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What is it for ?

It determines a person's blood group, and checks if blood is safe for transfusion or donation.

Also known as: blood typing test, ABO typing test, ABO & Rh typing test

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  • Age Group: 5+ Years


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Blood Group ABO & Rh Typing (2)

  • Blood Group
  • RH Factor


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Q. What Does A Blood Group Test Measure?

A. It measures the uniqueness and rareness of your blood, which happens due to interactions between antigens and antibodies.

Q. What Is The Rh Factor?

A. Rh factor is a protein found on the red blood cell surface. If it is present in your blood cells you are Rh positive and if not then Rh negative. During pregnancy, if your Rh factor is not compatible with your fetus, it can cause problems. Therefore, your doctor calls for Rh typing to determine the status and provide the treatment accordingly.

Q. Which Is Universal Blood Donor Type And Blood Recipient Type?

A. Individuals with O negative blood type are universal blood donors, and one with AB positive type is considered universal receivers.

Q. Are There Any Preparations Required Before The Test?

A. If you are on some medications or have a chronic illness, inform your doctor before the test. Other than that, the test requires no special preparations.

Blood Group Test in Mumbai, ABO & Rh Factor


Even being made of the same essential parts, your blood has so much more that differentiates it from one another. There are commonly 8 types of blood groups that exist, and the type you have depends on your genes. Knowing your blood type is crucial to saving you from severe problems in the future. So, do you know your blood type? If the answer is no, it’s high time to find it. Don’t worry; it is not rocket science. A simple Blood Group Test or Blood Typing Test would be enough to determine your type of blood group.

All blood groups are different from one another and are not compatible with each other. So, knowing it is necessary. It can be your savior in medical emergencies. So, if you don’t know it, book a Blood Type Test in Mumbai with Redcliffe Labs to find it today.

Purpose Of Blood Group Test:

  • To safely receive a blood transfusion or transplant in an emergency.
  • To determine how common or rare your blood type is.
  • To plan a healthy and risk-free pregnancy.
  • To deal with dangerous health conditions.
  • To be a donor and help others.

The Blood Typing Test, also known as ABO Typing, is more than just compulsory in pregnancy and even in general health tests to avoid certain complications.

4 Major Blood Groups Are:

  • Blood Group A
  • Blood Group B
  • Blood Group AB
  • Blood Group O

Blood Group Test Details:

Name of The Test Blood Group
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 2
Actual Test Price 280
Discounted Test Price 139
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Applicable
Fasting Before Test Not Required
Get Reports Within Same Day

Things You Should Know Before Blood Group Test:

  • Accurate blood grouping is crucial to keep you safe from several medical emergencies.
  • With a Blood Group Test, it becomes easier to determine so much about your health and minimize your risks of catching certain complications.
  • It also measures blood antibodies and provides blood-related information required for surgery and pregnancy.
  • It is a simple test that requires no special preparations and is free from almost all risks.
  • The test is important in Routine Check Up and during pregnancy to keep a track of your health.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Blood Group Tests:

  • Furnished with the latest machines and technology to keep test standards intact.
  • Have a specialized team to pay keen attention to every single test and the safety of individuals.
  • Up-to-date with the correct knowledge and provide our customers access to the latest diagnostic care.
  • Provide home sample collection to offer maximum convenience to customers.
  • Offer several health tests and packages under a single roof to suit different ages and health needs.

Blood Group Test Sample Report - Recliffe Labs

Blood Group Test Sample Report

Don’t Wait, Book A Blood Group Test With Redcliffe Labs Today!

Knowing blood typing is crucial. So, do not delay it and get it tested with Redcliffe Labs today. You can visit our website or download the mobile app to book a test in 1 minute. We have top-notch resources and trained professionals in our team to provide unmatched testing experience at competitive market rates. So, hurry up!

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