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Understanding Fever Profile Tests: What You Need to Know


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Dr Divya Rohra

Written By Meenakshi
on Feb 12, 2024

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on Mar 17, 2024


Have you ever brushed off your fever, thinking it’s a result of a tough workout or something you ate the night before? While it’s common to overlook it as a minor inconvenience caused by everyday factors, it could be a sign of something serious that may need immediate attention if it lasts a long time. When fever lasts longer than usual, your doctor may suggest a Fever Profile Test to determine the underlying cause, empower one to comprehend their healthcare journey better & take a healthy approach to healthy living.

A test for fever? What is it, when do you need it, and why? Surely, you must have tons and tons of questions running through your mind - right? Worry not, as we’ve got you! Let’s start with the basics and summarize the rest in the blog below.

What is a Fever Profile Test?

A Fever Profile Test is a comprehensive test consisting of different tests that aim to evaluate your health thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of the fever or associated symptoms. From minor to serious illness, it could be because of anything, and determining the underlying cause is essential for appropriate treatment.

So, if the fever lasts longer than usual, get yourself tested as soon as possible to confirm the cause and take the treatment in time. But now the question is, when do you need it?

When Do You Need A Fever Test?

You may need a Fever Test if you have the following:

  • Persistent Fever: If you or anyone you know has a fever that persists for more than a few days without a clear cause, you may need a fever profile test to confirm the diagnosis and get tested in time.
  • Unexplained Symptoms: Besides fever, if you have additional symptoms like chills, body aches, fatigue, or other signs of illness, you may need a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause and take appropriate measures.
  • Recurrent Fever: Furthermore, frequent episodes of fever without explanation may also be a sign that something might not be right and needs immediate attention.
  • Risk Factors: Individuals with risk factors, exposure, or weak immune systems may also be at higher risk and benefit from fever profile tests to rule out specific conditions.

How does this test benefit an individual?

  • Ensure Accurate Diagnosis: It helps healthcare providers identify the underlying cause of fever or associated symptoms, ensuring accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
  • Effective Management: Once the cause is diagnosed, the test allows one to obtain the treatment in time for better management.
  • Prevent Complications: Moreover, prompt diagnosis and treatment prevent complications associated with untreated underlying causes, reducing the risk of certain health issues.
  • Monitor Response To Treatment: The test also helps track the patient’s progress and check for the effectiveness of prescribed medicine, allowing adjustments if required.
  • Allows Personalized Care: Besides helping understand the cause, the test enables personalized or tailored treatment plans to optimize patient outcomes.

All in all, the benefits associated with a Fever Profile Test are not limited to one or two but many. Therefore, getting tested in time is crucial so the problem can be identified in time, and one can take the approach to manage it well before things turn ugly.

What is all included in the Fever Test?

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): It checks for various blood components to detect infection, inflammation, or other underlying conditions contributing to it.
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR): It detects inflammation in the body, aiding diagnosis and monitoring various inflammatory conditions.
  • Malaria Antigen, Rapid Card: If the fever lasts longer than usual, it could be because of malaria or other conditions, so the test looks for the presence of parasites, aiding in the rapid diagnosis of malaria infection.
  • Malaria Parasite (MP) Smear: It visually identifies malaria parasites in the blood, aiding in the diagnosis of infection.
  • SGOT / AST: It checks for SGOT / AST levels in the blood, which, if elevated, indicates damage or injury to organs.
  • SGPT / ALT: It checks for SGPT / ALT in the blood, as elevated SGPT / ALT levels signify a problem with liver functions.
  • Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination: The test checks urine samples to assess kidney function, detect urinary tract infections, and screen for other problems contributing to the fever.
  • Widal Test: Lastly, it checks for typhoid fever and other infections caused by certain strains of Salmonella bacteria. It detects antibodies that develop in response to it.

The purpose is to find the underlying cause of fever so that timely treatment can be initiated. So, book your Fever Test now.

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