It’s been more than two years that coronavirus has been hitting the world and forced people all over the world to put masks on their faces and make it a new normal. Covid-19 like any other viruses also changes over the course of time and keeps looking for ways to evade our defenses. Scientists are using Greek letters for naming every variant. One of the first variants of coronavirus was named an alpha variant after the original coronavirus took the mutation. Since then scientists have named other six variants that emerged, omicron as the latest variant. Every coronavirus involves mutations that assist the virus in surviving and spreading. For example, before omicron, the delta variant was identified as the dangerous one with the most known mutations and was way more contagious.

Researchers have also claimed that this latest mutation includes around 30 more unique variations. It is also believed that these mutations might be more contagious than before, thus, there is a very short time left to learn everything about this new variant. The variant is also known as the B.1.1.529. However, scientists have also stated that there is no reason to get panicked. But, if the precautions aren’t taken beforehand then it could lead to a problematic situation across the globe.

There are precautions you need to follow to ensure the decrease in transmissibility. And if you are unaware of the steps to avoid and what to follow, don’t worry. Here we will give you a brief idea of dos and don’ts to stop the transmission.

Steps To Avoid

We all are fighting against coronavirus since 2019 and have stayed strong by following the protocols that were required to stop its spread. Even after putting so much effort, it not only affected us mentally but emotionally and financially as well. Now, when we were a little positive and thought that everything is going to be normal soon and we can celebrate the coming year with full joy and happiness, another mutation has hit our doors- Omicron. So, now when we are little aware of its transmissibility speed it becomes essential for us to stop its spread as otherwise, it could lead to dangerous diseases. Hence, the only way is to include certain steps to avoid transmission. Here are these steps:

  • If you have been planning to go on international trips, then it is recommended to avoid the plan as of now. The emergence of a new variant once again is causing travel bans already so your part will also play a main role in decreasing the transmission.
  • Secondly, it is essential to avoid visiting places that are poorly ventilated or are very crowded. Visiting such places enhances the probability of transmission which we as a globe aren’t ready for it again. You can also open the windows for improving the ventilation indoors. So, make sure to play your role and do as much as you can.
  • Thirdly and very important, if you think that double vaccination means that you are safe, then please it would be better to avoid such beliefs. There is no clarity on this yet and researches are being initiated to understand whether the vaccine is helpful to stop the transmission or not. So, keep following the protocols until there is no evidence for the same.
  • Since countries are planning to ban domestic flights as well in the wake of omicron so it is better if you would consider not going even on the domestic trips. It is for our own safety and also to spread the virus transmission across the country.

Things To Do

Here is what you should do to stop the spread of coronavirus:

  • Firstly, make sure that you always carry the mask with you and cover your nose and mouth with it. You also need to ensure your hands are clean before putting on and removing the mask. You never know where this virus is surfacing. These small steps will go a long way to fighting against the virus.
  • Social distancing plays an important role in fighting against the coronavirus and this is the step you need to follow. You should maintain the physical distance of around one meter from others or when you are in a crowded place.
  • This one is very important and there is no way you must compromise on it. You have to ensure washing your hands frequently at least 5-8 times a day. It is to avert any chances of a virus on your hands.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget vaccination. If you are someone who has also believed in the rumors that it is not effective and will cause problems in the future, then you should get yourself educated. Vaccination is very important to stop transmission all over the world and there is no way we can compromise on this step.

Final Thoughts

Since the emergence of coronavirus, it has been a very difficult time for the world and mainly because of its other mutations that kept coming every now and then. We as a nation were hopeful that maybe we have managed to overcome the outbreak. But then again, the new and latest mutation of covid-19 named Omicron led to causing chaos among the countries and their citizens. So, we have to follow the same protocols we were following since the pandemic started so that we can prevent the transmission. Hence, the steps discussed above are important to be followed as this will not only help fight against the pandemic but also will ensure the safety of every individual.

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Disclaimer:The blog content has been posted as a piece of information and awareness only. The content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not proposed and should not be taken as medical advice. Redcliffe Labs strongly recommends users to consult with their health care providers to make any medical or health-related decision.




Meenakshi Gakhar specialized in writing in healthcare services for over 6.5 years. She keeps her fingers on the pulse to stay ahead of the updates in the domain and uses the information to help readers be aware. The sole purpose of each piece of copy is to fill the readers with the correct information. She spread awareness and positivity through her blogs to help one differentiate between facts and fiction.

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