COVID-19 Cases Rising

Once again, the flare in COVID-19 cases is all over the news, creating dread among people. India has reported around 5880 fresh COVID cases in the past 24 hours. And as per the Union Health Ministry data, the active cases in the country have risen to 35199. The government is taking all the mandatory precautions possible, and our responsibility is to act responsibly to manage the condition and avoid complications.

Don’t Panic; Take Precautions

Even though the cases are rising, it is essential to understand that it is not time to panic but to take precautions. Your precautions, little extra attention, and carefulness can prevent you from getting into its grip and help you keep yourself & your loved ones safe.

Is a fourth wave of COVID approaching?

Well, it is not good to create your version of the story, especially when it comes to health or health problems. According to experts, it is too early to predict if the fourth wave is about to approach. The possibility of the fourth wave of COVID-19 depends on varied factors, like virus variants, vaccination rates, public safety measures, and more. As per the experts, the chances of the 4th wave of COVID are unlikely but can occur if safety measures are not followed as suggested. Hence, take all possible precautions to avoid another wave to a possible extent.

What Can Be Done?

There is so much that we can do to get a hold of the rising cases and keep ourselves safe. Some basic following safety measures that we all should follow are:

  • Wear The Mask: Keeping your mask on, especially while being in crowded places, is essential to avoid getting the infection & spreading it further.
  • Maintain Healthy Distance: Keep social distancing in mind and adopt the healthy practice, especially in crowded and enclosed spaces, to stay safe and keep others safe too.
  • Take Precautions: If you are sick or have flu-like symptoms, take all the possible precautions and get tested to stay safe and healthy.
  • Get Vaccinated: Even though most of our population is vaccinated, if you or anyone in your loved ones or closed ones haven’t been vaccinated yet due to any reason, it’s time to get your shot. Vaccination cannot 100% prevent COVID, but it can minimize your risks to a possible extent. Hence, consider it to take charge of your health.
  • Take Diagnosis Seriously: The earlier you get yourself screened or diagnosed, the better it can be for your health. Hence, anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms should consider a rapid COVID Test to confirm or rule out their risks, and it sighs relief and allows you to obtain the treatment before things turn ugly.

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New Signs Or Symptoms To Pay Attention To:

Most of the new COVID cases are mild, and people are reporting normal flu-like symptoms, like:

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Stomach Discomfort

Or other symptoms that are also common in the flu. Hence, taking these signs or any other unusual symptoms in your body seriously and getting tested in time is crucial to avoid your risks.

In the past few months, COVID was the last thing on anyone’s mind, and it is back tickling us again. The sudden surge in cases is causing havoc, but the condition can be managed better if we stay alert from the start and take all the precautions. Children or the elderly are more prone to developing COVID infection or other illnesses. However, everyone, irrespective of their health status, age, or gender, should take appropriate precautions to reduce their risks and ensure maximum safety.

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From the past waves and experts’ advice, COVID symptoms are manageable to the possible extent if diagnosed on time. It can minimize your harm, increase your chances of recovery and help you get the treatment to manage the symptoms and ease the condition. And Redcliffe Labs is your trusted diagnostic partner that you can count on to book a Covid RT PCR Test at Home for just Rs 500 only. With modern diagnostic tools & technologies, we promise precise sample processing and accurate reports within a stipulated time frame possible.

All in all, the cases might be rising, but it is time to behave responsibly to manage the condition and avoid getting in the clutch of COVID. Prevention is better than cure, and we couldn’t agree more! So, take charge of your condition, follow all safety measures, stop spreading misinformation, and stay safe and healthy.


Meenakshi Gakhar specialized in writing in healthcare services for over 6.5 years. She keeps her fingers on the pulse to stay ahead of the updates in the domain and uses the information to help readers be aware. The sole purpose of each piece of copy is to fill the readers with the correct information. She spread awareness and positivity through her blogs to help one differentiate between facts and fiction.

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