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Thyroid Profile Free Test is a Thyroid Blood Test That Measures Thyroid Hormone Levels in Their Free State. The Three Hormone Levels Primarily Evaluated Through This Test Include Free T3, Free T4, and Serum TSH Levels.

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Who all are eligible for the thyroid profile free package?

• Any individual showing signs of excess weight gain/loss, irregular or rapid heartbeat, fatigue, troubled sleeping, shaking hands, anxiety, or irritability, can go for a thyroid profile-free test.

Why take the thyroid profile-free package ?

• The thyroid-free package helps in diagnosing any thyroid disease, investigating the reason for infertility, and monitoring the patient’s response to thyroid disease treatment so that the cautious effects can be prevented in the initial stages.

What are the benefits of a thyroid profile-free package?

• The thyroid-free package comprises 3 tests (FT3, FT4, and TSH 3rd Gen) to detect and diagnose thyroid diseases so that chronic illnesses can be detected at an early stage and effective treatment can be planned to have a healthy life.

Test Parameters

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FT3 (Free Triiodothyronine 3) (1)

FT4 (Free Thyroxine 4) (1)

TSH 3rd Generation (1)


Q. How can I book my test?

A. Booking a test with Redcliffe Labs is quick and hassle-free and can be done through the website, mobile app, or via a call to our executives on the number available on the website.

Q. In how much time will I get my test reports?

A. To support clinical treatments, the test reports are available within a promised time frame. You can get the test reports for Thyroid Profile Test within 24 hours.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. We make sure that the test reports are accurate and accessible easily on your registered email Id, WhatsApp number, or through SMS.

Q. Is home sample collection available for the Thyroid Profile Free Test?

A. Yes! Home sample collection is available with Redcliffe Labs. So, keep all your excuses aside and book Thyroid Profile Test at home with us now.
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Thyroid Profile Free Test in Dehi


Do you often feel tired, depressed, or sluggish? Have you checked your thyroid levels? If not, then it is the right time for you must go for the thyroid profile-free serum test . The screening is conducted to diagnose suspected thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. The clinicians also ask you to go for the test to understand the underlying cause of infertility and monitor the patient’s response to thyroid treatment. The test measures the levels of these three hormones that are present in free form in the blood. 

Thyroid disorders affect men, women, the elderly, infants, and teenagers. You are at risk of developing this condition if:

  • Have a family history
  • Medical conditions like type 1 diabetes, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and Turner syndrome. 
  • Also, if you are taking any medicine high in iodine. 
  • Female older than 60 years.
  • Had treatment for cancer or past thyroid condition. 

If the thyroid remains undiagnosed or untreated for years, it can result in a fast or slow heartbeat, unrelenting pain gained or lost weight, and injury that refuses to heal. You might be surprised to know the fact that thyroid illness develops primarily in the skin, nails, and hair. So, here we are discussing the checklist for the same. 


  • Thinning or missing eyebrows at the outer edge.
  • Bald patches
  • Dry, itchy scalp and dandruff.
  • Less hair on arms and legs
  • Soft, dull, brittle, and dry hairs that break easily


  • Thick, dry and brittle 
  • Easily crumble, shiny and soft
  • Curved nails with swollen fingertips 
  • Skin thickening above the nail


  • Pale, dry and cool skin
  • Dry skin with deep cracks
  • Deep lines on soles and palms
  • Swollen face, lips, eyelids, and tongue.
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Protruding eyes
  • Goiter


  • Itchy and untreatable hives
  • Itchy skin without rashes

Existing skin disease

You are at a high risk of developing thyroid disorders if you have hives, vitiligo, and alopecia. 

How hyperthyroidism affects pregnancy?

Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism may lead to preterm birth and low weight for the baby. High thyroid levels may cause dehydration, high fever, irregular heart rate, death, and shock. Hence, it is vital to plan your pregnancy and discuss your thyroid status with the specialist. He will recommend frequent monitoring of thyroid levels with thyroid profile-free T4 . 

Interpretation of Thyroid profile free test

  • The low T4 & T3 and high TSH levels signify hypothyroidism. The common cause is Hashimoto thyroiditis.
  • High T4 & T3 with low TSH levels indicate hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease being the common cause of this illness.
  • Normal thyroxine T3 & T4 with high TSH signify subclinical or mild hypothyroidism. 
  • Normal T4 and T3 with low TSH indicate subclinical or mild hyperthyroidism. 

The point to remember is that the TSH levels exhibit circadian variation or fluctuation during a 24-hour cycle. The levels reach their maximum level between 2-4 am and low levels between 6-10 pm. 

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It is essential to detect early signs to prevent serious complications later in life. If it remains undiagnosed can lead to cardiac problems, birth defects in newborns, infertility issues, mental health problems like depression or anxiety, myxedema, and goiter, among others. Hence, it is vital to manage it effectively with timely screening and treatment. The free thyroid profile test price is quite reasonable.

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The thyroid hormone controls various activities in the body from how fast your heartbeat is to how fast you burn calories. Thyroid disorders cause it to make too little or too much hormone. Depending on your thyroid gland's condition, you may feel tired or restless or gain or lose weight. Females are more susceptible to developing this ailment right after menopause and pregnancy. Hence, it is quite important to book thyroid profile-free tests to prevent serious health concerns and enhance longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is a thyroid profile serum test?
A. The thyroid profile free test analyses the levels of thyroid hormones such as thyroxine (T4, Total), stimulating thyroid hormone (TSH), and Tri Iodothyronine (T3, Total). The values help to understand the functioning of the thyroid gland located in the neck region.
    Q. What are the warning signs of thyroid problems?
    A. The warning signals of thyroid disorders are weight gain/loss, fatigue, slowed/increased heart rate, sensitivity to cold/heat, and fatigue. Hence, clinicians often recommend going for preventive health checkups for thyroid management.
      Q. Does thyroid can be cured?
      A. The thyroid is a life-long medical condition that requires constant attention. The management involves the intake of daily medicine and regular screening to tackle serious complications. The good news is that you can live your everyday life with it.
        Q. How does the body feel when you have thyroid issues?
        A. Thyroid disorders impact your mood and energy levels. Hypothyroidism makes you tired, depressed, and sluggish, while hyperthyroidism causes insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and restlessness.
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