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It measures different blood components & diagnoses many infections & chronic diseases.

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  • Age Group: 5+ Years


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Package includes following parameters

DLC (Differential Leucocyte Count) (1)

  • DLC (Differential Leucocyte Count)

TLC (Total Leucocyte Count) (1)

  • TLC (Total Leucocyte Count)


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Q. How to prepare for TLC & DLC Test?

A. You should inform your doctor of any medications and drugs you are taking; otherwise, there are no specialized preparations required to undergo this test.

Q. What do the TLC & DLC Test measures?

A. Total leukocyte count and differential leukocyte count measure the total number of white blood cells in a given blood volume to diagnose certain conditions and help one obtain treatment in time.

Q. What are the side effects associated with TLC & DLC Tests?

A. There are no significant side effects except for a slight pain in the arm after the test and a minor bruise where the syringe is inserted.

Q. What is the cost of a TLC DLC blood test in Motihari?

A. The TLC DLC test price in Motihari is Rs 130 with Redcliffe Labs. Our price is per the market standards and ensures that customers’ budget is not affected.

TLC & DLC Test in Motihari

Total leukocyte count and differential leukocyte count tests are those which work as an indicator of a chronic illness that doesn’t resolve in normal conditions and alert you to get immediate treatment. Leukocytes, also known as white blood cells, or WBCs ( essential components of the body’s immune system), protect your body against various infections. When your blood levels go out of balance, it can cause a variety of health problems and necessitates a TLC and DLC test. Redcliffe Labs is a reliable diagnostic center with cutting-edge technology for you to book your TLC & DLC test in Motihari at your fingertips.

Why do I need a TLC & DLC Test?

You need a TLC & DLC Test, as it is a complete blood-routine test that calculates and examines the various blood components. It also gives insights into your general health. TLC measures the total number of white blood cells, and a high number indicates an infection. 

DLC measures the consistency and structure of the white blood cells. Also, it is helpful to calculate the percentage of:

  • Neutrophils: One of the most common types of WBC, neutrophils aid in destroying microorganisms or pathogens that cause infections.
  • Monocytes: They develop a defensive system against the pathogens attacking them.
  • Basophils: They defend themselves by producing essential enzymes to fight allergic reactions and asthma.
  • Lymphocytes: It is classified into three kinds (B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer cells) and are known to use the help of antibodies to destroy the body’s cells infected by pathogens or tumor cells.
  • Eosinophils: They assist in fighting infections, inflammation, and allergies.

Thus, it is essential to undergo a TLC and DLC test in Motihari at the right time to prevent significant health challenges arising from the various complications of white blood cells.

Signs that call for a TLC & DLC Test

  • Fever and chills
  • Head Ache 
  • Body Ache/Pain
  • Any Pain 
  • Allergy Reaction 
  • Inflammation 

When your body faces crucial changes and comes under attack, you need to follow your doctor’s advice and go for a TLC-DLC blood test in Motihari so that you can battle the long-lasting complications of your health.

TLC & DLC Test Implies

Normal Results- The normal WBCs in the body are calculated at 4,500 to 11,000 WBCs per microliter. However, in some instances, the range exceeds the standard value. Such common causes of high WBCs are:

  • Viral Illnesses
  • Bone Marrow Damage 
  • Auto-Immune Disorders 
  • Diseases of the spleen and liver 
  • Severe bacterial Infections, 
  • Certain cancer treatment drugs and medications. 

Reasons Of High TLC & DLC Levels Are: 

  • Leukemia 
  • Certain drugs or medicines 
  • Smoking
  • Inflammation or inflammatory conditions 
  • Infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites 
  • Trauma, burns, surgery, or heart attack

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