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Importance of TB Tests to Prevent TB!


Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Ragiinii Sharma

Written By Komal Daryani
on Mar 20, 2023

Last Edit Made By Komal Daryani
on Mar 9, 2024

Tuberculosis Screening

Did you just get symptoms of TB?

It may give disastrous results if you don’t test it in its early stage. But, what tests and checks are required to check if your body is diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB)? 

Don’t be worried! Tuberculosis screening can help you with identifying the real cause. Want to learn more? Here is a complete guide on Tuberculosis Screening or TB tests. So, ensure to delve deeper.

What is Tuberculosis Screening?

A tuberculosis screening test is preferred by healthcare practitioners to check if the patients have bacterial infections in their bodies. TB mostly attacks the lungs; however, in rare cases, it affects our brains, spines, and kidneys also. 

What’s more?

TB can spread from a diagnosed person to others if he/she is sick with TB coughs or sneezes. TB screening collects signs of TB germs and thus prepares the patient for other tests to determine the type of TB he/she is diagnosed with. 

Do you know about various TB tests available?

The health department follows various checks such as TB test, TB skin test, purified protein derivative (PPD) test, Mantoux tuberculin skin test, latent TB infection test, and TB blood test. These tests reflect whether you have latent TB infection or active TB disease. 

A bit about latent TB infection and active TB disease

  • Active TB Disease 

This disease lets doctors know that TB germs are rapidly growing in the body and thus making the person sick. It can spread from person to person if the germs grow in the lungs or throat. Although the treatment is possible with antibiotics, it can take your life if you ignore the cures. 

  • Latent TB Infection 

It is yet another infection signifying germs presented inside the body but without creating any sickness. Patients having this infection cannot spread the disease to others as their bodies don’t reflect the signs or symptoms. But, if it is not treated on time, the germs can grow and bring unfavorable outcomes to the body. 

Why do you need TB Screening or TB Test? 

For people, who are still confused about registering themselves for the TB tests, here is a full section consisting of the importance of tuberculosis screening. TB tests help patients in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis.

Also, there are various other reasons why you should consider TB tests. Look at the pointers below: 

  1. Early Prevention: 

Are you aware of the fact that TB can shape major health complications such as joint infections, meningitis, and bone infections? No one wants to have them in their blissful lives. 

Right, isn’t it? 

Well, that’s where the TB test comes in as a savior. With proper checks and reports, you can have a complete glimpse into this major issue and thus prepare for early prevention. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Monitoring Treatment: 

Even if you find diagnosed with Tuberculosis, the TB test can help while monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and ensuring your body is fully recovered and fights against those bacteria. If this is not the case, what seeks another thumbs up for the TB test? 

  1.  Contact Tracing: 

A TB test can inform us about a person in close contact with an infected person. Thus ensuring early detection and treatment. 

Should you take a TB test?


Yes, a TB can lead to multiple fatal diseases if not treated on time. And it is impossible to get cured without knowing the root cause of sickness. 

But, how to know the root cause?

All thanks to the TB test! For initiatives like Healthy India, we have to be together in this fight against TB and other illnesses. 

So, are you with us?

If yes, book a slot with Redcliffe labs and get your reports ready today. Also, remember that “A healthy man means a healthy family which ultimately leads to a healthy society.” To make the dream of a healthy society comes true, we first need to be healthy and fit.

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