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This helps find an STD infection to prevent the spread & help initiate timely treatment.

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  • Age Group: 18+ Years


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Included Tests

Package includes following parameters

Chlamydia Trachomatis IgG Antibodies (1)

  • Chlamydia Trachomatis IgG Antibodies

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 + 2 IgG Antibody (1)

  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 & 2 IgG Ab (Combined)

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 + 2 IgM Antibody (1)

  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 & 2 IgM Ab (Combined)

HIV 1&2 Antibody, Quantitative (1)

  • HIV 1 & 2 Antibodies (CMIA Qualitative) (human immunodeficiency viruses)

Treponema Pallidium Hemagglutination Assay (TPHA) (1)

  • Treponema Pallidium Hemagglutination Assay (TPHA)

Test Criteria

Helps you know your test better

Who all are eligible for STD test?

  • Sexually active gay and bisexual men, married couple, pregnant women, people already suffering from STD

Why take this test?

  • To avoid any sexually transmitted diseases (who had unprotected sex with a new partner)
  • Treating genital herpes infection, or preventing symptomatic genital herpes recurrences
  • Treating genital herpes infection, or preventing symptomatic genital herpes recurrences
  • It is critical to get tested as part of a routine health checkup or if you are involved in activities that may increase your risk of HIV.
  • This test helps those who engage in sexual behaviors, and this may lead to a serious health risk. If you or your partner have syphilis, both of you should get tested and treated to prevent serious problems and to stop the spread of the disease as well.

What are the benefits of STD Testing in Mumbai?

  • Untreated infection may lead to serious health issues including infertility, pelvic inflammation, and other severe bacterial infections in men and women.
  • Having an HSV IgG test early during your infection may be helpful in determining whether you have been exposed to HSV type 1 or type 2 before
  • improving quality of life and suppressing the virus to prevent transmission to sexual partners.
  • HIV status provides important information that can help you and your partner avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • This increases the chance of cure and can be treated well to avoid long-term problems.


Helps you know your test better

Q. How can I book my test?

A. If you are planning to book diagnostic tests with Redcliffe Labs, then it is quite a simple and smooth process. All you have to do is just call us and our well trained and patient-friendly representatives will book an appointment for you. Also, you can book the test online by visiting our website and as soon as we get your query within no time we will make sure to book the appointment for you.

Q. In how much time will I get my test report?

A. Redcliffe Labs knows how important the timing is when it comes to health checkups. We make sure that reports are sent to you as soon as possible so that you can begin with the right treatment and medications on time. You will get your reports within 24 hours.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. You can receive your test results at your given email address or on your phone number and also on WhatsApp. Redcliffe Labs makes sure to send precise and timely reports following the highest standards to maintain quality.

Q. Is home sample collection available for STD Testing?

A. Yes, home sample collection is available for the diagnostic tests as per your needs. Once the test is booked as per your diagnostic requirements, our expert phlebotomist will reach your given address to collect the sample.

STD Blood Test in Mumbai

What exactly is an STD?

STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases, and it refers to infections that spread from one person to another through sexual contact. Contact can occur in the form of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Intimate physical contact, such as kissing can also spread different sexual diseases.

Chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV or AIDS, pubic lice, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and HPV are some of the most common STDs. Bacteria, viruses, or parasites can all be the causative agents of STDs. It is critical to diagnose sexual diseases as early as possible since any delay in diagnosis can result in life threatening conditions.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of STDs?

During the initial period, many sexually transmitted diseases can be symptomless or have very mild symptoms. This is the primary reason why the majority of STDs go undiagnosed. The following are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Abnormal vaginal or penile discharge
  • Pungent odour from vagina
  • Anal itching and soreness
  • Blisters around the mouth
  • Genital itching and redness
  • Painful and frequent urination
  • High Fever
  • Excessive abdominal pain

What is an STD panel test in Mumbai?

An STD testing is a tailored and sophisticated test package that aids in the diagnosis of various STDs. Typically, a single blood test can assist in the identification of a variety of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhoea, among others. The majority of STDs can be diagnosed with a blood test, but in some cases, urine samples may be required as well.

Why do you need an STD panel Blood test in Mumbai?

Anyone who is sexually active should get screened for STDs. If you are sexually active, you should speak with your doctor about getting an STD panel test, as symptoms can often go unnoticed. If you have had unprotected sex recently or have noticed unusual symptoms, it is critical that you do not ignore it.

What are the different test parameters?

The STD test parameters include all of the different conditions that can be tested with a single blood sample. An accurate and efficient STD panel test at Redcliffe Labs includes seven major testing parameters.

