Breast Cancer Test - Basic


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The breast cancer basic analysis is performed to detect the signs of cancer in the breasts.

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Who is eligible for the Breast Cancer Basic Test?

• The test is recommended for an adult person who is at risk of developing breast cancer

Why take the Breast Cancer Basic Test?

• The test can help find breast cancer during the early stage when it is easier to treat• Lower the risk of severity of it that might become• Helps the doctor to monitor the progression of the condition• Identify people who are at higher risk of developing a specific type of cancer

What are the benefits of Breast Cancer Basic Test?

• Initial detection of the condition reduces the risk of complications and increases your survival chances• Enable doctors to monitor the condition and make required changes in treatment• Breast cancer screening prevents the cancerous cells from spreading further

Test Parameters

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CA 15.3 (Breast Cancer Marker) (1)

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA). (1)


Q. What Is Breast Cancer?

A. Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that occurs primarily in women in one or both breasts. It happens when cells in the breast begin to grow in an uncontrolled manner.

Q. Is Breast Cancer Curable?

A. Yes, if diagnosed early. It can be treated before it spreads and become severe.

Q. Why Is It Important To Diagnose Breast Cancer Early?

A. Early diagnosis is important because once the cancerous cells start to spread; it becomes more complicated to stop them. It also opens the door to care and treatment in time.

Q. What Is Breast Cancer Cost?

A. Breast Cancer Cost with Redcliffe Labs is Rs 1600. It tests you on 2 different parameters to analyze your condition and plan the treatment or therapy according to the need.
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Breast Cancer Basic Test


Breast Cancer is another serious cancer that starts in the breast when breast cells grow and divide uncontrollably to create a mass of tissue called a tumor. It is most common in women and rarely in men. To avoid the severity and reduce the death fatality, it needs to be addressed early as the disease progresses; it can spread to other body parts and cause damage. It is very treatable if diagnosed early.

You can book Breast Cancer Test with Redcliffe Labs. Early detection is the primary way to prevent the development and spread of this dreadful disease. We have access to the latest technology and skilled professionals to diagnose the condition and recommend treatment accordingly.

Signs That Calls For Breast Cancer Exam:

  • Newly inverted nipple
  • Swelling of all or part of a breast
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin
  • Change in size and shape of a breast
  • Extreme pain in the breast or breast area
  • A new lump or a mass with irregular edges
  • Unusual nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • Peeling or flaking of the pigmented area of nipple or breast skin

All these signs can also be due to non-cancerous breast conditions. Therefore, a proper FNAC Test For Breast or Mammogram Test is crucial to confirm the disease and avoid severities. You need to book a CEA Blood Test with an experienced healthcare professional to find the cause early and initiate the treatment in time.

Risks Factors For Breast Cancer:

  • Genetic mutations like BRCA1 and BRCA2
  • Dense breast further increases the risk for one to develop this disease.
  • Previous radiation therapy or the use of a specific drug can also lead to the condition.
  • A family history of breast or ovarian cancer also raises women’s risk of developing and getting affected.
  • Aging is the most common and unavoidable factor of breast cancer. As you age, your risk for breast cancer also increases.
  • Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer:

    • Keeping weight in check and being physically active is the key to avoiding different cancers, including breast cancer
    • Not drinking alcohol is the best and healthiest choice, but if you cannot do that, at least limit your intake to prevent the condition.
    • Indulge more and more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet to minimize your risk of developing this life-threatening disease.
    • Breastfeeding can reduce your risk of developing the risks for breast cancer, and it is also good for the baby’s health.
    • Avoid menopausal hormone therapy to keep your risks for the disease at the lowest.

    Besides following all these healthy habits, one should consider regular breast cancer screening to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading further, minimize complications and increase treatment options.

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    Breast Cancer Basic
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    Sample Of Breast Cells
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    Our Popular Health Packages:

    Being a leading diagnostic center, we have several health packages other than Breast Cancer Basic, personalized to different health conditions of an individual. Our most selling health packages include Arthritis Profile Test, Fever Panel- Comprehensive, Diabetes Screening Test / Blood Sugar Test, Hypertension (BP) & Stress care package, Smart Full Body Checkup, and more. Being packed with ultra-modern resources, we offer varied testing to diagnose different health conditions at the earliest possible to help you initiate the treatment.

    Need For Breast Cancer Basic Screening:

    • Aim to find breast cancer early.
    • Help the doctor analyzes the condition.
    • Provide you access to the treatment in time.
    • Lower one’s risk of death due to breast cancer.
    • Early breast cancer detection increases one’s chance of getting cured in time.

    Breast Cancer detected in its initial stage increases your survival chances with minimal complications. Breast Cancer Screening with Redcliffe Labs tests you on 2 different parameters, including CEA Test and CA15.3 test. We are clinically reliable and provide reports as per NABL guidelines. Moreover, our updated resources enable us to provide the utmost care to customers. Delaying the diagnosis can be dangerous. So, what are you waiting for? Book a CEA Tumor Marker or Breast Cancer Test in 1 minute with us via the website or mobile app.

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