Smart Full Body Checkup in Noida


Includes: 85 tests

CBC with ESR (27 tests), Thyroid Tests (3 tests), Urine Routine & Microscopy (23 tests), Liver Function Tests (12 tests), Kidney Function Tests (10 tests), Lipid Profile Tests (9 tests), Blood Sugar Fasting

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Fasting 8-10 Hrs Fasting Required

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Age Group 18-99 years

Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for Smart Full Body Checkup?

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Test Parameters

Helps you know your test better

CBC with ESR (27)

Thyroid Profile - Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive) (3)

Blood Glucose Fasting (1)

Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine R/M) (23)

Kidney Function Test / KFT (10)

Liver Function Test / LFT (12)

Lipid Profile (9)


What Is A Full Body Checkup?

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Full Body Test in Noida

Are you someone who keeps avoiding the health checkups till your symptoms are serious? Do you think regular full-body checkups are pointless? You need to know that symptoms may not show any serious health issues initially, but they can become challenging to be treated in later stages. So, you must monitor your body frequently. We live in a world where life has become very stressful, and our hectic schedules don't let us keep track of our health. Understanding the need for an hour, Redcliffe Labs offers the best full body checkup in Noida.

If you have been looking for a full body test in Noida, you should now contact us. We will assist you with the trouble-free process and easy collection of your blood samples. A full-body checkup is a comprehensive scan of your complete body which comprises the kidney, liver, lungs, heart, etc., to assess your present health status. Redcliffe Labs boasts the maxim "Health is Wealth". We offer fast and convenient services to our customers. So, you can choose from our wide-ranging health packages at affordable pricing. The sample blood collection is simple and fast. The lab offers you the highest quality diagnostic tests with reports delivered on time.

Redcliffe Labs- Your Health Partner

Redcliffe Labs is offering excellent health checkup services. So, when looking for a health checkup in Noida, you will know that we help our patients monitor their medical abnormalities that can be there, such as diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory, reproductive, and so on. We have integrated a team of health experts having years of experience to assist you with any health problem you are facing. Our doctors will help you understand how your present way of life is impacting your health. These days' people don't realize that their sedentary lifestyle is causing major damage to their health. So, after you get yourself tested for the whole body checkup in Noida, it's when you can know what changes you need to make in your life. We ensure that the right healthcare decisions are made for the patients.

Redcliffe Labs has prepared effective full-body health checkup packages with the assistance of medical professionals. The packages are useful for people to detect diseases at an early stage which further benefits the required action for the treatment if needed.

Full body Health packages at Redcliffe Labs

We know that it is complex these days to find the best full body checkup price in Noida, but at Redcliffe Labs, you will get the finest prices and amazing health packages. The different health packages we have are:

  • Smart full body health checkup
  • Smart plus full-body health checkup
  • Advance full body checkup
  • Advance plus full body checkup
  • Super advance full body checkup male and
  • Super advanced full body checkup female.

Precision and reasonability

To ensure the affordability of a full body checkup in Noida, we have incorporated easily affordable prices for any individual without affecting our customers' pockets. We comprehend the relevance of maintaining high-quality also and is not compromised at any cost. NABL's strict quality guidelines are being followed at Redcliffe Labs, which also assists us in maintaining the long-term association with our patients. One can also find the option of customizing the health packages with us according to their requirements of full-body checkup. So, when looking for quality, accuracy, and affordability - we are your way out.

Why Redcliffe for a whole body checkup in Noida?

Redcliffe Labs has become one of the most trusted and advanced labs, building up its strong presence in the country. We are a fully automated diagnostic lab offering improved quality with reasonable pricing. You will find more than this when choosing us for your requirements of whole body checkup in Noida. Here is what we got:

Advanced technology

We have integrated the use of the latest and advanced technologies to test samples which can assist us in getting fast and precise test reports for our customers.

Automated tests

We have included the finest and most advanced testing facilities for laboratories with automated testing for the customers. The automated tests are useful for handling the huge volumes of tests while maintaining high standards of quality and integrity.

Fast reports

You don't have to wait for long hours for reports, and we deliver fast reports within around 24-48 hours. Our doctors will help you understand the report results and which medical specialists can prove helpful based on your symptoms.

Affordable and reliable services

You don't have to be apprehensive about the prices when choosing the Redcliffe Labs for a full body test in Noida, as we have the most affordable health packages here. We ensure following the robust protocol to deliver precise and reliable services.

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What is a full body checkup test?
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