Prothrombin time (pt) Test in Motihari


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Prothrombin Time (PT INR) (3)

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Prothrombin Time (PT) Test in Motihari

Prothrombin is one of the proteins that our liver produces to help the blood clot. The higher the PT levels, the more time your body takes to form blood clots, which indicates a lack of vitamin K, bleeding, or a clotting disorder. Doctors often prescribe Prothrombin Time Test, also called the INR test, to measure Prothrombin levels and detect potential blood or clotting disorders. You may be asked for the test pre-surgical or before an invasive procedure to check whether your blood clotting process is functioning normally and if you have symptoms of bleeding disorders, as it helps to identify potential problems. You can book PT Test in Motihari with Redcliffe Labs and get samples collected from your doorstep. Post sample collection for the Prothrombin Time PT Test, we provide precise reports as per NABL and ISO guidelines delivered to your registered email Id or WhatsApp number.

Prothrombin Time (PT) Test Price in Motihari

Name Of The Test Prothrombin Time (PT) Test in Motihari
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 875
Discounted Test Price 350
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test Not Required
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who may need a Prothrombin Time Blood Test?
Your healthcare professional may prescribe a Prothrombin Time Blood Test when they suspect you are having symptoms of bleeding disorders, including: Easy bruising, Unexplained heavy bleeding, Unusual blood clots, Blood in urine or stool, Bleeding gums, Unexplained swelling or joint pain. This test may also be prescribed to patients on some specific blood thinners to check whether the dose is appropriate or need changes.
    What happens if your PT is too high?
    Elevated PT or INR means that your blood takes longer to clot than usual, which means that the liver is not making the right amount of Prothrombin required for the blood clotting process.
      What risks are associated with the PT test?
      No specific risks are associated with the test, but one might experience a little pain or bruise on the needle prick site. However, patients with bleeding disorders are at a higher risk for excessive bleeding. If you experience anything unusual or discomfort, immediately contact your healthcare professionals.
        What is PT INR Test Cost in Motihari?
        Prothrombin Test Cost in Motihari with Redcliffe Labs is just Rs 350. However, the rates can vary from city to city due to several factors.
          Rs.875/-Rs. 350/-