This includes a thorough evaluation against:

  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • IgG antibody serum
  • Herpes 1+2 IgG
  • Herpes 1+2 IgM
  • HIV (Qualitative)
  • RPR (VDRL)

Purpose of the STD Panel test

An STD Panel Essential Plus is a set of tests designed to check for multiple sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or diseases in a single screening. The primary purposes of an STD blood test are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Screening: An STD panel test checks for a range of common sexually transmitted infections, including Chlamydia, herpes, Syphilis, and HIV. It is a comprehensive approach to assess the presence of multiple infections in a single testing session, making it efficient for both patients to detect the disease.
  • Early Detection: Many STIs can be asymptomatic, which means it does not show any symptoms in earlier stages. Early detection through an STD panel test can help identify infections that might otherwise go undetected. Thus, it is important to take tests to get early treatment and prevent the spread of these infections to sexual partners. 
  • Personalized Treatment: Based on the results of the STD blood test, healthcare providers can offer treatment options for specific infections. Different STIs require different medications or treatment strategies. 
  • Preventing Complications: Some untreated STIs can lead to severe health complications, such as infertility, chronic pain, organ damage, and an increased risk of HIV transmission. Timely detection and treatment can help prevent these complications.

Purpose of the STD Panel test

What does the STD Panel test detect?

The STD panel test detects various sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or diseases. The test detects the following infections: 

  • Chlamydia: The STD blood test detects the presence of the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. 
  • Syphilis: Syphilis testing typically involves blood tests to check for Chlamydia Trachomatis IgG Antibodies to the bacterium Treponema pallidum. 
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus): HIV testing usually involves blood tests that detect Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 & 2 IgG antibodies to HIV 1 & 2.
  • Herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2): Tests to detect the presence of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 & 2 IgM antibodies to detect the herpes simplex virus. 

Preparation for the STD Panel blood test

The test does not require any special preparation for the test. Follow the general guidelines mentioned below:

  • Consult with a Healthcare Provider: Before going for an STD panel blood test, consult with your healthcare provider to discuss your sexual history, potential risk factors, and the specific tests that are appropriate for your symptoms and health conditions.
  • Fasting: Fasting is not necessary before the STD blood test.
  • Medications: Inform your healthcare provider about any medications you are taking, as some medications may interfere with test results or require specific precautions. 
  • Hydration: You can drink water before the test. Stay well-hydrated to make the testing process smoother and easier.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear clothing that allows easy access to your arm as the blood sample is drawn from a vein. Wear short sleeves or loose-fitting sleeves.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Drugs: Avoid alcohol or drugs that may affect your test reports. 

The procedure of the STD Panel blood test

The STD panel test will be conducted followed by standard protocol. The phlebotomist will 

draw blood from a vein in your arm. They will clean the area with an antiseptic and insert the needle to collect the blood. The required amount of blood is collected into one or more sterile collection tubes. After that, the collected blood will be labeled with your name and other relevant information to ensure accurate sample tracking. The blood samples will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. 

What do the STD blood test reports indicate?

STD panel test reports provide information about the results of the various tests included in the panel. For each test included in the panel, the report will indicate whether the result is positive or negative.

  • Positive results: The positive reports indicate the presence of the infection or the antibodies to the infection.
  • Negative results: The negative results indicate the test did not detect any sign of the infection or antibodies.

What if STD test reports are positive?

If your STD test in Mumbai reports come back positive, indicating the presence of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or disease, it's essential to take prompt and appropriate action. Here are the general steps to follow if you receive positive STD test results:

  • Consult with your Doctor: The first and most crucial step is to consult a healthcare provider, as they can provide you with the necessary guidance, confirm the diagnosis, and offer treatment options. Many STIs can be effectively treated and managed with medications, such as antibiotics for bacterial infections like chlamydia. Antiviral medications may be prescribed for certain viral infections like herpes and HIV. Your healthcare provider will explain the treatment plan, including the type of medication, dosage, and duration.
  • Notify Partners: Inform your sexual partners about your positive test results so that they can also get tested and receive treatment if necessary. This helps prevent the further spread of the infection.
  • Safe Sex Practices: While undergoing treatment, practice safe sex to prevent transmitting the infection to others. This may include using condoms and taking other precautions. 

Who should take the STD Panel test?

