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Indirect Coombs (ICT) Serum Test in Motihari


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What is it for ?

This determines Rh incompatibility between a pregnant woman & fetus & checks blood transfusion compatibility.

Also known as: indirect antiglobulin test (IAT), Rh Factor or Rh Compatibility Test, antiglobulin test (AGT), direct antiglobulin test (DAT)

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  • Age Group: 5+ Years


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Indirect Coombs (ICT) (1)

  • Indirect Coombs (ICT)


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Q. What is the Indirect Coombs Test?

A. Indirect Coombs Test or ICT Test is a blood test that looks for antibodies in the blood that could act against red blood cells, determine compatibility for blood transfusion, check Rh incompatibility between a mom-to-be and unborn baby, and more.

Q. How often one should get diagnosed with the Indirect Coombs Test?

A. Your doctor may prescribe an ICT test after analyzing your condition, depending on your health. It can be done at any time of the day as prescribed by your healthcare professional only.

Q. Are there any risks associated with ICT Tests?

A. The test involves the withdrawal of a blood sample, which can cause slight pain and bruise at the puncture site and discomfort or dizziness in rare cases. Other than that, it is safe.

Q. What preparations are required for the test?

A. The test calls for no special preparations. However, if you have an existing illness or are on a specific medication, discuss it with your healthcare professional before heading further.

Indirect Coombs (ICT) Serum Blood Test in Motihari

Antiglobulin Test, Indirect Coombs Test (ICT) helps check if your blood has floating antibodies against red blood cells. It also helps the doctor determines compatibility for blood transfusion. Antibodies fight germs and act as a crucial part of the immune system, but sometimes, in the case of a specific disease, they make a mistake and start targeting your healthy cells. Your doctor may call for an Indirect Coombs Test before the blood transfusion to ensure that you don’t have antibodies that would react negatively against donated blood.

Besides, it is also advised for pregnant women to check for antibodies in the mother’s blood that could harm an unborn baby. Redcliffe Labs is a diagnostic center you can trust for an Indirect Coombs (ICT) Serum Test in Motihari. With our customer-centric approach, trained team, and advanced equipment, we offer high-quality diagnostic testing with maximum accuracy.

Your Doctor May Call For An Indirect Coombs Test:

  • If you are donating blood, bone marrow, tissue, or organ
  • When you are registering yourself as a potential donor
  • Before and after the pregnancy to check incompatibilities (if any)
  • To check the root cause of hemolytic anemia
  • ICT Test Measures The Following:
  • Check for deficiencies your body suffers from to treat them in time
  • Measure the total red blood cells present in a person’s body

ICT test is used as prenatal screening during the first trimester of pregnancy and as pre-transfusion testing to ensure that donor blood doesn’t harm the receiver blood. Your doctor may use the test results to plan and prescribe treatment accordingly.

Indirect Coombs Test Results Interpretation:

Negative Indirect Coombs Test Results Means:

  • You do not have floating antibodies against red blood cells in your serum
  • You can get done your blood transfusion
  • You and your unborn baby do not need to worry (for pregnant women only)

Positive Indirect Coombs Serum Test Means:

  • You need to carefully choose the donor that will work as per your body
  • You need to go the extra mile to keep you and your baby protected

ICT Test Cost in Motihari:

With Redcliffe Labs, Indirect Coombs Test Price in Motihari is Rs 800 with a free home sample collection facility and free doctor consultation. We keep the quality of our tests high and prices as low as possible to meet different health requirements and budgets.

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