Cardiac Risk Markers- Essential


Includes 5 Parameters

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What is it for ?

It monitors heart functioning & helps diagnose cardiac abnormalities (if any).

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  • Age Group: 25+ Years


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Included Tests

Package includes following parameters

Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A) (1)

  • Apolipo-A1

Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio (1)

  • Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio

Apolipoprotein B (Apo B) (1)

  • Apolipo-B

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (Hs-CRP) (1)

  • HsCRP (High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein)

Lipoprotein (a) (1)

  • Lipoprotein (A)

Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for the essential cardiac risk markers package?

  • Any individual showing the symptoms of chest pain, pressure, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats like arrhythmia, and other abnormalities should go for a cardiac risk marker essential package.

Why take the essential cardiac risk markers package ?

  • You should get the essential cardiac risk markers package because it helps estimate the cardiac risk markers in the body so that a comprehensive evaluation of the heart can be performed. Also, the test can assist in evaluating abnormal levels for better treatment effectiveness.

What are the benefits of an essential cardiac risk markers package?

  • This package comprises 5 tests such as HsCRP, Lipoprotein (a), Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A), Apolipoprotein B (Apo B), and the Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio to give you detailed and accurate insights into your health so that treatment can be planned accordingly at the initial stages before your health condition becomes worse.


Helps you know your test better

Q. What Is a Cardiac Risk Marker Test?

A. It is a simple blood test that helps your doctor analyze the condition of your heart and identify your likelihood of developing coronary heart disease. Moreover, it helps them plan therapy and treatment.

Q. What Is Included In Cardiac Risk Markers- Essential?

A. Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio, Apolipo-B, Apolipo-A1, Lipoprotein (a), HsCRP (High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein), and more than test its functioning on varied grounds and give a clear picture of how well your heart is.

Q. Are Any Special Preparations Required?

A. It requires no special preparations, but if you have a specific medical history or are on some medication, do share it with your healthcare professional to ensure that the results are accurate.

Q. Does This Test Pose Any Risks?

A. It is a simple blood test that possesses no serious risks than little pain or bruising at the puncture site.

Cardiac Risk Markers Test


The heart is the center of your circulation system and is responsible for good health. The heart has several functions, from pumping blood around your body with every heartbeat, sending oxygen and nutrients, carrying away waste products. It takes care of your health, so you should take care of it to eliminate your risks of cardiac arrest, heart failure, or other heart problems. It is the powerhouse of your health, and if anything goes wrong with power supplies, it stumble everything else. So, keep its pumping and healthy beats maintained.

Regular Cardiac Checkup is the key to analyzing the condition and taking preventive care in time. Redcliffe Labs is a trusted diagnostic lab offering Cardiac Risk Markers Test . It covers 5 tests, including Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio, Apolipo-B, Apolipo-A1, Lipoprotein (a), HsCRP (High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein), and more. We blend innovation and excellence to provide the best experience.

Signs That You Need Cardiac Marker Test:

  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Excess sweating
  • Paleness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Irregular pulse
  • Pain and discomfort in shoulders, neck, arms, or jaw

No matter what signs your body is showing. It is not good to take these signs lightly, as they can lead to a heart stroke or heart failure. Therefore, getting a Cardiac Risk Marker done and taking preventive measures in time is crucial to avoid severe complications.

Heart-Friendly Habits You Should Follow:

Take heart health seriously to prevent health complications. Getting regular heart checkups is not enough; you also need to go the extra mile. Here are a few simple yet effective tips for a healthy heart.

  • Watch your weight
  • Be physically active
  • Eat mindfully
  • Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep
  • Be aware; know your risks to get treated accordingly
  • Know your numbers, Cholesterol Levels, Fasting Glucose, Vitamins, Blood Pressure, and more

Don’t let your heart hurt you; pamper it with the care to improve your health. Consider regular Cardiac Screening Tests at a reasonable Cardiac Risk Markers Test Price to track the health and prevent severe complications.

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Cardiac Risk Markers- Essential
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Our Popular Health Packages:

Besides a Cardiac Test, we offer different health packages. Our popular health packages include Apolipoprotein B, Healthy Heart Package, Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC), Troponin T, Rapid Card, and Advance Full body Checkup with Heart Health, among more. All the tests and packages are available at different prices and test your health on multiple parameters according to the need. We blend our brilliance, experience, and expertise to keep up with testing standards. We personalize our packages to meet diverse customer needs to ensure their health testing requirements meet successfully.

Need For Cardiac Risk Markers Profile:

  • Check whether your treatment is working or not.
  • Help doctors understand your state and prescribe treatment.
  • Determine your risks of having a heart attack or other heart ailments.
  • Allow you to manage symptoms and prevent the severe phase.
  • A timely heart test can minimize the risks of heart attacks, heart failure, or a stroke.
  • Early Heart Screening or Cardiac Test is the key to preventing severe health diseases or damage.
  • Measure your overall heart conditions and help doctors recommend treatment accordingly.

Don’t Ignore Your Cardiac Health - Test, And Treat Early!

Depending on your age, gender, and health history, preventive heart checkups should be a part of your life to detect the disease early and begin the therapy in time. You can book a Cardiac Risk Markers Blood Test via our website or mobile app. Give your heart the attention it deserves, and you’ll be set for life. So, what are you waiting for? Slow down, take time for your health, and book a test to check it now.

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