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4 January,2023

India is in a better position to fight & handle rising covid-19 cases

Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Labs elucidates that India is prepared to manage a potential new Covid wave with better diagnostics, hospital infrastructure and skilled medical professionals.

29 December,2022

Indian Diagnostic Industry witnesses an upward growth in 2022

Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Labs, talks about the exponential growth of diagnostic industry in 2022 and the trends for 2023.

14 December,2022

Redcliffe Labs is moving forward to transform healthcare with the launch of its drone flights.

A leading diagnostic chain, Redcliffe Labs launches drone flights between Uttarkashi and Dehradun in just 88 mins.

7 December,2022

Redcliffe Labs initiates drone flights for sample collection in Uttarakhand.

Drone flights were started from the remote hills, Uttarkashi to Sahastradhara, Dehradun aiming to offer high-quality and affordable diagnostics in smaller towns and remote locations.

25 November,2022

Redcliffe Labs decides to invest 10 Million USD in genetic and specialized diagnostic tests

The fastest-growing diagnostic network increases its focus on genetic and specialized tests with the integration of advanced technology for delivering accurate smart health reports at the minimum turnaround time.

15 November,2022

Redcliffe Labs is showcased as Diagnostic Disruptor by Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur India's special feature titled 'Tech 25' features Redcliffe Labs to implement technology for providing top-quality healthcare preventive packages and diagnostic services to people across India.

14 November,2022

Prof. Ashok Rattan highlights the role of preventive health check-ups in reversal of type-2 diabetes

On World Diabetes Day, Prof. Ashok Rattan, Chairman- Medical Committee & Quality talks about the burden of diabetes and the role of screening in diabetes reversal.

4 November,2022

Redcliffe Labs collaborates with Roche Diagnostics for early detection of Alzheimer's.

Redcliffe Labs is the first organization to partner with Roche Diagnostics India for early-stage diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

1 November,2022

Network expansion plans of Redcliffe Labs eyeing newer heights

With the inclusion of innovative techniques, cutting-edge technology, and the implementation of the latest software applications, Redcliffe Labs plans to add 500 labs, and 40k new collection centres by FY27

19 October,2022

How technological breakthroughs will reshape the future of healthcare

With the confluence of various developments in technologies, such as telemedicine, electronic media records, AI, drone technology, genome sequencing, and home-based sample collection, the future of healthcare is witnessing exponential growth.

29 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs projects to raise $100- 125 million this year

A leading diagnostic chain Redcliffe Labs plans to raise $100-125 million. We are also aggressively expanding our footprint across India.

29 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs comes up with a startling brand campaign Dil Ki Suno on World Heart Day.

Redcliffe Labs launches a robust message-driven brand campaign to encourage people to start listening to their heart on World Heart Day.

29 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs is showcased on the Mad over Marketing web page.

Redcliffe Labs campaign Dil Ki Suno launched on World Heart Day is selected as one of the best World Heart Day Campaigns of 2022 by MOM

28 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs launches brand campaign Dil Ki Suno on World Heart Day

Redcliffe Labs Dil Ki Suno campaign focuses on the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle at any age to reduce the chances of developing heart diseases, especially cardiac attack or stroke.

28 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs Dil Ki Suno campaign talks about taking care of your heart irrespective of age.

With the launch of Dil ki Suno campaign on World Heart Day, Redcliffe Labs aims at motivating people to do lifestyle modifications and timely diagnoses for preventing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

22 September,2022

Redcliffe Labs started Genetic counseling services in Bhatinda, Punjab.

Redcliffe Labs launches GENEë- To the GENE, The CORRECT WAY, a novel concept for delivering genetic counseling services to patients in Bhatinda, Punjab. Now, people have easy access to genetic testing in the city.

19 September,2022

Know how the advancements in technology are shaping the future of the healthcare sector.

Redcliffe Labs Founder & MD, Dheeraj Jain talks about the future of healthcare amidst technological innovations. The article also states the need for accessible and affordable diagnostic services across India.

15 August,2022

Redcliffe Labs launches GENEë and opens an advanced Genetics lab in Noida.

A leading diagnostic chain offers genetic counseling from leading experts and easy access to DNA-based diagnostics along with routine testing.

28 July,2022

A glance at challenges and policy focus in the healthcare sector

The Healthcare system in urban and rural India has its own challenges in terms of infrastructure and working health professionals.

28 July,2022

Challenges faced by Healthcare Sector in India

The healthcare sector faces challenges in terms of health professionals, treatment, and fund allocation in rural and urban India.

24 July,2022

Redcliffe Labs partners with PGICH, Noida to provide genetic counseling services for rare diseases

The MOU will benefit the society at large as people get easy and specialized access to genetic counselling services

24 July,2022

Technology advancements are shaping the future of the healthcare sector

Recent innovations in the healthcare sector are improving quality of life, decreasing medical expenses, increasing accessibility in rural areas, and saving lives.

22 July,2022

Feasibility of Drone technology in India’s diagnostic sector

Redcliffe Labs, Founder, Mr. Dheeraj Jain highlighted the accessibility of drones in remote locations across India

17 July,2022

Redcliffe Labs plans to set up labs and collection centers in Tier 3, 4 & 5 cities by FY 24.

Planning to cover 400 cities with the launch of 250 labs in the next two years.

5 July,2022

How India is prepared to manage Hepatitis

Treatment and prevention of Hepatitis is the need of the hour with affordable and accessible diagnostic services

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