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Malaria Test - Price, Range, Preparation, Procedure 2024

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Malaria Test - Price, Range, Preparation, Procedure 2024


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Malaria Test - Price, Range, Preparation, Procedure 2023

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Malaria, an age-old enemy, is a formidable foe that silently preys on millions of lives every year. Caused by the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes, Malaria is a severe disease that can have life-threatening complications if left unaddressed. When the infected mosquito bites you, the parasites will travel into your bloodstream, and multiply in your blood cells, causing illness. While it remains a global health concern, it can be cured & managed better with early diagnosis. In the battle against Malaria, Malaria Test can help. It detects the virus early, enabling you to deal with this silent threat. Early & accurate malaria diagnosis leads to prompt treatment & prevention of severe complications. Doctors often consider your symptoms & risk factors to suggest a Malaria Test. MP test for malaria helps confirm or rule out the risk of being affected by the infection.

Suppose your doctor suspects symptoms suggestive of malaria, and you are looking for a reliable diagnostic service provider for a diagnostic test for malaria. In that case, Redcliffe Labs is the name to recall. With state-of-the-art diagnostic labs, ultra-modern resources, and a team of skilled professionals, we provide precise & accurate diagnoses at affordable rates. So, book a Malaria Parasite Test with us now.

Malaria Test Details In Brief:

Also Known AsPeripheral Smear for MP, Malaria Parasite detection by Smear examination
PurposeIt helps diagnose malaria infection and monitor treatment or disease progression or regression.
PreparationDo not take any over-the-counter medicine without confirming with your doctor
FastingNo Fasting Required
Get Reports WithinSame Day
Malaria Test CostRs 120

Symptoms That Call For A Malaria Test:

The symptoms of Malaria infection may overlap with other illnesses. Therefore, understanding its signs is essential to diagnose the condition early and initiate treatment in time. Doctors consider the following signals with other risk factors to suggest Malaria Testing.

  • Fever: High fever accompanied by chills is one of the common symptoms linked to Malaria.
  • Headache: Malaria Fever can cause intense headaches, which may be persistent or recurrent.
  • Fatigue & Weakness: Malaria infection in the blood can make you feel weak or tired all the time.
  • Nausea Or Vomiting: Another sign indicating the Malaria Flu is gestational symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
  • Profuse Sweating: Profuse sweating, especially during malaria fever, is a common symptom suggestive of malaria flu.
  • Respiratory System: Severe malaria can lead to problems like cough, difficulty breathing & chest pain. So, individuals with similar symptoms may need to get tested.
  • Muscle & Joint Pain: Unexplained muscles & joints is another symptom indicating the presence of malaria flu.
  • Enlarged Spleen & Liver: In some cases, malaria can cause an enlarged liver, leading to pain in the upper abdomen.

Malaria Symptoms

The severity of the symptoms depends on the species of Plasmodium involved, the severity of the infection, the individual’s immune response, and other factors. All these symptoms can also occur in other conditions, and therefore, getting tested in time is critical to confirm the cause and take preventive measures accordingly.

Individuals exhibiting these symptoms may need Malaria Blood Test to confirm the presence of malaria infection in the blood. The early the infection is identified, the faster the doctor can initiate the treatment and get control over the condition before things turn ugly.

Benefits Of Taking Malaria Test:

A Malaria Blood Test serves the following benefits:

  • Confirms The Symptoms: If you have a fever, muscle ache, fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms indicating malaria fever, consider the test critical to verify whether the symptoms are due to malaria or some other disease. The test ensures accurate diagnosis and enables healthcare providers to start the treatment in time.
  • Identifies The Species: Different malaria parasites are responsible for different levels of disease severity that may require specific treatment approaches. Malaria Blood Test helps identify & distinguish the species so that an appropriate course of action can be taken.
  • Prompt Treatment: The early & accurate diagnosis is the key that helps doctors prescribe the treatment, depending on your condition, disease severity & other factors. Early treatment helps reduce the severity of symptoms, minimize complications to a possible extent & improve patient outcomes.
  • Monitor Response To Treatment: Furthermore, Malaria Test performed during & after treatment helps monitor the effectiveness of prescribed malaria medication and enables doctors to adjust it as required.

The benefits may be simple but they significantly make a difference for a malaria patient. It enables early diagnosis allowing one to get treatment before things turn severe.

Preparations Required For A Malaria Blood Test:

Being a simple blood test, Malaria Test requires no special practices. However, one must follow general guidelines to avoid discrepancies in the test results, include:

  • The test requires no dietary restrictions or fasting, which means it can be done any time of the day.
  • There are certain medications, prescribed or non-prescribed, which can interfere with the test results. Therefore, informing your healthcare provider and following the instructions is critical.
  • Avoid drinking & smoking before the test, as a substance in it could hurt your health and influence the test results.

There are no other preparations required for a Malaria Parasite Blood Test. However, if you have any doubts regarding the same, it is always good to consult your healthcare provider and follow their instructions.

Procedure Of A Malaria Test:

While it is a simple blood test, the general steps involved in the Malaria Test Procedure include the following:

  •  A phlebotomist will first ask you to sit comfortably.
  • They will then tie a band around your arm and ask you to make a fist so the vein can be easily located.
  • Once the vein is located, they will clean the site using a cotton ball and disinfectant.
  • A sterile syringe will then be used to collect the blood in the required amount.
  • The collected blood will then be transferred to a clean vial to send to the laboratory for analysis.

