Dengue IGG & IGM Antibody Test, EIA in Gurugram


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What is it for ?

The test helps find antibodies in the blood that develops against dengue infection.

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  • Age Group: 5+ Years
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Included Tests

Package includes following parameters

Dengue IgG & IgM Antibodies, EIA (2)

  • Dengue IgG Antibodies, EIA
  • Dengue IgM Antibodies, EIA

Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for this test?

  • Dengue fever mostly doesn't show any symptoms, except mild fever with or without rashes.
  • If any individual is going through the following symptoms, such as high fever, retro-orbit pain around the eyes, presence of bruising or rashes, thrombocytopania, severe headache, joint and muscle pain,
  • Individuals who are in the recovery phase might develop new symptoms which are an indication of severe hemorrhagic fever, including sudden high fever, restlessness, nose bleeding, low B.P and platelet count, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Why take this test?

  • This test detects the more severe stage of dengue fever and these antibodies (IgG) persist in the body for a longer time and start appearing in the blood within 7 days of infection in a higher number than IgM antibodies.
  • The dengue virus IgG antibodies test reveals past and current types of dengue infection and the test result.
  • The test is helpful in detecting the virus within 5 days of illness or during the appearance of other symptoms. during this time IgM antibodies appearance that may last up to 3 months.
  • The positive test shows that the patient has recently been infected by the dengue virus (within a week).
  • Recognizing the dengue virus at the start of the illness is life-saving because immediate treatment will save the patient from the severe hemorrhagic and shock syndrome, which are secondary symptoms of dengue fever, and also hospitalization.

What are the benefits of this test?

  • The test diagnoses dengue in the early stages before progressing to the lethal stage.
  • Due to this test, it became easier for the doctors to manage and treat the dengue fever before the symptoms worsened.


Helps you know your test better

Q. How can I book my test?

A. If you are planning to book diagnostic tests with Redcliffe Labs, then it is quite a simple and smooth process. All you have to do is just call us and our well trained and patient-friendly representatives will book an appointment for you. Also, you can book the test online by visiting our website and as soon as we get your query within no time we will make sure to book the appointment for you.

Q. In how much time will I get my test report?

A. Redcliffe Labs knows how important the timing is when it comes to health checkups. We make sure that reports are sent to you as soon as possible so that you can begin with the right treatment and medications on time. You will get your reports within 48 hours.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. You can receive your test results at your given email address or on your phone number and also on WhatsApp. Redcliffe Labs makes sure to send precise and timely reports following the highest standards to maintain quality.

Q. Is home sample collection available for this test?

A. Yes, home sample collection is available for the diagnostic tests as per your needs. Once the test is booked as per your diagnostic requirements, our expert phlebotomist will reach your given address to collect the sample.

Dengue IgG IgM Antibody Test


This dengue antibody test is able to detect the virus within five days of infection. You will be able to get the test result even at the advanced stage of the fever. IgG antibodies remain in the body for a long time and come in the blood after seven days of infection. The test has the capability of analyzing current and past infections.
This test is important to save you from severe illness and health conditions. It helps the patient to get quick treatment in case of shock syndrome and severe hemorrhagic fever. If hospitalization is required then the decision can be made on time. Also, the Dengue IgG IgM antibody test is available at quite a reasonable price from Redcliffe Labs.

Name of The Package
Dengue IGG IgM Antibody test
Sample Type
Number of Tests
Actual Test Price
Rs 1200
Discounted Price
Rs 1800
Home Sample Collection
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection
Precaution Before Test
No Fasting Required

Need for Dengue IgG IgM Antibody test with Redcliffe Labs

  • This test will help to identify IgG and IgM antibodies produced during dengue fever.
  • Dengue test price is inexpensive and easily falls within your budget.
  • Accurate results with the home sample collection benefit.
  • NABL-certified labs ensuring top-quality service.
  • The reports will be sent to your email id at the earliest.

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