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Pancreatitis Lipase

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Who all are eligible for this test?

• People who have severe abdominal pain or back pain•  People constantly experiencing oily or fatty stools, appetite loss, feverish, weight loss.• Nausea with or without vomiting is another reason when a doctor recommends the test.

Why take this test?

• The lipase test benefits in measuring the protein level that is called lipase in the blood• With this test, the doctor can detect acute pancreatitis.• It is also useful in identifying the body digest fats.

What are the benefits of this test?

•  The test is useful in monitoring the condition that is Peritonitis. It is lining inflammation of the abdominal wall.• Identifying strangulated or infarcted bowel is also the result of this test.• It also benefits in detecting the pancreatic cyst and cystic fibroids. The cystic fibroid is a disease that is inherited and in which thick mucus can lead to damaging the organs.• Crohn’s and celiac diseases are also identifiable with this test.

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Q. What Triggers Pancreatitis?

A. Drinking excessive alcohol, autoimmune disease, trauma surgery, gallstone, family history, cystic fibrosis, and high triglycerides are a few of the most common causes that provoke pancreatitis or related disorders.

Q. What Is Pancreatitis Lipase Test?

A. It is a standard test that diagnoses acute or chronic pancreatitis, pancreas disorders, and other health issues. In case of any abnormalities, your doctor may ask you to undergo for Amylase Lipase Test and other related tests that can detect and confirm the disease.

Q. Is There Any Special Preparation Required For This Test?

A. In the case of the Lipase Blood Test, no fasting is required. However, in both cases, be it Lipase Urine Test or blood test, be sure to confirm whether any special preparations are required or not.

Q. What Are The Risks Associated With The Test?

A. Since it is like a regular blood test, there is very little and almost no specific risk involved in the investigation. However, some patients might get a slight bruising or pain at the blood-drawn spot, which will also go away quickly. There are no risks at all with a urine test.
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Pancreatitis Lipase Test in Bangalore


Pancreatitis is a severe disease in which the pancreas gets swollen or inflamed, commonly because of gallstones. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can be acute or chronic. As the name says, Pancreatitis Lipase Test is used to diagnose Pancreatitis or blockage in the pancreas. It helps doctors diagnose how serious the problem is, detect Lipase Normal Range and provide treatment accordingly. A blood test is the most common and effective way to measure lipase – a type of protein made by your pancreas. However, it can also be done through a urine sample.

Timely screening of the problem can help you avoid long-term illness. If you are looking for a high-quality and pocket-friendly Pancreatitis Lipase Test, Redcliffe Labs can help. We offer different tests, analyses, and diagnoses under one roof to save patients time, effort, and more.

Purpose Of Pancreatitis Lipase Test:

  • Diagnose acute pancreatitis that causes sudden swelling of the pancreas.
  • Detect chronic pancreatitis that creates chronic or recurrent pancreas swelling.
  • Help doctors find out about the celiac disease.
  • Support the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer at the early stage possible.
  • Determine any blockage in the pancreas.
  • Diagnose several other diseases like gallbladder inflammation and kidney diseases and to name a few.

Symptoms That Call For Pancreatitis Lipase Test:

Your doctor may call for Pancreatitis Lipase Screening if they suspect you have a disease of the pancreas or you are showing symptoms such as

  • Oily Or Fatty Stool
  • Nausea (With or Without Vomiting)
  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Back Pain
  • Intense Upper Abdominal/Stomach Pain

Other than the above symptoms, you may also need to undergo the test, if you have a specific medical history, including

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • A family history of pancreatitis

Stages Of Pancreatitis Lipase Tests:

  • During the examination, a healthcare professional in a clinical setting will draw a blood sample from a vein in your arms using a needle.
  • The collected blood will then be transferred into a tube or vial and sent to a laboratory for examination.
  • The procedure is easy and will not take more than five to ten minutes.
  • Besides a lipase blood test, a urine test also helps measure lipase levels.

Test Details:

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Pancreatitis Lipase Test
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Blood and Urine
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Things You Should Know Before Pancreatitis Lipase Test in Bangalore:

  • The test determines the lipase level in the body.
  • A certain level of lipase is necessary to maintain healthy digestive functioning, yet more or less of it can cause problems, which a proper Pancreatitis Lipase Test identified.
  • The test diagnoses several problems associated with pancreas or pancreatic disorders.
  • Usually, done in the form of a blood or urine test as required or asked by the doctor.

Characteristics That Makes Redcliffe Labs Trusted For Pancreatitis Lipase Test:

  • We provide a home collection service for Amylase And Lipase Test to save time and money.
  • Offer accurate, cost-effective, and high-quality tests or screening.
  • Have a professionally trained team to conduct proper tests.
  • Prioritize patient convenience and offer maximum assistance.
  • Use nothing but the best and ultra-modern machinery and other technology.
  • Hold years of experience providing the best and most satisfactory services.

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We care for you and ensure your convenience and confidentiality by all means. So, you can book your home test with us. If you have any queries about Pancreatitis Lipase Test Price in Bangalore, feel free to speak with our representatives. We’d be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions
What test is done to check for pancreatitis?
Tests for lipase and amylase are used to check for pancreatitis.
    How can you tell if you have pancreatitis?
    Pancreatitis can only be detected by performing a blood test.
      What does pancreas pain feel like?
      If the pain is on the upper abdominal side, under the ribs, and radiates towards the back, it may be a sign of pancreatic pain.
        Can pancreatitis go away on its own?
        Mild pancreatitis may go away, but the acute and severe conditions need medical help.
          Which side is pancreas pain?
          Middle abdomen or upper left side.
            Should you go to hospital for pancreatitis?
            Acute pancreatitis usually need hospitalization.
              Does pancreatitis cause gas?
              Yes, pancreatitis causes gas formation.
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