Protein S Antigen- Free Test


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The protein-s-antigen-free screening detects the risk of blood clots. Protein S is responsible to prevent the uncontrolled formation of clots.

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Protein S Antigen Free (1)

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Protein S Antigen- Free Test

Being a protein made by the liver, Protein S regulates blood clot formation. If your doctors suspect having several blood clots, they may advise Protein S Antigen-Free test. The Protein S Antigen Test measures protein levels in the blood, the cause of a blood clot, and checks risks for developing more clotting and protein S deficiency. Being NABL accredited, Redcliffe Labs is a trusted diagnostic centre for Protein S Antigen Test . Being your trusted diagnostic service provider, we offer several services like home sample collection, smart test reports, and free doctor consultations.

Protein S Antigen- Free Test Price

Name Of The Test Protein S Antigen- Free Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 11000
Discounted Test Price 5500
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
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S Protein Antigen Test helps measure Protein S levels and detect its deficiency. Protein S Antigen Normal Range can vary between laboratories. However, the protein s antigen-free normal range is generally 60% to 150% of clotting inhibition. Your healthcare professional may prescribe a Free Protein S Antigen Test if you are at risk for clotting disease. You can book an S Protein Antigen Test in 1 minute directly from our website or call. With 1000+ collection centres and 50+ labs, we aimed to bring diagnostics accessible to every nook and corner possible. So, book a test with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who do you need Free Protein S Antigen Test?
Doctors prescribe the Protein S Antigen Free Test to patients: At the risk of clotting disease, Have an unexpected blood clot without any provoking factor, Have protein S deficiency, Have a family history of Venous thromboembolism (VTE). The test helps healthcare professionals find your risk of abnormal blood clots and provide treatment or therapy accordingly.
    What is S Protein Antigen Test Cost ?
    S Protein Antigen Test Price with Redcliffe Labs is just Rs 5500, which helps detect the risk of blood clots. You can book this test with a free home sample collection facility.
      What does low protein S antigen mean?
      Lower protein S antigen levels mean protein s deficiency, which indicates a higher risk of developing blood clotting.
        What precautions are required before the test?
        You may need to share your current medical history or medicines that you are on with your healthcare professional before the test and follow all their guidelines.
          MRP 11000/-5500/-