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Blood Test

Blood Test For Typhoid – Learn The Importance


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Written By Meenakshi
on Jul 7, 2023

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Blood Test For Typhoid

Being a bacterial infection, Typhoid fever can strike when least expected. Caused due to Salmonella Typhi, Typhoid primarily transmits through contaminated food & water. It spreads mainly in uncontaminated, poorly sanitized, and unsanitary areas. But fear not! Arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge and proactive steps that can help prevent this formidable illness. Following safety measures and taking blood tests for Typhoid as soon as you have symptoms can help you stay ahead of Typhoid’s clutch.

Yes, you read that right! Getting tested in time is the critical factor that can make any disease manageable to a possible extent, and so is the case of Typhoid. It is curable and minimizes the risks of developing severe complications if detected early. Thus, doctors often suggest a Blood Test for Typhoid that helps catch the presence of infection, understand its severity and help you manage it better with minimum complications. So, what are we waiting for? Dig into the detail to know more.

Typhoid – What is it?

Typhoid Fever, also called, Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused due to the bacterium Salmonella Typhi. The disease first clutches over your intestinal tract, cause fever, and leads to multiple complications. It spreads by consuming contaminated food & water. Typhoid is curable but can be life-threatening if left unaddressed. Therefore, an early Typhoid Test or timely blood test for Typhoid is essential to diagnose the condition & manage it better.

Typhoid test

Common Symptoms Of Typhoid:

The symptoms and severity of each symptom can vary for every individual and may develop gradually over time. Here are some common signs that everyone must pay attention to:

  • Sustained High Fever: One of the common symptoms suggestive of typhoid fever is a high fever that is persistent for a few days or even a week.
  • Headache: Many individuals with Typhoid may also experience intense and persistent headaches, accompanied by general body discomfort & body ache.
  • Abdominal Pain: The pain in the abdominal area accompanied by a bloated or distended abdomen is another sign that something might not be correct, and getting tested is essential to find the cause.
  • Weakness: Typhoid causes loss of energy and stamina, which significantly provokes extreme weakness & fatigue.
  • Loss Of Appetite: Sudden loss of appetite is another sign that you are not unwell, and your doctor may be combined it with other symptoms to suggest you a typhoid blood test.
  • Diarrhea Or Constipation: Some individuals with Typhoid may also complain of gestational problems, like diarrhea or constipation.
  • Rashes: Sometimes, red spots may appear on the body's trunk. However, it is only sometimes present, and getting screened is essential to confirm what's causing the problem.

These symptoms can also be possible in some other illnesses, so proper medical diagnosis is essential to confirm typhoid fever and initiate appropriate treatment.

Who Should Go For A Blood Test For Typhoid?

  • A blood test for Typhoid is recommended for individuals:
  • Exhibiting symptoms of Typhoid
  • Recently traveled to the typhoid-prevalent region
  • Had close contact with a typhoid patient

Your doctor may assess your symptoms and risks and suggest a Blood Test for Typhoid to confirm the condition and provide appropriate treatment based on the results.

If you want to more about Typhoid, it’s stages, & recovery time & price, also read:


Top Blood Tests For Typhoid:

  • WIDAL By Slide Agglutination: One of the common blood tests for Typhoid, the WIDAL test diagnoses typhoid & paratyphoid fever by identifying antibodies against this eccentric fever. The test helps identify the presence of infection, diagnose & monitor the disease that causes the fever, analyze the condition, and initiate treatment if necessary.
  • Typhoid Test IGM Test: The test identifies IGM antibodies that the body develops against Typhoid, which helps diagnose a current or recent infection with the bacterium Salmonella typhi that causes typhoid fever. These antibodies develop in the blood within 1-2 weeks after infection and persist for several months.
  • Typhoid Test IGG & IGM: The test identifies the presence of IGG & IGM antibodies in the blood to check current or past infections with bacteria responsible for typhoid fever. The test is safe. It detects the problem early and helps doctors start timely treatment.

These are a few standard typhoid blood tests. Doctors analyze your symptoms and other factors to suggest a specific test to assess your condition and provide treatment.

Other Fever Tests/Packages That You Can Book With Redcliffe Labs

Tests/Packages NamePrice in INR
Malaria Parasite Test (MP) Smear₹120
Fever Panel Test₹399
Typhoid Test IGM Test₹400
Typhoid Test IGG & IGM₹450
Dengue NS1 Antigen - ELISA Test₹540
Dengue Duo Screening Test₹1100

Price Of Blood Test For Typhoid:

The range of blood tests for typhoid price can vary for every individual depending on different factors. With Redcliffe Labs, typhoid test prices start from Rs 130 only. So, without giving any second thought to the screening, book it. The earlier the problem gets diagnosed, the better it will be for you to confirm the health status and take charge of the condition accordingly.


Blood tests for typhoid help detect the disease, check the severity of the condition & monitor the progression & regression of the disease & treatment. Getting tested in time is essential to confirm the problem & tackle it before things turn ugly. If you are looking for a reliable diagnostic service provider to book a blood test for Typhoid at home, Redcliffe Labs is the one you can trust. We promise exceptional diagnostic experience to every individual at competitive rates possible. So worry less, and book your typhoid test.

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