Soluble Transferrin Receptor (STFR) Test in Faridabad


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Soluble Transferrin receptor test diagnoses iron deficiency anemia in hospitalized patients.

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Who should take the Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test?

• A patient suspected of having iron deficiency should take the Soluble Transferrin Receptor (sTFR) Test to confirm the cause of their symptoms and help doctors provide the correct course of treatment accordingly.

Why take the Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test?

• It is not a routine test, and your doctor may suggest you take Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test if you have symptoms of anemia, like• Weakness• Paleness• Irregular heartbeats• Shortness of breath• Cold hands and feet• Your doctor may also recommend this test to distinguish between iron-deficiency anemia or anemia due to chronic illness.

What are the benefits of the Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test?

• Help diagnose iron deficiency.• Help differentiate between anemia due to iron deficiency and other chronic illnesses.• Help healthcare professionals prompt treatment to help you avoid complications.


Q. How can I book my test?

A. Go to the website and follow a few simple steps to book a test in 1 minute. You can also call our representative and ask them to book a test for you.

Q. In how much time will I get my test reports?

A. With Redcliffe Labs, you can expect reports within a minimum turnaround time. The aim is to ensure that your treatment doesn’t get delayed.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. We send smart test reports to your registered email Id, WhatsApp number, or through SMS to ensure maximum convenience.

Q. Is home sample collection available for the sTFR?

A. Yes! With Redcliffe Labs, home sample collection is available for the sTFR test. So, hurry up, and book your test now to get tested comfortably from your home.
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Soluble Transferrin Receptor (STFR) Test in Faridabad

Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test is a blood test that measures iron deficiency in patients with underlying health illnesses, like inflammatory disease, infections, malignancies, and other chronic conditions. The test acts as an indicator of iron status in your body. Doctors prescribe the Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test to measure levels of soluble transferrin receptors and detect iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia. sTFR is a protein in the blood that increases in patients with iron deficiency. If your doctor has prescribed this test, Redcliffe Labs is the fastest-growing diagnostic service provider that you can head for sTFR Test in Faridabad. We have many collection centres across India and provide home sample collection convenience to ensure you get tested conveniently. So, say no to excuses and yes to timely diagnosis for better health.

Test Details:

Name of The Test Soluble Transferrin Receptor ( STFR) Test
Sample Type Blood
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 3300
Discounted Test Price 1650
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No Fasting Required
Get Reports Within 6 Days

Timely screening, no doubt, can be a lifesaver. So, once prescribed, testing should not be completed on time. If you are looking for a pathology lab for high-quality diagnostic services, we are the platform for you to be. You can book your Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test in Faridabad with Redcliffe Labs to get tested comfortably from home. We have a laboratory full of advanced diagnostic resources to provide quality diagnostic experience, precise sample testing, and accurate reports within a stipulated time frame. So, book your sTFR Blood Test in Faridabad with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does the sTFR test diagnose?
The sTfR test is a blood test that measures the sTfR protein in the blood to help diagnose iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia in hospitalized patients.
    What does the sTFR test result mean?
    Soluble Transferrin Receptor normal range means that person has anemia for other reasons. However, the concentration of sTFR will rise in a patient with iron deficiency, and in an already anemic patient, high sTFR means that person has iron deficiency anemia.
      What is the sTFR Test cost in Faridabad?
      Soluble Transferrin Receptor Test cost in Faridabad with Redcliffe Labs is very reasonable and available at just Rs 1650.
        What precautions to take before the test?
        If you have any underlying condition or are on some prescribed medicine, discuss it with your healthcare professional before the test and follow all their guidelines.
          Rs.3300/-Rs. 1499/-