Can The World Be Hit By Fourth Covid Wave By The New Covid Variant BF.7!

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The delta variant of Covid took thousands of lives during the second wave that started in India in March 2021. However, the researchers reveal that the delta variant was not as transmissible as the new Covid sub-variant BF.7.

What’s BF.7 Covid Variant? What Can Its Impact Be?

BF.7 is a sub-variant of the extremely devastating and dangerous variant of covid variant omicron. It has currently impacted China, wherein the covid cases are increasing so rapidly that the Chinese Healthcare System is already overburdened.

The BF.7 variant is highly infectious out of all the covid-19 variants. Already, officials in China report medicine shortages and an uncontrollable full-scope spread across the country.

Due to the progressively increasing cases and the emergence of health emergency in China, the ‘Zero Covid’ cases policy was immediately imposed again; wherein people have again started living with restrictions.

Impact of BF.7. Subvariant of Covid.19.:

The BF.7 Covid 19 Sub-Variant is Driving China’s Covid Cases.

We all, by now, are aware of this fact. But the question arises, how & why! 

Let’s unveil the same.

  • First thing first, the omicron sub-variant BF.7 can surpass the immunity of a person, which is either developed naturally or through different doses of vaccinations.
  • The virus has a solid potential for circumventing immunity swiftly, and it will continue to grow in the winter season.
  • BF.7 is considered the strongest and most fatal of all the sub-variants of omicron, i.e., BA.1, BA.2, and BA.5, because of its immune escape capacity.
  • All the variants so far have had a Reproduction Number (R0) in the range of 5 to 6, but RO detected for BF.7 is 10.

Is India at Stake Due to BF.7?

The first sub-variant of Covid 19 was discovered in India in October 2022 in Gujarat. Now, there is reportedly an increase in the number of Covid cases. Unlike the delta variant, BF.7 has symptoms like the ordinary flu.

The symptoms of BF.7 covid variant include:

  • Medium to High Fever 
  • Cold, Cough, Body Discomfort 
  • Severe Throat Infection 
  • Runny Nose and more 

The severely high transmission capability of the BF.7 variant can lead to infecting a vast mass of people in a minimal period. 

Chinese medical officials have confirmed that this variant of Covid virus has a minimum incubation time.

However, the officials in India say that China is suffering from this health emergency because of their Zero Covid policy. This policy has not exposed them to Alpha & Delta variants, so they are unable to withstand this new variant. 

Can BF.7 Lead to the Fourth Wave of Global Pandemic

The BF.7 variant, also known as Covid Spawn, has imposed severe restrictions in China, and its cases have been detected in other parts of the world. It is undoubtedly highly transmissible.

So, in short, it has all the capabilities to lead to the fourth wave of a global pandemic if proper precautions are not taken on time. 

Already, The government of India has started taking precautions by seeking a covid test on people traveling back to India from other countries, specifically China.

We can also be active participants in controlling the spread by following some minimal precautions as mentioned below.

  • Do not take cold and flu lightly if it shows severe symptoms.
  • Book a Covid RT PCR test immediately
  • Use a mask, and stay in isolation until you get your reports.

The more we are conscious and responsible, the higher will be our control over the situation, and we can stop BF.7 from mutating speedily, leading to the fourth wave of the global pandemic.

Stay Tuned! For more information on different preventive ways to stay safe & healthy.


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