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The ft4-free-thyroxine-4 analyses free T4 in the blood and the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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Q. What is a free thyroxine 4 Test?

A. This test measures the amount of free thyroxine test in your blood. It helps to diagnose the suspected thyroid disease and checks whether the treatment is possible for people diagnosed with thyroid disease.

Q. What precautions do you need to take before taking an ft4 lab test in Indore?

A. After making up your mind about an ft4 blood test in Indore, you should know that no such preparations are required for this test, but it is recommended that you closely follow your doctor's advice, especially if you are pregnant.

Q. What are the normal values of the free T4 Test?

A. The normal value of a free T4 Test is calculated around 0.78–2.19 ng/dl.

Q. What is the ft4 test price in Indore?

A. While keeping all its patients' needs, Redcliffe Labs ensures every patient gets an equal opportunity by offering the FT4 test price in Indore at Rs 300 only.
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FT4 (Free Thyroxine 4) Blood Test in Indore

A thyroxine test is qualified as a blood test that assists in diagnosing thyroid conditions. The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of your throat. It comprises hormones that regulate the process by which the body uses energy. As a result, these hormones not only affect your weight but also significantly impact your heart, body temperature, muscle strength, and mood. Also, it is seen that this disease affects children, too, affecting their growth drastically.

Why is it a necessary test for you?

Also known as T4, thyroxine is a type of thyroid hormone. A T4 test calculates and examines the level of T4 in your blood. Regardless of whether the levels are too high or too low, fluctuating thyroid hormones in the body alert your body as a sign of thyroid disease. Also, there is a high chance that these thyroxine levels can lead to other chronic illnesses. Thus, to prevent your body from becoming the hub of all kinds of diseases, it is better to conduct an FT4 blood test in Indore and live a healthy and fit life.

Forms of T4 present in the body 

Bound T4- It is considered thyroxine that attaches or binds to specific proteins and alerts them from entering your issues.

Free T4- It is known as the active form of thyroxine hormone that enters your tissues at the appropriate times when it's much needed.

Signs and symptoms that alert for an FT4( Free Thyroxine 4) Test?

Signs and symptoms of Low levels of thyroxine

  • Fatigue 
  • Dry skin 
  • Weight gain 
  • Depression 
  • Sluggish heart-beat 
  • Heavy or irregular periods 
  • Thin hair 
  • Sensitive to cold temperature 
  • Infertility 

Signs and symptoms of High- level of thyroxine 

  • Anxiety, nervousness 
  • Muscle weakness, shaky hands
  • Goiter 
  • Sweating, being sensitive to heat 
  • Arrhythmia
  • Frequent bowel movements 
  • Fatigue 
  • Complications while sleeping 

The thyroxine 4 Test calculates 

Hyperthyroidism- A condition of overactive thyroid where your gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone to fit the needs of your body.

Hypothyroidism- A condition of underactive thyroid where your gland makes an excess thyroid hormone than your body needs.

Pituitary gland disorders- Located at the base of your brain, a pituitary gland makes TSH that controls how much T4 your thyroid gland can make. Thus, if results from a TSH test aren’t found normal, it can indicate that the trouble is with your thyroid or pituitary gland.

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