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HbA1c(Glycated hemoglobin) (2)


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Hba1c Blood Test in Panchkula

What is the HbA1c test?

A haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) blood test is a standard blood test that analyses the average levels of blood sugar in your system over the previous 3 months. This test is often referred to as the glycated haemoglobin test. It is routinely used to diagnose and help people with prediabetes or those with risk factors for diabetes. People who already have diabetes are also advised to have routine testing for better management. A patient with a higher level of HbA1c in their bloodstream is more likely to develop diabetic problems.

Timely checkups and test results by your healthcare provider can assist you in returning to normal blood sugar levels and reduce diabetes-related problems. Book HbA1c test in Panchkula with Redcliffe Labs at low price.

How does the test work?

Haemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells of the blood. It is a reddish pigment that gives blood its characteristic red colour. Its primary role is to deliver oxygen to various body organs from the lungs. Blood sugar in your body tends to bind to haemoglobin. Usually, individuals with normal blood sugar levels have some haemoglobin sugar association. Still, people at risk of diabetes or who already have diabetes, have a more significant sugar-to-haemoglobin association.

The haemoglobin A1c test determines the percentage of haemoglobin associated with sugar. Overall, it evaluates the quantity of glucose bound to haemoglobin.

Because red blood cells have an average lifespan of around 3 months, the test measures the average of haemoglobin bound glucose during the previous 3 months.

Who needs this test?

People who have already been diagnosed with diabetes must have an HbA1c test performed regularly to manage their diabetes appropriately. Diabetes treatments alter when glucose levels fluctuate. A proper assessment of HbA1c levels and regular examination aids in the treatment of diabetes. Doctors also use this test to identify diabetes and prediabetes.

People over the age of 45, people under 45 who have a high BMI and a risk factor for diabetes should have the HbA1c test performed.

How is the HbA1c test done?

Once your test is arranged, our skilled phlebotomist will come to your home and take your blood sample. A sterile needle collects blood from a vein in the upper arm. The sample is placed in a vial and adequately preserved for analysis.

This sample is safely transferred back to the lab for analysis, and you will receive your reports within 48 hours.

What is the difference between the normal finger prick test and HbA1c?

A normal finger prick test is one that is done at home by diabetes patients to monitor their daily blood glucose levels.


Finger-prick test

Done to measure average blood sugar over a period of 3 months

Done regularly to analyse the daily blood sugar level 

Done every 3-6 months

This is done daily. Usually done multiple times a day.

The blood is collected from a vein in the upper arm

The test is done by taking a small drop of blood from the finger.

This test is to be done by certified health care professionals. 

This test is done at home using a testing kit.

Doctors usually prescribe this test to find out how the diabetes is being managed, or to diagnose prediabetes, this is also done to assess whether a person has a high risk of diabetes.

This test is prescribed and recommended to people already living with diabetes and need to monitor their diabetes on a daily basis.

How to book your test with Redcliffe? 

Testing becomes quick and easy when you schedule a test with Redcliffe. The approach is straightforward as you may arrange a test online at our website. You can schedule your test at a convenient time and day, and we provide home sample collection. Another option for booking the test is to make a phone call to the lab at the registered number, and our executive will assist you throughout the process.

How to analyse the results?

The HbA1c test results are often reported in percentages to demonstrate how much haemoglobin is related to blood glucose. The standard HbA1c test range is:

  • An average haemoglobin level appears to be HbA1c less than 5.7%.
  • If a person has prediabetes, the findings might range between 5.7% and 6.4%.
  • Diabetes is defined by HbA1c readings of 6.5% or above.

The percent A1c levels and the average blood sugar levels that they indicate:

A1C levels 

Estimated average blood sugar (glucose) level


126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L)


154 mg/dL (8.6 mmol/L)


183 mg/dL (10.2 mmol/L)


212 mg/dL (11.8 mmol/L)


240 mg/dL (13.4 mmol/L)


269 mg/dL (14.9 mmol/L)


298 mg/dL (16.5 mmol/L)

According to the American Diabetes Association, keeping your HbA1c levels under 7% to manage your diabetes successfully is typically suggested. The results might have several interpretations, and only a skilled doctor can appropriately interpret them.

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