Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening in Delhi


Includes: 89 tests

Complete Hemogram (27 tests), Thyroid Tests (3 tests), Urine Routine & Microscopy (23 tests), Liver Function Tests (12 tests), Kidney Function Tests (10 tests), Lipid Profile Tests (9 tests), Hba1c (2), Vitamin D (1), Vitamin B12 (1), Blood Sugar Fasting (1)

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Fasting 8-10 Hrs Fasting Required

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Age Group 5-99 years

Test Parameters

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CBC with ESR (27)

Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy (1)

Thyroid Profile - Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive) (3)

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) (1)

Blood Glucose Fasting (1)

Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine R/M) (23)

HbA1c(Glycated hemoglobin) (2)

Kidney Function Test / KFT (10)

Liver Function Test / LFT (12)

Lipid Profile (9)


Q. How Does Doctor Tests For Vitamin Deficiency?

Q. What Is The Role Of Vitamins In Your Body?

Q. What Preparations Are Required For Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening?

Q. Why Redcliffe Labs For Vitamin Screening in Delhi?

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Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening in Delhi


Taking up your daily dose of vitamins can help you be fitter for years. These are extremely important to ensure your body functions well and keep your nerves healthy and energized all day long. In today’s poor lifestyle, loading your body with the correct vitamins and nutrients is no less of a challenge. Understanding whether you are vitamin deficient or not and which type of vitamin you are lacking is the only way you can balance your levels. Therefore, periodic Full Body Checkups and Vitamin Screening are more necessary these days.

You can get Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening in Delhi with Redcliffe Labs. It is an effective and pocket-friendly way to look after your health and help doctors prescribe vitamin supplements according to your health needs. The package covers 89 tests, including Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy, Thyroid Profile - Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Blood Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine & Microscopy, HbA1c (Glycated hemoglobin), Kidney Function Test, Complete Hemogram, Liver Function Test, and Lipid Profile, among more.

Signs You May Be Vitamin Deficient:

You need to go for Vitamin Profile Test immediately if your body is showing signs like:

  • Extreme and unexplained fatigue is a prominent sign that your body might lack vital vitamins.
  • Muscle weakness, muscle pain, and bone pain are again associated with vitamin deficiency.
  • Constant mood swings again indicate that you might be vitamin deficient.
  • It also changes the quality and texture of your hair.
  • A prickling sensation in the fingers and toes is a symptom that your body needs immediate attention.
  • Blood in urine or stool, heavy periods, or bleeding gums also represents that your body is deficient in necessary vitamins.

Vitamin Deficiency can take a drastic turn, so if your body has any of the above signs, you must get Vitamin Screening done shortly. It helps your doctors determine vitamin deficiency and provide dietary changes accordingly.

Name of The Test
Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening
Sample Type
Number of Tests
Actual Test Price
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Home Sample Collection
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection
Fasting Before Test
10-12 hours of fasting required

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Besides vitamin tests, you need different screening to find health disorders if any. Therefore, we have custom Health Packages, including a Smart Full Body checkup with Malaria, Kidney Function Profile, Smart Full Body Checkup, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Hypertension (BP), Stress care package, and more to meet your diverse testing preferences. Each package has n number of tests that examine your health in varied parameters to track your health status. Our team has years of experience and expertise with cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide precise testing services.

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Need For Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening:

You need to go for Vitamin Profile Test immediately if your body is showing signs like:

  • The early vitamin test helps a doctor diagnose vitamin levels in your body and provide supplements or treatments accordingly.
  • Diagnose deficiency disorders like chronic illness, cardiovascular problems, poor immune functioning, anemia, and more.
  • Early Vitamin Screening aids doctors in comprehending your health and updating your lifestyle according to the need of your health.
  • If your body is showing vitamin deficiency symptoms or suffering from osteoporosis, you need regular Vitamin Screening.
  • Moreover, if you want to check your vitamin levels, you should get the test done immediately.

So, Schedule A Vitamin Screening Today!

Overlooking the significance of vitamins in your body can be hazardous to your health. It is responsible for your body's proper functioning, so its level should be appropriately intact. You can count on Redcliffe Labs to book a Vitamin Blood Test @ Rs 1199 and get a free home sample collection facility. Being strict to quality and ethical practices, we thoroughly follow standard diagnostic protocols and provide prompt assistance accordingly.

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