Insulin Fasting Test in Rohtak


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The insulin fasting blood test is primarily used to detect insulin levels for diagnosing diabetes and insulin resistance.

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Insulin Fasting (1)

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Insulin Fasting Test in Rohtak

Ideally, the insulin fasting test is performed to measure the percentage of insulin in the blood. as insulin raise the glucose in the cells from the bloodstream for effective production and storage of energy. Besides checking insulin levels, this test also helps determine diabetes and insulin resistance. Your doctor might prescribe a fasting insulin blood test in Rohtak from the top diagnostic center, Redcliffe Labs, if you show symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent need to urinate, unexpected weight change, or tingling or numbness in the extremities. 

If you are searching for a reliable diagnostic center, reach out to us. We understand how stressful it can be to wait to be tested, so we offer same-day test booking from the comfort of your home. Get active before it's too late by booking a fasting serum insulin test in Rohtak with Redcliffe Labs.

Test Details

Name Of The Test Insulin Fasting Test in Rohtak
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 750
Discounted Test Price 600
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Minimum 8 hours Fasting Required
Get Reports Within Same Day

An insulin fasting test helps to detect the level of glucose in your blood and aids in identifying insulin resistance, PCOS, pituitary, and adrenal gland diseases. Not only that, the insulin fasting test assists in monitoring the patient's response to the ongoing treatment so that effective actions can be taken to cure the illness at the outset. 

Booking a fasting serum insulin test in Rohtak can be a crucial and time-consuming task, but not with Redcliffe Labs, so take care of your health with us by getting tested at the earliest.

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  • We work with the advancement of modern technology and upgraded equipment to provide the most striking diagnostic experience. Moreover, all our tests are performed under the supervision of MD pathologists to ensure precise standards of ethics.
  • To keep all the samples safe and secure and to avoid contamination, we transfer patients’ samples in temperature-controlled bags from homes to laboratories.
  • We are accredited with NABL and ISO standards to deliver 100% accurate smart-test reports with clinical acceptance.
  • Our phlebotomists are trained, certified specialists who guarantee a smooth procedure by ensuring every patient gets a pain-free diagnostic experience.

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It’s high time you took your health seriously and got tested by booking a fasting insulin blood test in Rohtak with Redcliffe Labs to lead a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is type 1 diabetes?
A specific condition in which your pancreas produces little or no insulin indicates low blood sugar levels.
    What is an average fasting insulin level?
    The normal fasting insulin level varies between 2 and 20 mIU/mL.
      What is type 2 diabetes?
      It is a chronic disorder that affects how your body processes blood sugar levels (glucose). In this condition, your body uses sugar (glucose) as fuel. Too much sugar in the blood causes digestive, nervous, and immune system problems in the long run.
        What is the fasting insulin test price in Rohtak?
        The fasting insulin test price in Rohtak is Rs 600 with Redcliffe Labs to make diagnostic services affordable to all.
          Rs.750/-Rs. 600/-