Rubella IgG Avidity Test


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The rubella igg avidity test can distinguish between past and current rubella infections in the body.

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Rubella IgG Avidity (1)

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Rubella IgG Avidity Test

The Rubella IgG Avidity Test is ordered to distinguish between recent and remote rubella infections. When antibody avidity increases with time, it is known as the "maturing of the immune response." As the immune response matures, low-avidity antibodies are replaced with elevated ones. In acute rubella virus infections, specific, low-avidity IgG lasts for up to three months after an IgG response starts to appear. High-affinity antibodies typically develop three months after infection and cause severe health complications. Thus, to prevent the stipulated risks, your doctor prescribes that you go for a rubella IgG antibody test today from a reputed diagnostic centre such as Redcliffe Labs.

Test Details:

Name of The Test Rubella IgG Avidity Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 1160
Discounted Test Price 580
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No Fasting Required
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Rubella is a viral infection that can cause serious health issues for anyone infected with it. Thus, in these circumstances, it is a must to reach out to Redcliffe Labs, the fastest diagnostic in India.

Being the most preferred diagnostic centre in India, Redcliffe Labs ensures everyone can get tested from the comfort of their home according to the time slot they choose without waiting in long, crowded queues. Also, to deliver a 100% accurate smart test report, we have followed the guidelines of NABL and CAP since day one while working with ICMR-approved labs.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a positive Rubella IgG Avidity Test indicate?
A positive rubella IgG Avidity in adults tells about a prior or current infection; in mothers, it indicates that the mother has passed antibodies to the baby during pregnancy.
    What are the common symptoms of Rubella IgG Avidity?
    Common symptoms of Rubella IgG avidity are - Newborns: birth defects, hearing loss, heart defects, or cataracts. Adults: fever, rashes, inflamed eyes, and aching joints
      Is fasting essential to go for a Rubella IgG Avidity test?
      No, you do not have to fast before going for a Rubella IgG avidity test. However, it is recommended to closely follow your doctor's instructions and avoid the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and illicit drugs.
        What does the Rubella Avidity Test cost ?
        To make diagnostic services simple and affordable for everyone, Redcliffe Labs offers the Rubella avidity test for Rs. 580.
          MRP 1160/-580/-