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The sodium-spot-urine test determines the cause of abnormal sodium levels in the blood. The test can use to detect kidney disorders.

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Sodium Spot Urine Test

A spot urine test is helpful to check and examine the percentage of sodium in a sample of your pee to determine whether it is normal, high, or low in sodium. Having too much or too little sodium in the urine indicates a significant issue with your kidneys or other health complications. Sodium is an important electrolyte (a mineral in your body fluids and blood) that helps your body and cells function. Along with that, it helps your body regulate how much fluid it retains. As sodium is present in almost everything you eat, it makes it quite arduous for your body to react against its imbalanced levels. Thus, it is necessary to take the essential step for your health and confirm a urine spot sodium test with Redcliffe Labs today to prevent the cautious risk of unequal sodium levels in your urine.

Test Details

Name of The Test Sodium Spot Urine Test
Sample Type Urine
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 500
Discounted Test Price 125
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No Fasting Required
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Your doctor may prescribe a spot urine sodium test to determine the complications with your kidneys and to distinguish between two common causes of kidney failure, such as prerenal (dehydration) and tubular death (ATN). These causes are treated differently than only a spot urine sodium test can detect. 

For a precise treatment, it is required to have accurate test results, and that is only possible when you reach out to the most trusted lab in India, Redcliffe Labs. 

We follow NABL & ISO guidelines to develop accurate test reports. Also, our policy of providing home sample collection according to an individual's comfort has made us a common name in every household. Thus, book your urine spot sodium test or your nearby cities with Redcliffe Labs today!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a sodium spot urine test?
A spot urine test is one in which a single urine sample is collected, preferably early in the morning, to examine sodium levels.
    What do the low sodium levels in the urine indicate?
    The low sodium levels in the urine indicate dehydration, kidney problems, diarrhea, fluid loss, hyperaldosteronism (excess hormone production by adrenal glands), and Increased release of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH).
      What do the high sodium levels in the urine indicate?
      Most commonly, high sodium levels in the urine indicate too much salt in your diet, inflammation of your kidneys, vomiting, hypothyroidism, and poor function of the adrenal glands.
        What is the sodium spot urine test cost ?
        Redcliffe Labs offers the spot urine test at a discounted price of Rs 125 only to make the health checkup accessible and appropriate diagnostic services from the comfort of your home.
          MRP 500/-220/-