Anti Smooth Muscle Antibodies (ASMA) Test in Delhi


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This test detects antibodies against smooth muscle cells to detect autoimmune liver diseases.

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  • Anti Smooth Muscle Antibodies (ASMA) Test


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Q. What are the signs indicating the need for the ASMA test in Delhi?

A. You must look for specific signs before going for an Anti-smooth muscle antibodies test, are liver disorders like cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis. These conditions trigger your body to produce antibodies against smooth muscle.

Q. What foods to avoid in autoimmune hepatitis?

A. You must consume a healthy diet low in carbohydrates, sugar, fried foods, and red meat, as it will decrease the risk of developing cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

Q. How to prepare for the ASMA lab test in Delhi?

A. It is a simple, painless blood test. The phlebotomist draws a blood sample from the vein located in the patient’s arm. The patient must tell him if he is taking any medicines, which can affect the report results.

Q. What does a positive ASMA test mean?

A. If the blood sample depicts a high amount of ASMA, the person is at a greater risk of autoimmune hepatitis. Hence, your immune system attacks healthy liver cells through autoantibodies.

Anti Smooth Muscle Antibodies (ASMA) Bood Test in Delhi


Certain health conditions like hepatitis and liver disorders cause the body’s immune system to respond and synthesize antibodies known as anti-smooth-muscle antibodies. ASMA test in Delhi helps specialists to detect the presence of these antibodies in the blood, signifying the occurrence of infection or severe disorder inside the body, especially the liver.

You must be wondering what exactly ASMA is!

The immune system attacks foreign bodies such as viruses or parasites, and antibodies defend you. Now, autoantibodies such as ASMAs think your own tissues and cells are foreign bodies and tell the immune system to kill them. Hence, these smooth muscle antibodies attack muscles! 

Conditions where ASMA is present:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Hepatitis
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatic disorders

Hence, it is quite vital to detect the antibodies with the Anti-smooth muscle antibodies test in Delhi. If left untreated and undiagnosed can result in liver failure. 

Symptoms That Require ASMA Blood Test in Delhi:

The clinician recommends a diagnostic test if you have chronic liver disease like autoimmune hepatitis. Various symptoms are

  • Enlarged liver
  • Dark urine
  • Swelling or abdominal distension
  • Liver tenderness
  • Pale-colored stools.

Additional signs are

  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • Nausea
  • Pain in joints
  • Stomach pain
  • Changes in appetite
  • Rashes on skin or joint pain.

Procedure For ASMA Blood Test in Delhi:

One of the most common queries is how the ASMA blood test in Delhi is conducted!

  • The individual will sit with the resting arm on the table
  • Phlebotomist ties an elastic band in the middle of the upper arm where the veins are visible.
  • He will rub an antiseptic and clean the area.
  • The needle will be inserted to draw the required quantity of blood.
  • Now, he will remove the needle and armband. 

However, the ASMA test does not lead to any side effects. The person might experience bruising at the site of insertion or lightheadedness. Also, don’t forget to share with him if you are taking any blood thinners. 

Now, you know that you might be suffering from these signs and might book an ASMA liver test in Delhi! But are you aware of how to interpret the test results?

  • Normal result- Normal reading depicts that no ASMAs are diagnosed in the blood. 
  • Abnormal results- The positive findings demonstrate that you might have autoimmune hepatitis. Other tests are also required to confirm the presence of this illness.

Consult a licensed specialist if you have any queries associated with the test results.

Things to note before the ASMA blood test in Delhi

You are required to take specific measures before going for the test

  • No fasting is required
  • Avoid intake of alcohol before the test
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid consuming heavy meals before the test

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Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibodies (ASMA) Test in Delhi
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Why book the ASMA liver test in Delhi from Redcliffe Labs?

  • We have a trained and skilled staff for analyzing your test report.
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If the anti-smooth muscle antibodies test remains undiagnosed, it can lead to severe complications like liver cirrhosis and failure. If detected and treated early, autoimmune hepatitis can be managed with medicines by suppressing the immune system. Also, it is advised to consult a doctor for an ASMA blood test in Delhi, interpretation of the results, and treatment. He can also prescribe additional tests for the detection of autoantibodies.

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