STD panel tests in Mumbai are recommended for various categories of people, including those who are sexually active or at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Here are some groups of people who should consider taking an STD blood test:

  • Sexually active people: The people who are sexually active, regardless of their age or gender, should consider regular STD testing. This includes those who engage in vaginal, anal, or oral sex.
  • People with Multiple Sexual Partners: People who have multiple sexual partners or have recently changed partners are at a higher risk of STIs and should undergo STD profile testing regularly.
  • People with New Partners: If you've recently started a new sexual relationship, it's a good practice to get tested before engaging in sexual activity with your new partner. This helps ensure both partners are aware of their STI status.
  • Pregnant women: If you are pregnant, then your healthcare providers may recommend STD testing to prevent the transmission of STIs to the baby during childbirth. 
  • People with STI Symptoms: If you experience symptoms such as genital sores, unusual discharge, pain during urination, or other signs of a potential STI, you should seek medical attention and undergo testing to determine the cause of your symptoms.
  • Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM): MSM are at a higher risk of certain STIs, such as HIV and syphilis. Regular testing is essential to monitor and manage these risks.
  • People with a History of STIs: If you have previously been diagnosed with an STI, follow up with regular testing to ensure that the infection has been effectively treated and to prevent reinfection.
  • People with High-Risk Behaviors: People who engage in high-risk sexual behaviors, such as unprotected sex, sharing needles for drug use, or having sex with partners who engage in high-risk behaviors, should be tested regularly for a wide range of STIs.
  • Couples Considering Unprotected Sex: If you and your partner are considering having unprotected sex, take STD testing together. 
  • Routine Screening: Some healthcare providers recommend STD panel testing as routine screening for certain STIs, even in the absence of symptoms, as a preventive measure. This can be based on factors like age, sexual activity, and local prevalence of specific STIs.

What are the common symptoms related to abnormal STD Panel tests?

STDs may be asymptomatic for years, which means it does cause any noticeable signs or symptoms in some people. However, some people might face some common symptoms associated with different STDs:

  • Chlamydia: People might feel abnormal vaginal or penile discharge, pain or burning during urination, pain or swelling in the genital area, or pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse. 
  • Syphilis: Sores or ulcers at the site of infection (genital, anal, or oral), skin rash, often on the palms and soles, and some people may have fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes.
  • HIV: Initially, some people experience flu-like symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. Over time, HIV can progress to AIDS, with symptoms like weight loss, recurrent infections, and various opportunistic diseases. 
  • Herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2): Painful sores or blisters in the genital, oral, or anal area are some common symptoms of herpes.
  • Hepatitis B and C: People often complain of fatigue, abdominal pain, and jaundice-like symptoms. 

STD screening test cost in Mumbai

Name Of The Test STD Testing in Mumbai
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 5
Actual Test Price 2570
Discounted Test Price 2200
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Nil
Fasting Before Test No fasting Required
Get Reports Within 4 Days

We believe in providing accurate, precise, and trustworthy reports at Redcliffe Lab. We provide comprehensive and advanced STD testing services at an affordable rate. Take advantage of a limited-time offer and get the STD testing package for INR 2200 right now.

The STD testing cost at Redcliffe Labs is INR 2200. We provide accurate and comprehensive STD testing at affordable prices. Our phlebotomists are experienced and ensure quality care and accurate test results. We prioritize patient confidentiality and privacy, ensuring your health information is protected. So what are you waiting for? Search for STD testing near me and book your STD profile test today!

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Reduce STD risks with STD Testing

By knowing the status and communicating openly with sexual partners, we take a proactive step towards healthier, safer relationships. STD testing empowers people to be aware of their sexual health. Regular STD profile testing helps to reduce the transmission of STDs and also helps to eliminate the stigma surrounding these infections, fostering a culture of open dialogue and support. Be honest with your doctor about your sexual history so they can provide the best care and guidance for your specific situation. Moreover, early intervention and prevention are essential steps towards a world where STDs are less prevalent and where sexual health is prioritized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I always know if I have an STD?
Sometimes STDs show no symptoms at all, even in the case of long-term infections. Hence, the only way is to get a blood test.
    Do adolescents (teenagers, youth under 18 years old) need parent/guardian permission for testing and treatment of STDs?
    No, they can get tested without their parents' permission.
      Is my visit confidential?
      Yes, your visit will be strictly confidential as we don’t share any information without patient’s permission.
        Is my STD curable?
        Yes, your STD is curable with timely medication and getting re-tested within 3 months as advised by your doctor.
          Which is the best lab for STD testing near me?
          Redcliffe labs provide the most accurate and quick results for a variety of diagnostic tests. Redcliffe provides the best STD screening services.

            14% off for a limited period

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Will I always know if I have an STD?
            Sometimes STDs show no symptoms at all, even in the case of long-term infections. Hence, the only way is to get a blood test.
              Do adolescents (teenagers, youth under 18 years old) need parent/guardian permission for testing and treatment of STDs?
              No, they can get tested without their parents' permission.
                Is my visit confidential?
                Yes, your visit will be strictly confidential as we don’t share any information without patient’s permission.
                  Is my STD curable?
                  Yes, your STD is curable with timely medication and getting re-tested within 3 months as advised by your doctor.
                    Which is the best lab for STD testing near me?
                    Redcliffe labs provide the most accurate and quick results for a variety of diagnostic tests. Redcliffe provides the best STD screening services.