Advance Full Body Checkup in Faridabad


Includes: 94 tests

CBC, ESR, BSF, HbA1c, Lipid Profile, LFT, KFT, Iron Studies, Vit B12, Vit D, Thyroid Profile Total, Urine Routine

Fasting Information

Fasting 8-10 Hrs Fasting Required

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Age Group Information.

Age Group 0-99 years

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Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for the full body checkup package?

• Younger individuals below the age of 35 show signs of fatigue, weakness, unexpected weight gain or loss, and depression. and Individuals above the age of 35 can go for this test annually to keep track of their health. In addition, older people should go for it every six months to combat severe illnesses and stay healthy.

Why take the full body checkup package in Faridabad?

• Due to the drastic change in environment and a poor lifestyle, almost everyone is at risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Thus, to stay fit and healthy, you must get tested at the initial stages by a full body checkup in Faridabad.

What are the benefits of a full body checkup package?

• This test is comprised of 94 parameters to allow doctors to detect signs and indications of an individual’s health of which he or she is unaware so that life-threatening illnesses and the risk of developing the disease can be reduced equally to have a long and healthy life.

Test Parameters

Helps you know your test better

Glucose Fasting (BSF) (1)

Haemogram (CBC + ESR) (27)

HbA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) (2)

Iron Studies (4)

Kidney Function Test (KFT) (11)

Lipid Profile (9)

Liver Function Test (LFT) (12)

Thyroid Profile Total (3)

Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination (23)

Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin (1)

Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy (1)


Q. How online full body check-up is important?

A. The package includes various parameters like blood glucose, kidney function test, thyroid profile, liver function test, and vitamin test profile to help to detect the early onset of diseases.

Q. What check-ups to go for at the age of 30?

A. At the age of thirty, you are at risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. Hence, it is a must to go for a full-body test near me for the early diagnosis of these disorders.

Q. What are the signs that you are ill?

A. If you are not able to eat and sleep properly then you may have certain signs of illness. Other signs are fatigue, weakness, sudden weight loss, and depression.

Q. Who can take the full-body test package?

A. A person of any age group can undergo this diagnostic test. Individuals above 35 years of age must opt for this package annually. Also, the old people should avail it every six months to know the progress of the disease.
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Advance Full Body Checkup in Faridabad


Poor eating habits and busy life adversely impact the health of a person. Complications such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and heart disease are the key things to worry about. Many of these ailments are detectable at an early stage of life. If remain undiagnosed or detected at the later stages then causes serious health concerns. People with heavy drinking, smoking, no physical exercise, and obesity also require a full-body test package in Faridabad.

It is quite essential to identify disorders at an early stage. Timely health check-ups provide the detailed status of your well-being. You will get tested for various ailments and the doctor can prescribe medicines and treatment plans accordingly. This online full-body check-up includes tests such as thyroid profile, blood glucose fasting, HbA1c, vitamin D, urine analysis, kidney function test, lipid profile, liver function test, and complete hemogram.

Advantages of Advance full-body test near me

It supports early signs of illnesses. The tests include the detection of heart disease, stroke, liver disorder screening test, Vitamin D profile, and cardiac issues among others. If these disorders are diagnosed at an early stage, then you can prevent you and your family from serious medical complications. If remain undiagnosed then it enhances the chances of hospitalization. Just schedule the test online from the Redcliffe website and mobile app.

Name of The Package
Advance Full Body Checkup
Sample Type
Blood and Urine
Number of Tests
Actual Test Price
Discounted Price
Home Sample Collection
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection
Precaution Before Test
10-12 Hours of Fasting

Need for Advanced full body check-up

  • Full body test at home helps to detect fatal disorders. It helps to take proper medicines and treatment plans under the guidance of a doctor.
  • The chances of therapy and treatment getting increased with the prior diagnosis of various illnesses.
  • The clinician prescribes a full-body test package if you are showing the signs of certain chronic or severe illnesses.
  • It helps to prevent the requirement of costly and perilous surgeries.
  • The early detection of various ailments helps to adopt healthy habits such as exercise, a healthy diet, and weight loss. You must also include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in a Advance full body checkup?
An advanced full-body checkup consists of various tests including Thyroid (3 Tests), HbA1c (2 Tests), CBC (24 Tests), LFT (12 Tests), KFT (10 Tests), LIPID (9 Tests), Blood Sugar Fasting, Urine Routine & Microscopy (21 Tests), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy, Iron studies (4 Tests).
    How much is the Advance full body checkup price?
    Looking for a full body test price? You can choose from our affordable and comprehensive preventive health check-ups. Our advance health checkup package starts from as low as Rs. 1349. Depending upon your medical needs and health requirements, you can pick from our health checkup packages like:
    • Redcliffe Advance Full Body Checkup – Male
    • Redcliffe Advance Full Body Checkup – Female
    • Redcliffe Advance Full Body Checkup
    • Redcliffe Smart Plus Full Body Checkup
    • Redcliffe Smart Plus Full Body Checkup
    • Redcliffe Healthy Heart Package
    • RT-PCR Tests
    • COVID Antibody - Quantitative
    How long does a full-body checkup take?
    The blood sample collection timing for a full body check-up takes a few minutes. The sample is then sent to the laboratories for analysis and examination.
      Why Choose Full Body Checkup from Redcliffe Labs?
      Redcliffe Labs is a diagnostic lab that offers an expansive range of Full Body Checkup Health Packages according to patients’ needs and medical conditions. We are best known for our advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure with affordable health checkup packages.Redcliffe Labs is well equipped with all the advanced medical tools and accessories. We make sure that every test performed at our centre should fetch the most reliable and best results possible. Our diagnostic care meets all the global healthcare standards offering a secure environment to the patients. Also, the full-body checkup cost is available more affordable now at Redcliffe Labs.
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