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Allergy: Lemon By EIA

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Age Group 0-99 years

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Who should take the Lemon Allergy Test?

• Individuals exhibiting symptoms of a lemon allergy, such as redness, itching, rash, tingling in the mouth, throat, lips, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, should get a Lemon Allergy Test.

Why take the Lemon Allergy Test?

• Your healthcare practitioner may ask you to take a Lemon Allergy Test to confirm the presence of an allergic reaction to lemons. It provides clarity and guidance on dietary choices, ingredient avoidance, and potential treatment options for those with a confirmed lemon allergy.

What are the benefits of the Lemon Allergy Test?

• Confirm a suspected lemon allergy• Help develop an appropriate treatment• Raise allergen awareness to prevent further reactions

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Lemon (1)

799 MRP 1500


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Amount to be paid 799
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Lemon Allergy Test

Lemon Allergy Test is a blood test that measures IgE antibodies to determine if an individual has allergies to lemons or substances found in lemons. The Lemon Allergy Blood Test is for patients exhibiting skin reactions, gastrointestinal symptoms, and other symptoms, suggesting a possible response to lemons. It helps confirm the lemon allergy and guides appropriate treatments to prevent complications. For an affordable Lemon Allergy Test , Redcliffe Labs is the best omnichannel Pan India diagnostic service provider you can trust. We are committed to enhancing your diagnostic experience with our excellent services. Book your Lemon Allergy IgE Test with us now.

Test Details:

Name Of The Test Lemon Allergy Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 1500
Discounted Test Price 799
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Nil
Fasting Before Test No Fasting Required
Get Reports Within 4 Days

Early diagnosis of lemon allergy test allows individuals to understand triggers & avoiding them to prevent further reactions. So, book a Citrus Allergy Blood Test with us now.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Lemon Allergy Test:

  • Accurate reports as per NABL & ISO guidelines.
  • Recommended by 50, 000+ doctors.
  • Offer reliable & reasonable diagnostic services.
  • Use temperature-controlled bags to keep samples preserved.

Leaving allergies unaddressed can cause severe complications. So, get tested in time to control the condition. Book your Lemon Allergy Blood Test with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Lemon Allergy Test?
It is a simple blood test that determines if an individual has an allergy to lemons or substances present in the lemons. It helps with early detection, which alters individuals to avoid the allergens further to minimize complications and maintain health.
    What is a Lemon Allergy Test Cost ?
    A Lemon Allergy Test Cost with Redcliffe Labs is just Rs 799. So, do not delay! Get diagnosed with us comfortably & conveniently from your home.
      What preparations are required for Lemon Allergy Test?
      Lemon Allergy Test doesn't require special preparations. The only precaution required is to avoid exposure to the allergens and discuss any ongoing medicine with your healthcare professional before the test.
        How is a lemon allergy treated?
        Currently, there is no specific cure for a lemon allergy is available. However, treatments can make the condition manageable and ease the symptoms.
          MRP 1500/-799/-