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A glance at challenges and policy focus in the healthcare sector

The Healthcare system in urban and rural India has its own challenges in terms of infrastructure and working health professionals.


Challenges faced by Healthcare Sector in India

The healthcare sector faces challenges in terms of health professionals, treatment, and fund allocation in rural and urban India.


Technology advancements are shaping the future of the healthcare sector

Recent innovations in the healthcare sector are improving quality of life, decreasing medical expenses, increasing accessibility in rural areas, and saving lives.


Redcliffe Labs partners with PGICH, Noida to provide genetic counseling services for rare diseases

The MOU will benefit the society at large as people get easy and specialized access to genetic counselling services


Feasibility of Drone technology in India’s diagnostic sector

Redcliffe Labs, Founder, Mr. Dheeraj Jain highlighted the accessibility of drones in remote locations across India


Redcliffe Labs plans to set up labs and collection centers in Tier 3, 4 & 5 cities by FY 24.

Planning to cover 400 cities with the launch of 250 labs in the next two years.


How India is prepared to manage Hepatitis

Treatment and prevention of Hepatitis is the need of the hour with affordable and accessible diagnostic services


Prenatal tests are vital in pregnancy planning

Prenatal tests detect chromosomal abnormalities and birth defects in babies


Overview of challenges and policy focus in the Indian Healthcare sector

Addressing the health challenges prevalent in urban and rural areas


Uttarakhand becomes the 1st Indian state to roll out drone in healthcare

To provide affordable and high-quality diagnostic services to people, Redcliffe Labs starts drone services in Uttarakhand.


Redcliffe Lifetech raises $61 m from Investors

Redcliffe Lifetech raised $61 million in a funding round led by Leapfrog investments.


Redcliffe Labs plans to set up largest networks of labs & collection centres in Rajasthan

To enhance the reach of diagnostic services in Rajasthan, Redcliffe Labs is planning to labs & collection centres.


Redcliffe Labs Starts World Class Diagnostic Tests Facility in Jodhpur

Redcliffe Labs launches new lab in Jodhpur to provide improved diagnosis of diseases


Redcliffe Labs uses drone technology to transport blood samples from Meerut to Noida

To make diagnostic services accessible, Redcliffe Labs uses drone technology to transport medical test samples from Meerut to Noida in one hour.


Former Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir appointed as Redcliffe Labs’ Brand Ambassador

Gautam Gambhir has been appointed the brand ambassador of Redcliffe Labs to make diagnostic healthcare accessible and affordable.


Redcliffe Lifetech brings in non-invasive RT-PCR test to detect black fungus

Redcliffe Lifetech will collect Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) samples to diagnose the Black Fungus infection

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