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Calcium Test in Panchkula

The hormones that the brain releases when you fall in love keep you awake all night long. But something else can also suddenly awaken you at night or make it difficult to sleep, an intense painful muscle cramp or agonizingly hurting muscle spasms.

Regular calcium tests are important because calcium is one of the most significant and important minerals in the human body. Over 99% of the human body’s calcium is accumulated in the bones and teeth, while the remaining 1% of it flows in the blood. Although present in smaller amounts, the calcium in human blood is necessary and benefits in the following ways:

  • Helps in the proper working of the nerves.
  • Helps make your muscles pinch together to improve bodily movements.
  • Helps your blood clot in case of bleeding.
  • Helps your heart function properly.

Are you low in calcium? Do you need a calcium test in Panchkula? What will happen if you have if calcium levels are low in Panchkula?

Get answers to all these questions in this write-up by Redcliffe Labs.

The ones who have experienced the real pain or discomfort of muscle pains must have seen or felt a bulging lump of muscle tissue that’s usually present beneath the skin as soon as the sudden and sharp muscle cramp takes place. But why does it happen? Sudden irresistible pain or cramps in the arms, feet, abdominal wall and legs can take place due to the low levels of calcium or calcium deficiency in the body. Apart from muscle spasms, pains and cramps, some other symptoms experienced by people with calcium deficiency are:

  • Intolerable and sharp pain in thighs
  • Recurrent numbness in hands, legs, feet and arms
  • Thin skin
  • Reduced hair growth
  • Weak nails

What is Calcium and what is the need for calcium in the human body?

The human body requires calcium for building and preserving strong bone health. A human body needs adequate amounts and levels of calcium for the proper functioning of the heart, nerves, and muscles. Apart from benefiting bone health, calcium also helps protect the body against cancerous cells and other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Several studies suggest that there are various calcium supplements available in the market today that can help you get control over your calcium levels in the body. But, before getting started with the consumption of calcium supplements, it is important to get a serum calcium test in Panchkula done at the earliest.

What is the need for a calcium blood test in Panchkula?

Calcium is very important for your body. A calcium blood test helps in examining and analyzing if your body has adequate levels of calcium in the blood to be healthy. The presence of high and low levels of calcium in the blood indicate the potential signs and indications of certain medical conditions. Medical experts recommend calcium blood work when a person may show signs or symptoms of having a condition of hypercalcemia (having too much calcium) or hypocalcemia (having too little calcium) in the blood.

Routine calcium blood tests are recommended by doctors or medical experts when someone has been diagnosed with medical conditions that leave an impact on the levels of calcium in the blood. The test is also ordered to check whether a patient is responding well to ongoing treatment.

What is the use of a Ca blood test in Panchkula?

Ca blood tests are performed to measure the level of calcium present in the blood. Two different types of calcium blood tests are namely:

Total calcium: Total ca blood test helps in measuring the calcium connected to certain proteins. Total calcium is sometimes integrated into a routine blood screening test known as a basic metabolic panel (BMP).

Ionized calcium: Ionized calcium test helps in measuring the calcium that is not connected to or "free" from several proteins in the blood.

How much calcium does the human body need?

Calcium requirements for Men (daily)

Age (in years)

Amount (in mg)





70 years and above



Calcium requirements for Women (daily)

Age (in years)

Amount (in mg)





70 years and above



Medical conditions for a calcium blood test

Your doctor may order a basic metabolic panel, which includes a ca blood test, as part of your regular checkup, or if you have signs or indications of abnormal calcium amounts.

Signs of high calcium levels may include:

  • Nausea and vomits
  • Frequent urination than usual
  • Excessive thirst
  • Bloating and constipation
  • Abdominal discomfort or pain
  • Loss of appetite

Signs of low calcium levels may include:

  • Numbing or tingling in hands, lips, face, hands, tongue, fingers, and feet
  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscle spasms
  • Irregular heartbeat

What are the risks involved in the calcium blood test?

There is very little risk concerned with having your blood sample taken for a calcium test taken. The veins and arteries size is different from one person to another. Collecting blood samples from some people may be challenging as compared to others.

Other risks linked with having blood drawn are minor but may include:

  • Extreme bleeding
  • Collapsing, dizziness or feeling lightheaded
  • Hematoma (blood accruing under the skin)
  • Infection 
  • Multiple punctures to locate veins

What is a serum calcium test and when it is performed?

Serum calcium is a blood test that helps in measuring the amount of calcium in the blood. Monitor bone diseases or calcium-regulatory disorders are evaluated with serum calcium (medical conditions of the parathyroid gland or kidneys). A blood sample from the arm is drawn by a phlebotomist to conduct the test. To draw blood samples, a needle is inserted into a vein in the arm, and a small amount of blood is collected into a tube. Less than five minutes are taken for the process.

After getting complete knowledge of the calcium blood test and the potential benefits of the ca blood test, it is also an important factor to consider that how much does a calcium test cost in Panchkula?

At Redcliffe Labs, we offer home sample collection for calcium score tests. The calcium test price in Panchkula usually ranges between Rs. 100 and Rs. 300. You can consider Redcliffe Labs’ Smart Full Body Checkup at just Rs. 699, which includes 80 other tests including serum calcium test at home. Book Calcium blood test in Panchkula from Redcliffe Labs and get home sample collection services. Measure the levels of calcium in the blood at affordable prices.

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