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Blood Test For Dengue - Everything You Need To Know

Blood Test

Blood Test For Dengue - Everything You Need To Know


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on Jul 6, 2023

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Blood test for Dengue

Dengue, even the name of it, shakes our body from the inside out, and why not? It is the most common and dangerous viral illness transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, Aedes aegypti. The fever spreads mainly in the monsoon season and causes severe sickness. Its complications can even turn worse if left unaddressed. Therefore, getting tested in time is critical to ensure optimal care, management & prevention of severe complications. Your doctor may consider our symptoms, risk, and other factors to suggest different blood tests for dengue. It significantly detects the presence of dengue virus in your blood to start the treatment before the eleventh hour.

Individuals exhibiting symptoms suggestive of the dengue virus should get screened at the earliest to catch the infection & take the cure. The earlier the dengue is diagnosed, the better and faster you can manage it. So, book the Blood Test for Dengue at the earliest to catch the health enemy growing within you and take charge of the condition.

Who Should Go For A Blood Test For Dengue?

Dengue Blood Test is usually recommended for individuals exhibiting symptoms suggestive of dengue fever, such as:

  • If you have a high fever accompanied by bone or muscle pain, you should get yourself tested at the earliest.
  • Apart from body ache, severe headache is also commonly seen in patients with dengue. Therefore, individuals complaining about it need to get tested.
  • It is common among some individuals to develop characteristic rashes, such as small red patches or spots that may be accompanied by itching, and getting tested is essential to confirm the cause.
  • Unusual bleeding from the nose or gums and easy bruising are other signs indicative of dengue fever.
  • Unexplained and intense abdominal pain & vomiting is yet another sign that you should get tested.

Symptoms and severity of each symptom can vary from individual to individual. Therefore, getting tested in time is critical to confirm or rule out your risk and take charge of the condition before things turn ugly.

Blood Tests For Dengue Fever:

  1. Dengue NS1 Antigen - ELISA Test: Also called NS1 Antigen Test or NS1 Test, Dengue NS1 Antigen Test confirms the presence of non-structural protein 1 (NS1) antigen in the body that blood produced against dengue virus. It enables early virus detection within the first few days of symptoms so doctors can initiate the treatment in time. The test is helpful for:
  • Help detect infection in the very initial stage
  • Provides quick & accurate results
  • Differentiate dengue fever from other illnesses
  • Effective in detecting primary dengue infection
  • Facilitates prompt health management
  1. Dengue IgM Antibody Test, EIA: Another common blood test for dengue fever is the Dengue IgM Antibody Test detects immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies that develop against the infection. The antibodies indicate acute or recent dengue infection. The test results are used with other factors to confirm or rule out viruses. Some benefits associated with the test include:
  • Confirm the presence of the dengue virus
  • Detect IgM antibodies against dengue
  • Monitor disease progression
  • Identify past infections (if any)
  • Helps with epidemiological investigations
  1. Dengue RNA PCR Test: The test aims to detect & quantify the presence of dengue virus RNA in a person’s blood that helps with early detection, even before the onset of the symptoms. It is a specialized test recommended in severe cases where an early & accurate diagnosis is crucial. It helps:
  • Detect the dengue virus even before the symptoms start
  • Confirms the dengue virus, especially when other methods yield inconclusive results
  • Determine the serotype of the dengue virus causing the infection
  • Monitor the viral load over time, enable understanding progress & severity of the infection
  • Assess the effectiveness of the treatment
  1. Dengue IGG Antibody Test, EIA: Like the Dengue IgM antibody test, this detects the immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies against the dengue infection. The test helps identify individuals with previous exposure to the virus. It also helps:
  • Check an individual immune status against dengue infection
  • Identifies specific dengue serotypes
  • Measure the immune response & development of IgG antibodies
  • It detects past infection & ensures comprehensive assessment against dengue exposure
  1. Dengue Duo Screening Test: It is a combined test that checks Dengue IgG/IgM & Dengue NS1 Antigen in the blood to confirm the status of dengue infection & provide appropriate safety measures according to your health needs. Major advantages associated with the test include:
  • Ensure comprehensive assessment
  • Differentiate between early & late-stage infection
  • Provide a clear image of the dengue infection status
  • Enable early diagnosis even before the development of antibodies
  • Allow rapid & accurate diagnosis
  • Helps with early management & prevention

No matter the type of test suggested, diagnosing the disease early and accurately is what matters to taking the preventive measures in time. Each test detects the infection, enables better care & supports clinical decisions.

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Don't Guess, Take The Dengue Test! Guesswork can be dangerous for your health. Therefore, a test is always advised. A Dengue Test assesses your risk and leads to better prevention, care & management of the condition. Redcliffe Labs is a leading diagnostic service provider where you can book a blood test for dengue to get tested comfortably from home. You can book express slots with us to get tested within 45 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Book test now!

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