Prealbumin Test


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A Prealbumin blood test determines if a person is getting adequate nutrients in the diet. It detects health problems associated with nutrition.

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Prealbumin Test (1)

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Prealbumin Test

Prealbumin is a crucial protein that your liver produces to make other proteins. If doctors suspect your body is not getting adequate protein or you have symptoms like sudden weight loss, weakness, joint aches, dizziness, dry, brittle hair, or hair loss, they might suggest Prealbumin Test. It helps measure Prealbumin levels in your blood and diagnose related diseases. Being an essential protein, it is also responsible for carrying thyroid hormones and vitamin A in the blood and controlling how your body uses energy.

Too much or too low Prealbumin levels in the blood could indicate a poor health state that should be addressed early. Therefore, if your doctor has suggested this test, Redcliffe Labs, a leading diagnostic centre, is where you should book a Prealbumin Test . Being NABL accredited, we have 1000+ collection centres and 50+ labs to bring diagnostics closer to every individual.

Prealbumin Test Price

Name Of The Test Prealbumin Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 12000
Discounted Test Price 6000
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
Get Reports Within 9 Days

Low Prealbumin Levels could be a sign of malnutrition, inflammation, severe infection, liver disease, certain digestive disease, and more. High Prealbumin levels could happen due to Hodgkin's disease, Kidney failure, and alcohol use disorder. Therefore, timely testing of their levels is crucial to avoid complications. So, skip all your delays and book a Prealbumin Blood Test with Redcliffe Labs today. We are a full-fledged pathology lab that you can consider for a pre-albumin lab test or pre albumin test at home. We provide home sample collection, precise testing, and accurate reports, following NABL and ISO guidelines. Book now!

Frequently Asked Questions
When should Prealbumin levels be checked?
To detect nutritional health problems, Diagnose malnutrition and other related concerns due to too much or too low Prealbumin levels, Find what kind of nutritional support you might need while undergoing a specific surgery or treatment, To check how much protein you have lost (in the case of people with an eating disorder).
    What is the prealbumin test price ?
    Cost is never a cause of concern with Redcliffe Labs, as all our tests are priced competitively. Therefore, with us, Prealbumin Test Cost is Rs 6000 with a free home sample collection.
      Does the test pose any risks?
      Prealbumin is a simple blood test that may cause slight pain or a red spot at the punctured site, which goes away quickly. Other than that, the test is safe. However, if you feel discomfort, see your healthcare professional at the earliest.
        What preparations are required for this test?
        The test requires no special preparations and helps test your nutritional status.
          MRP 12000/-6000/-