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What is it for ?

This test helps evaluate RBCs, WBCs & Platelets to detect abnormalities and disease, (if any).

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Included Tests

Package includes following parameters

Complete Blood Count (CBC) (26)

  • Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
  • Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
  • Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
  • Absolute Monocyte Count, Blood
  • Absolute Neutrophil Count, Blood
  • Basophils
  • Eosinophils
  • Hemoglobin Hb
  • Lymphocytes
  • MCH
  • MCHC
  • MCV
  • Monocytes
  • MPV Mean Platelet Volume
  • Neutrophils
  • PCT
  • PCV Haematocrit
  • PDW Platelet Distribution Width
  • Platelet Count Thrombocyte count
  • P - LCC
  • P - LCR
  • RBC Count
  • RDW-CV
  • RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)
  • WBC-Total Counts Leucocytes

Peripheral Smear / General Blood Picture (3)

  • Platelet Morphology
  • RBC Morphology
  • WBC Morphology

Test Criteria

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Who all are eligible for the CBC-with-ps test?

  • Any individual having a family history of anemia, suffering from an infection, weakness, fatigue, fever, and having gone through blood loss after surgery, or a pregnant woman or woman having a misbalanced menstrual cycle can go for a CBC-with-PS test.

Why take the CBC-with-ps test in Delhi??

  • in Delhi, you should get a CBC-with-PS test to help you diagnose the cause of your symptoms. After there is a suspicion of infection, this test will assist your doctor in diagnosing the illness in its early stages so that effective treatment can be planned.

What are the benefits of the CBC-with-ps test?

  • A CBC-with-PS test gives you a detailed analysis of the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to diagnose cautious illnesses such as leukemia, anemia, heart failure, lymphoma, etc. so that preventive actions can be taken at the initial stages before the situation becomes worse.


Helps you know your test better

Q. What is a CBC with PS Test?

A. It is a blood test that detects and examines numerous health disorders and issues to prevent upcoming chronic illnesses, so that you can book the CBC PS Test in Delhi right now.

Q. Why is CBC with PS Test recommended?

A. Your doctor can recommend you undergo a CBC with PS Test in these conditions - in case of pregnancy, family history of anemia, suffering from an infection, blood loss after surgery, and a Misbalanced menstrual cycle.

Q. What is the procedure for conducting a CBC PC blood Test in Delhi?

A. The healthcare expert will collect the blood sample to analyze it later in the laboratory. After the analysis, the CBC with PC blood test result will be delivered digitally via Email, SMS, or Whatsapp within the same day.

Q. What is the cost of CBC with PS Test in Delhi?

A. While keeping all its patients' needs, Redcliffe Labs ensures every patient gets an equal opportunity by offering the CBC with PS Test in Delhi at Rs 299 only.

CBC with PS Blood Test in Delhi

Also known as full blood count, blood cell count, complete blood count (CBC) is a complete blood test that calculates various parts and appearance of your blood, including but not limited to red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and Mean corpuscular volume(MCV). It is often conducted to detect various infections and diseases in the blood that can harm your body and prevent your mantra of a healthy life. While leading to a CBC with PS Test in Delhi.

Why do you need this test? 

A complete blood count diagnosis will help to analyze your body proficiently so that early detection can avert the high risk of the future. Also, CBC with PS analyses will be done by monitoring the blood cells with the help of a microscope.

The blood cells are-

  • Red blood cells- Which carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body
  • White Blood cells- Which help to fight infections and other diseases. Moreover, this test helps to calculate the percentage of white blood cells in the body.
  • Platelets- It helps to stop bleeding by assisting your blood to clot. 
  • Hemoglobin- A protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.
  • Hematocrit- A measurement of how much your blood is made up of red blood cells 
  • Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)- A measure of the average size of red blood cells 

Signs and symptoms that alarm for a CBC PS Test 

The common signs and symptoms that alert you to go for a CBC with a PS test are-

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Fever 
  • Inflammation
  • Weakness 
  • Bruising, or bleeding 

The Most common diseases detected by this test 

  • Leukemia- It is a cancer of your blood and bone marrow. It usually results when bone marrow cells transform and become abnormal cells that exceed your normal blood cells.
  • Anemia- You suffer from anemia when your body doesn't have enough healthy blood cells 
  • Heart failure- A higher-than-normal red blood cell shows a sign of low blood oxygen levels leading to heart failure.
  • Lymphoma- It is a disease of cancer that usually starts in your lymph nodes.
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome- Cancer caused by mutations in your blood stem cells.
  • Malaria- When parasites deliver into your bloodstream.
  • Autoimmune diseases- low white blood cells might indicate an auto-immune disease. This occurs when the immune system accidentally launches attacks on your body instead of protecting it.

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