Coxsackie IgG Antibody Test in Prayagraj Allahabad


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The coxsackie-igg-antibody test detects the suspected Coxsackie virus infection.

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Coxsackie IgG Antibody Test in Prayagraj Allahabad

The coxsackie antibody, IgG, is performed to detect antibodies against the coxsackie virus in the blood to identify type A or type B infection. Usually, this virus is found in children under the age of five and can result in hand, foot, and mouth disease. Thus, a positive result shows a coxsackie virus in the IgG antibody test for the coxsackie virus, as IgG antibodies are only detectable after a long period since the disease began. As a result, to detect complications early on, your doctor will prescribe you a Coxsackie IgG Antibody Test at Redcliffe Labs.

Test Details

Name Of The Test Coxsackie IgG Antibody Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 3500
Discounted Test Price 1750
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
Get Reports Within 9 days

Listen to your doctor and book your Coxsackie IgG Antibody Test with Redcliffe Labs today to determine the extent and severity of coxsackie infection, as it is renowned as the fastest diagnostic lab in India, ensuring more than 3500+ tests with the amalgamation of technology and top health care professional experts.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most observable symptoms of the coxsackie virus?
The most apparent signs of the coxsackie virus are fever, runny nose, poor appetite, sore throat, and blister-like rashes on the hands, feet, and mouth.
    What does a coxsackie rash look like?
    The rash is not found to be itchy and looks like slightly raised red spots most of the time, with blisters with an area of redness at their base. Moreover, the fluid in the blister can contain the virus that results in hand, foot, and mouth disease.
      What precautions should you take before going for a Coxsackie IgG antibody test?
      No special precautions must be taken before undergoing a Coxsackie IgG antibody test. However, you should follow your doctor’s instructions closely and avoid taking medications before getting diagnosed.
        What is the cost of a coxsackie IgG antibody test?
        Redcliffe Labs offers the coxsackie IgG antibody test at a discounted price of Rs 1750 to give every individual an equal opportunity to be diagnosed at the right time.
          Rs.3500/-Rs. 1630/-