is the viral markers test done?

The viral markers test is just like a normal blood test that requires blood for testing. The blood sample is collected from a vein in your arm through a needle. The collected blood is then taken into the laboratory for testing.

How much does the viral marker test cost ?

The viral marker test price at Redcliffe Labs is approximately Rs. 1350/-, which under special discounts, is currently available at Rs. 750/- only.

How can I book a viral markers test?

The viral markers test can be booked at Redcliffe labs by calling our centre, through our app or you can book throgh our official website.

Viral Marker Test With Redcliffe Labs - Reliable Testing At Affordable Cost

To make diagnostics accessible to every individual, we ensure that clients will get a Viral Marker Rapid Test at a reasonable cost. With Redcliffe Labs, Viral Marker Test Price is just Rs 750. We incorporate advanced testing tools and skilled professionals to precisely process the sample and provide accurate test reports within a promised time frame. The Viral Marker Profile Test can unveil information about your health, help identify varied infections, and confirms whether you are HIV-negative or positive. So, you should never delay the screening and take hold of the condition.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are viral markers Rapid card blood test?
This test is done for diagnosing the Hepatitis B, C, and HIV.
    Why is Viral Marker Rapid test done?
    This test is done for the identification of issues related to the wide-range of viral infections.
      Can blood test show viral or bacterial infection?
      Yes, simple blood test can identify the problem of viral and bacterial infection.
        What are the viral markers Rapid card price ?
        If you consider the right diagnostic service like Redcliffe Labs, then you can find the best price at offer. With us, you can get this test done within the range of INR 750.
          What do my test results mean?
          According to the viral marker test report, you are positive with hepatitis viral infection if you have: Positive HCV antibody test, Positive HIV antigen test, Positive hepatitis B surface antigen ,Positive hepatitis B envelope antigen
            Are there any risks associated with a viral markers test?
            No, since the viral markers test is like a blood test, it does not have any serious side effects associated with it.
              Does the viral markers test require any special preparation before the test?
              No, the viral markers test does not require any special preparation before the sample is collected for testing.
                Can this test be conducted on anyone?
                Yes, the viral markers test can be conducted for both males and females at any age of their life.
                  MRP 1350/-750/-