The procedure is simple and accompanied by no specific risks. However, it is obvious for one to experience a little discomfort, pain, or bruising at the punctured site at the time of the blood draw. The symptoms will fade away in a few hours or days or so. If the symptom persists or you experience anything unusual, it is critical to seek medical assistance.

Malaria Test Price At Redcliffe Labs!

Most people delay any diagnosis because of its high cost. And with our aim to make quality diagnostics accessible to every individual, we keep our charges as competitive as possible. With Redcliffe Labs, Malaria Test Price is just Rs 120 only. You can even book an express slot with us to get tested within 45 minutes from the comfort of your home. So, book Malaria Test now.

Malaria Test Price

Malaria Test Cost in Different Cities

City NameDiscounted Price

Note: We also offer Malaria Test PAN India. Please call the number 8988988787 to check the availability of our services in your area.

Malaria Test Result Interpretation:

Understanding Malaria Test Results is essential to take preventive measures and get treatment in time. Therefore, it is always good to consult a trained healthcare provider for better clarification and start the appropriate safety measures accordingly. Here’s a basic interpretation of the test results.

  • If your Malaria Test Results are negative, no parasites or infection is found in the blood. However, if you still have symptoms, your doctor may suggest retesting or other tests to find the root cause of the problem and provide treatment accordingly.
  • On the contrary, if the test results are positive, it indicates the presence of malaria infection in the blood, and your doctor will initiate the treatment accordingly.

Apart from this, the test can unfold varied other factors. Therefore, discussing it with your doctors is essential to understand the condition, severity & risk factors better. It is critical to understand that when diagnosed and treated early, most malaria cases can be cured, cared for, and managed well when diagnosed and treated early. Therefore, if you have symptoms or are at risk, getting tested in time and discussing your reports to manage it well is imperative.

Other Fever Tests/Packages That You Can Book with Redcliffe Labs

Tests/PackagesDiscounted Price in INR
Fever Panel- Basic TestRs 399
Dengue NS1 Antigen - ELISA TestRs 540
Dengue IGG Antibody TestRs 1000
Malaria Antigen Detection Test (Rapid)Rs 580
Malaria Screening PanelRs 670
Fever Package- Essential TestRs 799
Dengue IGG & IGM Antibody TestRs 1800
Smart Full Body checkup with Malaria TestRs 1199
Dengue RNA PCR Test Rs 3200

Tips To Prevent Malaria Infection:

The infection spreads after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Malaria is preventable, and these tips can minimize your risk of infection. Such helpful tips are:

  • Use Bed Nets: Choosing bed nets to keep your sleeping area covered to minimize your risk of being bitten by a mosquito is highly recommended.
  • Apply Insect Repellent: Furthermore, the use of mosquito repellent can minimize your chances of getting infected due to malaria. However, follow the proper instructions as mentioned on the label.
  • Wear Protective Clothes: Yes! Keeping yourself covered with the right clothing can limit exposure and minimize your risk of infection.
  • Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Therefore, routine cleaning of stagnant water is the easiest & effective way to minimize your risk of getting infected.
  • Seek Early Diagnosis & Treatment: Lastly, if you have symptoms suggestive of malaria, getting tested in time is critical to find the cause and get timely treatment.

These preventive measures minimize your risks of getting infected and reduce malaria transmission in communities. Do not take any of the symptoms lightly and get tested at the earliest to confirm or rule out the risk and obtain the correct course of treatment in time.

So, Get Screened With Redcliffe Labs Today!

Malaria is preventable & curable; however, it can be deadly and severe if left unaddressed. Therefore, getting tested in time is critical to ensure an accurate diagnosis and obtain appropriate treatment to ease complications. Looking for a reliable diagnostic service provider for a Malaria Blood Test? Redcliffe Labs has got you covered. You can book express slots to get tested comfortably with us within 45 minutes only. So, hurry up, book now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to test for malaria?

To confirm malaria, your healthcare provider may suggest a Malaria Blood Test that looks for infection in the blood. Early detection helps one obtain the treatment in time.

2. Is a malaria test done empty stomach?

No! There are no dietary restrictions or fasting required for a malaria test. It can be done at any time of the day, regardless of whether you’ve eaten or not.

3. Which test is used to detect malaria?

In general, two primary tests, including a Rapid Diagnostic Test & Microscopic Examination of a blood smear, are often used to detect malaria. The choice of test best for you is suggested by your healthcare provider, depending on your condition, symptoms, and other factors.

4. How much does a malaria test cost?

The malaria test cost can vary from lab to lab and city to city. However, with Redcliffe Labs, Malaria Test Cost starts at just Rs 120.

5. How to read malaria test reports?

Malaria test reports typically indicate the presence or absence of malaria parasites in the blood. If the test results are negative, it indicates no infection is detected. And the positive test result indicates the presence of infection. However, if test results are negative and still have symptoms, a doctor may suggest additional tests to confirm the cause of your symptoms. Apart from helping detect malaria, the test report may include additional information, such as parasite density, indicating the number of parasites per microliter of blood. For appropriate guidance, it is always good to consult with your healthcare provider.

6. How can I cure malaria fast?

The treatment of malaria includes the use of prescribed antimalarial medicines and other medications. Apart from this, a healthy diet, proper rest, and an improved lifestyle can make a difference and help you recover faster.

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