Estriol Unconjugated Test


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The estriol-unconjugated test detects congenital and chromosomal anomalies like Down’s syndrome in fetus.

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Estriol Unconjugated Test (1)

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Estriol Unconjugated Test

Unconjugated Estriol is a form of estrogen (a hormone) developed by the fetus (the unborn baby) through metabolism. Estriol levels help to determine birth defects and chromosomal discrepancies in babies. Estriol is basically discharged from the placenta (an organ acting as a protective covering for the fetus) into the mother’s blood and is examined through the Estriol Unconjugated Test. Thus, to keep your pregnancy safe and your baby healthy, your doctor will order you to go for an unconjugated estriol test with Redcliffe Labs.

Estriol Unconjugated Test Price

Name Of The Test Estriol Unconjugated Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 2460
Discounted Test Price 1230
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
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For a healthy pregnancy, your healthcare professional will prescribe an Estriol Unconjugated Test (an early diagnosis) through Redcliffe Labs. Redcliffe Labs is the most trusted and recommended diagnostic centre by thousands of top doctors because it gives 100% accurate test results.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why an Estriol Unconjugated Test is performed?
An estriol unconjugated test is performed to examine high-risk pregnancies and the complications with the fetus.
    What are the symptoms of imbalanced estrogen levels?
    The most observant symptoms of imbalanced estrogen levels are unexpected weight gain, heavy periods, mood disorders, anxiety, low sex drive, fibroids, etc.
      What tips to follow if you have imbalanced estrogen levels?
      Besides getting an early diagnosis with Redcliffe Labs, you should engage in regular exercise, maintain a healthy BMI, eat enough protein and nutrition, and cut down on the excess intake of salt and sugar.
        What is the cost of an unconjugated estriol test ?
        With the help of Redcliffe Labs, you can book your unconjugated estriol test at a discounted price of Rs 1230.
          MRP 2460/-1230/-