Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test


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Toxo IgG test identifies the presence of T. gondii infection in pregnancy.

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Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test

The toxoplasma IgG avidity test is performed to diagnose the T. gondii infection during pregnancy. Toxoplasma infections in mothers result in severe fetal complications or congenital abnormalities. Usually, the risk of maternal transmission is vastly related to the infection time. As a result, determining the infection time is critical because it is directly related to the risk to the fetus. Hence, it is essential to accurately determine whether a pregnant woman has acquired a primary infection of T. gondii during gestation or earlier. Your doctor will recommend a Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test to measure the binding strength between IgG antibodies and pathogens. And to differentiate between a primary infection and a past infection to plan a beneficial treatment. 

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Name of The Test Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 1160
Discounted Test Price 580
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No fasting required
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Your body is known to make antibodies after getting infected with the T. gondii parasite. The number and type of antibodies indicate whether your infection is recent or occurred long ago. Usually, it is suggested to go for more than one test over several weeks to get accurate insights and measure significant variations in your health. So the doctor can determine your current health condition to plan the treatment more accurately. Avoid putting your health at risk by booking a toxoplasma IgG avidity test with Redcliffe Labs right now!

Key points to select Redcliffe LAbs for The Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test 

  • We provide home sample collection services and ensure all samples are transferred from homes to testing laboratories in temperature-controlled bags.
  • We follow NABL and ISO guidelines to generate 100% accurate smart-test reports.
  • Our phlebotomists are highly skilled professionals to ensure our patients have a pain-free experience. They collect samples for the toxoplasma IgG avidity test with a single puncture on the skin. 
  • From preparing patients before the tests to delivering smart-test reports, we provide end-to-end diagnostic services with high professionalism to all of our patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the common symptoms that call for a Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test?
The common symptoms that call for a Toxoplasma IgG avidity test are vomiting, enlarged liver and spleen, hearing loss, jaundice, skin rash, low birth weight, feeding problems, and vision problems.
    How long does toxoplasmosis IgG stay positive?
    Almost everyone infected with Toxoplasma has detectable IgM antibodies that remain for 2 years or more. However, Toxoplasma IgG appears around 2 weeks after infection and becomes severe within 3 months; if not treated sooner, IgG antibodies persist for the rest of your life.
      Why do you need a Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Test?
      Your doctor may recommend a Toxoplasma IgG Avidity test under these circumstances: 1. You are pregnant, and your doctor wants to detect T. gondii antibodies, or your unborn baby has toxoplasmosis. These antibodies can cause brain damage and blindness in developing a baby. 2. You have a weakened immune system.
        What is the cost of the toxoplasma igg avidity test ?
        Get a toxoplasma avidity test and fulfill all your health needs within your home with Redcliffe Labs at the discounted price of Rs 580.
          MRP 1160/-580/-