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Who are eligible for Tuberculosis (TB) Panel?

• Any individual who had a TB infection in the past 2 years, people with other diseases that affect the immune system, and babies, young and elderly are all eligible for the test.

Why take Tuberculosis (TB) Panel?

• Any individual who had a TB infection in the past 2 years, people with other diseases that affect the immune system, and babies, young and elderly are all eligible for the test.

What are the benefits of the Tuberculosis (TB) Panel?

• Timely screening of TB can save you from several risks.• Help you obtain the treatment right in time and prevent severities.• Prevent you from spreading the infection to others and take better precautions.• Increase your chances of being recovered from the condition.

Test Parameters

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AFB Culture (1)

AFB Stain (Acid Fast Bacilli) (1)

Genexpert Ultra MTB/RIF (1)


Q. What test is the best for diagnosing Tuberculosis (TB)?

A. TB Blood Test is the most common way to check whether one has been infected with TB infection. Based on the reports, your healthcare professional may call further testing to confirm whether one has latent or progressed TB disease.

Q. What if your TB test is positive?

A. Positive test results imply you probably have TB bacteria in your body. Based on the reports, your doctor calls further testing to confirm the stage and prescribe treatment accordingly.

Q. What happens if one has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis?

A. TB bacteria usually target the lungs, kidneys, brain, and other body parts and can make you seriously ill. Therefore, if you have symptoms, diagnosing it early and initiating the treatment in time is the only way to improve your chances of getting recovered soon.

Q. What is included in Tuberculosis (TB) Panel?

A. It is a full-fledged package with different parameters, including AFB stain, Genexpert, and AFB Culture, to check your condition better and help your healthcare professional plan your treatment accordingly.
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Being a potentially severe and contagious infection, Tuberculosis infection, caused due to bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, usually attacks the lungs. As the disease progresses, it can spread to other body parts, including the kidneys, brain, and spine. Doctors often recommend Tuberculosis Test if you have any symptoms of TB or are at risk of being infected with TB bacteria. This early diagnosis is no less of a boon, as it helps diagnose the condition early, facilitates treatment, and helps limit the spread of the infection and prevent severities. Being a trusted diagnostic center, Redcliffe Labs bring you a Tuberculosis TB Panel @ Rs 3190 only with a free home sample collection facility to help you get tested conveniently.

Why Do I Need A Tuberculosis Infection Test?

You may need a TB Gold Test if you have been exposed to TB diseases, like healthcare workers or the one taking care of sick people, have had a TB infection in the past two years, or are at risk of infection. Tuberculosis is an airborne infection that spreads from one to another when a sick person coughs, speaks, or sneezes. Therefore, timely Tuberculosis Testing is essential to identify the disease in its initial stage and prevent complications.

Symptoms That Call For Tuberculosis Test:

Tuberculosis disease is classified mainly into two categories, latent TB and active TB, and symptoms vary depending on your condition and other factors.

Signs of Latent TB: Latent TB is the condition in which TB germs are present in your body but are inactive and causes no symptoms. Therefore, it is also called inactive TB. However, it can be active if not addressed in time.

Signs of active TB: When you miss TB in the latent stage, it progresses and becomes active. The condition can make you sick and spread the disease to others. Some of the early signs of active TB are:

  • Persistent coughing for 3 weeks or more
  • Blood in cough or mucus
  • Pain in the chest
  • Unintentional drop in weight
  • Extreme lethargy or exhaustion
  • Fever, chills, and night sweats
  • Loss of appetite
  • Breathlessness that gets worse with time

If TB has infected outside the lungs, it can develop symptoms such as:

  • Persistent headache
  • Pain in the abdominal
  • Seizures
  • Loss of movement in affected joint or bone
  • Swollen glands

TB usually affects other body parts in people with a disease that weakens the immune system. The signs can vary from individual to individual, depending on age, gender, stage, and other factors. Hence, getting timely screened for the infection is the easiest and most effective way to identify the disease early and prevent it reaches the severe stage. So, book a Tuberculosis Test today.

Factors That Increase Your Risk Of Getting TB:

Anyone can be infected with TB, but certain people fall into a greater risk category, like

  • One who has recently visited the area with the highest TB rate
  • Been in close contact with the infected person
  • Have a health condition that weakens their immune system
  • Undergoing treatment or therapy that weakens the immune system
  • Have a poor health condition or sedentary lifestyle
  • If you are a healthcare expert and interact with TB patients

If you are in any of these categories, your healthcare professional may call for TB Screening to diagnose the disease early and provide treatment before things turn ugly.

Do’s And Don’ts For Effective TB Management:


  • Keep hands clean and maintain good hygiene
  • Take a proper course of medicine as prescribed by your healthcare professional
  • Switch to a healthy diet to manage the symptoms and improve quality of life
  • Take the TB vaccine as instructed by your doctor


  • Do not spit in the public places
  • Do not ignore tuberculosis symptoms
  • Do not stay in a closed room where there is no ventilation
  • Do not consume alcohol or any form of tobacco

Besides diagnosing the condition early, taking steps for its better management is also essential to save yourself from complexities and others from being infected with the disease. So, book a TB Blood Test today.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis, also called TB, occurs due to bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is a contagious disease that affects the lungs. If not managed early, it can also spread to other body parts and affect them drastically.
    How TB spreads?
    TB is a contagious disease that transmits from water droplets of a cough or sneeze of an infected person. Therefore, it is advisable to get diagnosed at the earliest to initiate the treatment while there is still time.
      What is TB Panel Price ?
      All our diagnostic services are available at competitive market prices. You can book a test with us at a reasonable TB Test Price @ Rs 3190 with a free home sample collection facility.
        What do your TB test results interpret?
        If your TB Blood Test report is positive, it indicates M. tuberculosis infection, causing the disease. However, your healthcare professional may call more tests to confirm the stage of the TB.
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