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Home Sample Collection in 2 hours*

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The vancomycin test evaluates the vancomycin levels in the blood. The amount is checked for treatment optimization.

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  • Age Group: 5+ Years
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Vancomycin Test (1)

  • Vancomycin Test


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Q. How can I book my Vancomycin blood test ?

A. Log into www. and submit your details accurately. Our highly trained professional team of experts will be at your doorstep within the time frame you select.

Q. In how much time will I get my test reports?

A. Redcliffe Labs collaborates with cutting-edge technology and top-tier laboratories to provide 100% accurate Vancomycin blood test results in 3 days.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. You will receive your test results digitally via SMS, Whatsapp, or email so that your doctor can schedule your treatment accordingly.

Q. Is home sample collection available for the Vancomycin Test?

A. Redcliffe Labs works on a mission to make the diagnostic process easy and authenticate by enabling the home sample collection process at ease and for the patients' convenience so that India's capital can become disease-free.

Vancomycin Blood Test

A vancomycin test is performed to determine colitis levels (inflammation of the intestine caused by specific bacteria). Though it is not widespread to use a vancomycin test, many think that general monitoring is unnecessary and will go for the test when they get near the risk of kidney damage and have poor kidney function. It causes a severe negative impact on general populations and also leads to a higher risk for pregnant women by affecting their fetuses. Thus, seeking the importance of the necessary treatment is required for a healthy life. This can only be initiated when you are diagnosed at an early stage by confirming your Vancomycin test with Redcliffe Labs for Rs 5100 only.

What is the need to go for a Vancomycin Test? 

Your doctor may ask you to take this test to measure vancomycin concentration in the blood. Vancomycin is an antibiotic used to treat serious infections resulting from gram-positive bacteria. Thus, having balanced vancomycin levels in the body is critical because an imbalance (high or low) can cause severe damage to the body's essential organs. Thus, listen to your doctor and get a vancomycin blood test or your nearby cities as soon as possible to avoid the adverse effects on your health.

Signs that call for a Vancomycin blood test 

The symptoms of imbalanced levels of vancomycin are

  • Kidney damage 
  • Hearing loss (ototoxicity)
  • "Red person syndrome"
  • Blood vessel inflammation (phlebitis or vasculitis)
  • Stomach pain, muscle pain, abdominal pain, and back pain
  • Allergic reactions such as breathing difficulties or wheezing, as well as hives
  • Low white blood cells (neutropenia) or high eosinophil counts (eosinophilia)

Factors that can affect the presence of vancomycin levels in the blood

  • Gender
  • Age 
  • Body weight 
  • BMI 
  • Infection stage 
  • Renal function
  • Febrile neutropenia. 

The above-listed factors can highly impact your test results. Thus, it is prevalent to keep these factors in mind while going for a random vancomycin test or your nearby cities.

Vancomycin Test Price

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Vancomycin Test

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Within 3 Days

Vancomycin Test Levels 

Normal Levels 

5-15 mcg/mL

Abnormal Levels 

20-40 mcg/mL

Impact of abnormal vancomycin levels in the body 

Abnormal vancomycin levels can cause the blood flow and oxygen reaching the kidneys to stop. As a result, it leads to acute kidney injury and can enormously affect your health. Thus, going for a vancomycin blood test is urgently required to lead a healthy life.

Why choose Redcliffe Labs among many diagnostic centers? 

  • At Redcliffe Labs, we guarantee a safe, hygienic, and healthy atmosphere as we work within the constraints outlined by leading medical professionals.
  • You can easily take your test from the comfort of your home. We enable the home sample collection facility for all of India as the most reputable lab in the country.
  • We use accredited labs and cutting-edge technologies to ensure progressive outcomes.
  • We provide accurate reports while keeping our patients' health our top priority.
  • We work with an easy-to-handle and crystal-clear process. So, our patients can fix their appointment for the Vancomycin blood test by just paying a visit to the Redcliffe Labs web page, which only takes a minute.
  • We provide a free doctor consultation to help you understand your condition better.

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