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26 March,2024

Post-Holi Health Management Tips: Top 5 Must-Have Post-Holi Health Checkups For Safety

Dr.Sohini Sengupta, Medical Laboratory Director, Redcliffe Labs, emphasizes the importance of making mindful decisions and taking necessary precautions to stay safe during festivals. Prioritize good health for yourself and your loved ones by taking health checkups after festive celebrations at affordable prices from Redcliffe Labs.

7 March,2024

48% women now prioritizing their own health reveals Redcliffe Labs study

Redcliffe Labs, on International Women’s Day, under the campaign “Let Her Decide,” conducted a study focusing on women’s approach to making decisions about their health. It was impressive to learn that women are proactively undergoing preventive health checkups to monitor their overall well-being, which is indicative of health awareness and empowerment.

5 February,2024

Redcliffe Labs rolls out campaign ‘Be Your Own Sheroes- Learn, Prevent, Screen’ for cervical cancer prevention awareness

Redcliffe Labs, at the forefront of promoting awareness about Cervical Cancer, rolled out a month-long campaign titled 'Be Your Own Shero.' This proactive initiative is dedicated to emphasizing the pivotal role of early detection and prevention through regular screening, encouraging women to take charge of their well-being.

1 February,2024

Budget 2024: Top reactions from healthcare industry leaders–Who said what on Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcements

Mr. Dheeraj Jain, founder of Redcliffe Labs, emphasizes that the 2024 budget's focus on cervical cancer vaccination for girls aged 9-14 aligns with Redcliffe Labs' commitment to empowering women and ensuring widespread access to high-quality healthcare. This commitment will contribute to a healthier and inclusive society.

16 January,2024

Redcliffe Labs improves lab quality processes by embracing Six Sigma metrics

Redcliffe Labs enhances the quality control standards in their laboratory by implementing Six Sigma metrics, leading to a reduction in errors, minimized sample returns, and improved turnaround times. This not only strengthens clinicians' trust but also improves patient health outcomes and overall experience.

26 December,2023

Redcliffe Labs ranked among the top 5 fastest growing tech companies

Redcliffe Labs earned a distinguished position in the esteemed 18th Edition of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2023, recognizing their innovative technology-driven diagnostic solutions and exceptional patient experience that aim to offer high-quality, accessible, convenient and affordable healthcare for a healthier Bharat.

23 November,2023

Redcliffe Labs expands diagnostic services in Uttar Pradesh

Addressing the urgent need for advanced and quality healthcare, Redcliffe Labs opened three new state-of-the-art diagnostic labs in Uttar Pradesh, strategically located in Prayagraj, Agra, and Jhansi, offering a comprehensive range of diagnostic services such as Biochemistry, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, and Serology.

10 November,2023

Redcliffe Labs launches campaign 'Yes, You Can!' for World Diabetes Day

Redcliffe Labs initiated the Yes, You Can campaign in November to raise awareness about the alarming rise in diabetes in India, encouraging individuals to take proactive measures to combat NCDs through a healthy lifestyle, dietary habits, and regular health checkups.

26 October,2023

Redcliffe Labs brings out the ‘Pinktober - Care for Cure’ campaign

Redcliffe Labs through the Pinktober Care to Cure Campaign spreads awareness about Breast Cancer, encouraging women to focus on their bodies, lead healthy lifestyles, and undergo timely screening and diagnosis as preventive measures.

19 October,2023

Redcliffe Labs partners with RGCB

Redcliffe Labs signed an MoU with Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) in Thiruvananthapuram, aiming to revolutionize the field of modern genomics for Bharat, becoming top three genomics service providers in the country and the first to have access to 2 full-fledged genomic labs.

28 September,2023

Redcliffe Labs Diagnostics Deliver USD 400 Million in Economic Savings for India

Redcliffe Labs delivers USD 400 Million in economic savings for India as their tests are more cost-effective at tackling illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases, through their digitally-enabled, low-cost diagnostics, combatting India’s rising pandemic of NCDs.

12 August,2023

Leptospirosis: Symptoms, Causes And All That You Need To Know

Dr.Ashok Rattan, Chairman of Medical Committee & Quality, Redcliffe Labs shares that Leptospirosis is transmitted to humans through contact with water or soil, contaminated with the urine of infected animals. The bacteria enter the human body through the skin or mucous membranes, especially if there is a cut.

28 July,2023

Redcliffe labs extends its network in Haryana

Dheeraj Jain, founder, of Redcliffe Labs, comments on the opening of Redcliffe Diagnostic Lab in Rohtak and shares his vision of empowering health by enhancing the diagnostic landscape of the country by serving 500 million Indians by 2030.

14 June,2023

Redcliffe Labs Launches Father’s Day Campaign #My Daddy Is Strongest, But Daddy Needs Care Too

Redcliffe Labs, on the occasion of Father’s Day, initiated a thoughtful campaign on #My Daddy Is Strongest, But Daddy Needs Care Too, prioritizing mindfulness towards the well-being of men through routine health checkups.

18 May,2023

Age not only factor to determine chromosome abnormalities in pregnant women: Redcliffe Lab study

Redcliffe Labs has come out with comprehensive research on prenatal screening for chromosomal anomalies, focusing on the significance of Maternal Dual Marker screening during the first trimester to predict chromosomal abnormalities in a foetus.

25 April,2023

World Malaria Day; Intersection of Climate Change & Malaria

Dr. Ajay Narang, MD Lead Advisor & Operations, Redcliffe Labs, shares his opinion on how climate change can impact malaria.

29 January,2023

Pre-Budget Expectations, Dheeraj Jain, Founder Redcliffe Labs

In the pre-budget discussion, Dheeraj Jain said that the upcoming budget might focus more on increased investments in R & D for developing new technologies for better healthcare services.

19 January,2023

Preventive Healthcare Startups Are Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Dheeraj Jain, The founder of Redcliffe Labs, shares his views on how the preventive health checkup startups are helping in making a shift from illness to wellness.

12 January,2023

Redcliffe Labs Expands Its Footprints in Punjab

Redcliffe Labs further expands its operations in three states of Punjab, including Bhatinda, Ludhiana & Jalandhar.

4 January,2023

India is in a better position to fight & handle rising covid-19 cases

Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Labs elucidates that India is prepared to manage a potential new Covid wave with better diagnostics, hospital infrastructure and skilled medical professionals.

29 December,2022

Indian Diagnostic Industry witnesses an upward growth in 2022

Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Labs, talks about the exponential growth of diagnostic industry in 2022 and the trends for 2023.

14 December,2022

Redcliffe Labs is moving forward to transform healthcare with the launch of its drone flights.

A leading diagnostic chain, Redcliffe Labs launches drone flights between Uttarkashi and Dehradun in just 88 mins.

12 December,2022

Dr. Ajay Narang, Participates in Panel Discussion of UHC Strategies for 2023 & Beyond

On International UHC Day, Dr. Ajay Narang, MD Lead Advisor & Operations, Redcliffe Labs, participate in the discussion of Indian Leaders and highlights the importance of healthcare accessibility.

7 December,2022

Redcliffe Labs initiates drone flights for sample collection in Uttarakhand.

Drone flights were started from the remote hills, Uttarkashi to Sahastradhara, Dehradun aiming to offer high-quality and affordable diagnostics in smaller towns and remote locations.

25 November,2022

Redcliffe Labs decides to invest 10 Million USD in genetic and specialized diagnostic tests

The fastest-growing diagnostic network increases its focus on genetic and specialized tests with the integration of advanced technology for delivering accurate smart health reports at the minimum turnaround time.

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