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This measures potassium in the blood & diagnoses conditions related to abnormal potassium levels.

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Q. What is a potassium test?

A. The potassium (K+) test is a blood test used to measure potassium levels in the bloodstream and diagnose any medical conditions or health risks, like kidney, heart problems, blood pressure, and more.

Q. Are there any risks associated with the test?

A. It is a simple blood test that has no defined risks associated. However, a slight pain, discomfort, or little bruise at the punctured site is common. These may also go away with time.

Q. What is Hypokalemia or Hyperkalemia?

A. The condition in which your potassium levels are lower than standard is called Hypokalemia, which occurs due to insufficient dietary potassium, kidney disease, certain medications, or more. On the contrary, Hyperkalemia is when your potassium levels are higher than usual and occurs due to extensive tissue injury, dehydration, diabetes type-1, and more. Both conditions are different and require treatment accordingly.

Q. What preparations are required for the potassium test?

A. If you are on a specific medication, inform your healthcare professional to avoid inaccuracies in the results. Other than that, it requires no special preparations.

Potassium Test in Hisar

Our human body requires different minerals and nutrients to perform varied functions. Among all minerals, potassium is a crucial mineral that your body needs and is highly responsible for regulating fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. Moreover, it allows nutrients to move into the cells and kick waste products out of cells to keep your health in check. Therefore, for a healthy body, it is required to maintain healthy potassium levels in the body. Your doctor may call for Potassium Test to check whether levels are too high or low or appropriate as required.

Being a reliable diagnostic lab, Redcliffe Labs is the one-stop from where you can book a Potassium Test in Hisar. The test is highly recommended as a part of your regular health checkups to measure the potassium (K+) levels and diagnose diseases related to the heart, adrenal glands, blood pressure, and kidneys. We have state-of-the-art laboratories packed with advanced resources to offer high-quality testing at affordable rates possible.

Purpose Of Potassium Test:

  • Measure potassium levels in the bloodstream.
  • Monitor condition and treatment efficacy.
  • Help detect diseases related to the kidney, heart, and more.
  • Examine your overall health condition and help find what exactly is wrong with your body.
  • Enable the doctor to plan your treatment according to potassium blood levels and health conditions.
  • Prevent you from severe complications and increase your recovery rate.

Symptoms That Call For A Potassium Serum Test:

Your healthcare provider may call for a Potassium Blood Test if you show abnormal potassium levels. However, the signs vary.

Your body shows the following signs if you have elevated potassium levels (hyperkalemia):

  • The abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat (Arrhythmia)
  • Constant fatigue
  • Muscle weakness or numbness in limbs
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Intense chest pain
  • Pain in the abdominal and diarrhea

Low potassium levels, also called the condition hypokalemia, your body may show signs like:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Muscle cramps, twitches, and weakness
  • The feeling of lightheadedness or faintness
  • Low blood pressure levels
  • Constipation
  • Excessive urination

Whether the potassium levels are too high or too low, both indicate a medical condition that needs to be addressed at the earliest. It is, therefore, significant to get potassium levels tested before it’s late.

The causes of too much potassium are:

  • Kidney diseases or disorders
  • Injuries or certain surgeries
  • Potassium-rich diet
  • Adrenal insufficiency
  • Dehydration
  • Side effects of a specific medicine

The causes of low potassium levels are:

  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Chronic kidney diseases
  • Excessive sweating
  • Folic acid deficiency
  • Fluid loss
  • Poor potassium diet
  • Use of too many laxatives

It needs to be understood that if the test results don’t match the potassium level normal range, it does not always mean that you have a specific medical condition. It might also be because of certain medicines' effects or your diet. Hence, it is recommended to take assistance from reliable healthcare professionals to confirm the symptoms, measure the potassium normal range and diagnose the actual cause of the condition.

Tips To Manage Potassium Levels For Healthy Living:

  • You might need dietary changes to keep your potassium levels in check. Your doctor may call for limiting certain foods high in potassium that are elevating the levels and causing the problem.
  • Your doctor may also check for medications you are taking and if they affect your potassium levels. Therefore, sharing your complete medical history with a healthcare professional is compulsory to get the correct treatment.
  • Avoiding sodium or limiting salt intake is recommended, especially for those with an existing chronic condition.

Any change in your diet or lifestyle can make or break your health. Therefore, consulting a professional healthcare professional is advisable to take correct preventive measures that help you heal.

Cost Of Potassium Test in Hisar:

At Redcliffe Labs, Potassium Test Price in Hisar is only Rs 149. It is available at a discount of 91.5% with a home sample collection facility to ensure your convenience doesn’t get compromised at any stage, and you will receive the best diagnostic service within your budget from the comfort of your home.

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Things You Should Know Before Potassium (K+) Test:

  • Potassium (K+) is significant for nerves and muscles to communicate, and the Potassium test checks whether the levels are appropriate enough in your blood or not.
  • It is a blood test that checks for normal potassium levels and diagnoses numerous health conditions and risks.
  • The test is a part of regular health tests to examine the existing condition and find whether you have hyperkalemia or hypokalemia.
  • Enable doctors thoroughly analyze your condition and prescribe treatment or preventive measures according to your health need.
  • With an early Potassium Serum Test, addressing the condition and getting the treatment becomes essential to avoid complications.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Potassium Test:

  • We have experienced phlebotomists to provide home-based testing with maximum safety and convenience.
  • Moreover, the test reports will be according to the defined guidelines to ensure accuracy.
  • You can book multiple tests at your home with us at a reasonable rate.
  • We are affordable and easily accessible to every customer looking for a reliable lab or home-based diagnostic services.

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We believe that you deserve the best healthcare for healthy living. Therefore, we bring diagnostics to your doorstep. So, now you don’t need to travel to a diagnostic lab for Potassium Blood Test in Hisar. We have a trained and skilled team for home sample collection to keep your care and convenience intact. So, what are you waiting for now? It’s high time to book a test online via our website or mobile app.

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