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Includes: 3 tests

A Triple Marker Test is used to check the development of a baby and to diagnose all the possible disorders like neural tube defects, Trisomy 18, and Down Syndrome.

Also known as :

Triple Screen, 2nd Trimester Screening, Maternal Screening

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Fasting No fasting Required

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Age Group 18-50 years

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Mandatory - Submission of Maternal History Form & Latest copy of Ultrasound report during sample collection. The recommended period is 15-22 weeks.

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Triple Marker (3)


Q. What Is A Triple Marker Test?

A. It’s a simple test available at a nominal Triple Marker Test Price and is recommended for pregnant women to determine any genetic or chromosomal disorders developed during the prenatal phase.

Q. What Happens During Triple Marker Screening?

A. It is like any other blood test and requires no special preparation or fasting. During the examination, your healthcare provider will clean the skin, ask you to make a fist to make the vein more accessible, insert the needle to draw some blood specimens, and collect them in a vial to send to the lab for analysis.

Q. What Do The Triple Marker Test Indicate?

A. It’s a screening test and not a diagnostic test and can only predict any possible abnormalities or genetic disorders in a baby. There are chances of false results. Therefore, doctors can prescribe several other scans or diagnose if required for better clarity or accuracy.

Q. What Are The Disorders That Can Be Screened With Triple Marker Test?

A. It can detect Trisomy 18, Down syndrome, Neural tube defects, and other Chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus to begin the treatment as soon as possible.

Q. Is There Any Risk To Baby During The Test?

A. Blood is drawn from the mother only. Therefore, no such risk to the baby is involved in the procedure.
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Triple Marker Test in Delhi


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of one’s life, which comes with happy moments and a bundle of responsibilities. During pregnancy, several genes pass on from parent to child, which can be good or bad. Doctors recommend several tests and scans to detect abnormalities and chromosomal defects to avoid possible complications. One among the other tests is a Triple Marker Test. Also known as Triple Test, Multiple Marker Test, and Multiple Marker Screening, Triple Marker Test helps physicians understand your pregnancy.

It is a simple investigation advised to pregnant women to identify any genetic or chromosomal disorders in the fetus. Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy predicts developmental disorders and helps find any risk of Down syndrome to the fetus. The triple screening of substances in the placenta, including alpha-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin, and estriol involved in the test. Therefore, it is as comfortable as other blood test procedures..

Standard Benefits Associated With Triple Marker Tests:

  • Help parents prepare for birth.
  • Detect any genetic or congenital disabilities in the fetus at a very early stage.
  • Help to find any health hazards or possible complications to the unborn baby.
  • Also, identify multiple pregnancies.
  • Diagnose all possible pregnancy complications that further make mom-to-be and baby accessible for early treatment.

Triple Marker Test Is Recommended For Women Meeting The Following Conditions:

  • Are over the age of 35 years and more.
  • Have a family history of genetic defects.
  • Suffering from diabetes and other severe prenatal viral infections.
  • Have been exposed to radiation.
  • On-medication with significant side effects.

Interpretation Of The Test Results:

It is indeed helpful in diagnosing any genetic disorders in the fetus, yet the results or Triple Marker Test Normal Values largely depend on several factors, including:

  • Age: After each menstrual cycle, women lose eggs present in their bodies from birth and may have abnormal chromosomes that can cause genetic disorders in babies.
  • Body Weight: If the mother is overweight, it can cause complications during pregnancy and could be risky to mother and baby both.
  • Diabetes Or Other Health Disorders: This could also be why one needs to be extra conscious and careful during pregnancy.

Other than the above, ethnicity, pregnancy period or multiple pregnancies are a few common factors that can affect the results.

Cost Of Triple Marker Test:

The test is gaining popularity because it detects and treats birth defects in children at an early stage. Triple Marker Test Cost or Triple Marker Test Price varies from center to center depending on different factors. However, with Redcliffe Labs, you can Book Triple Marker Test at Rs. 2600. The cost is very much reasonable, so get it done today to avoid any possible complications in your pregnancy tomorrow.

Triple Marker Test Price in Delhi

Name Of The Test Triple Marker Test in Delhi
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 3500
Discounted Test Price 2600
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Nil
Fasting Before Test Not Required
Get Reports Within 3 Days

Things You Should Know Before Triple Marker Test:

  • Triple Marker Screening Test is just like a blood test that analyzes any genetic disorders in the unborn baby.
  • For the test, your healthcare provider takes a blood specimen to detect the level of AFP, HCG, and estriol.
  • Apart from the discomfort that comes with a needle, there is no specific complication associated with the test.
  • The test is totally risk-free for the mother and unborn baby as well and can be done at a reasonable Triple Marker Test Cost.

Characteristics That Make Redcliffe Labs A Reliable Center For Triple Marker Tests:

  • Have a highly qualified and trained team.
  • Provide multiple testing and scans, adhering to quality and safety standards.
  • A home sample pick-up facility is available to offer maximum convenience to patients.
  • Keep patient information and reports confidential.
  • Use ultra-modern techniques to offer exceptional services.
  • Provide affordable and cost-effective testing and treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
When is triple marker test done?
A triple marker test can be done from the 15th week to the 21st week of pregnancy.
    Is Triple marker test mandatory?
    Yes, it is a mandatory test for all pregnant women, especially those who are older than 35 years and those who have a family history of genetic disorders.
      What is the normal range of triple marker test?
      The normal ranges are: AFP: 1.38 -187.00 IU/ml, hCG beta: 1.06 - 315 ng/ml, uE3: 0.25 -28.5 nmol/l
        How accurate is triple marker test?
        It is about 70 - 80% accurate.
          What is Triple test during pregnancy?
          It is a range of screen tests to detect Down syndrome in a fetus.
            MRP 3500/-2600/-