Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine Test


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The chylomicron-qualitative-urine diagnostic test measures fat levels and chyle in the urine.

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Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine (1)

  • Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine


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Q. What Is Chylomicron Qualitative Urine Test Used For?

A. Being performed on the urine sample, Chylomicron Qualitative Urine Test is used to measure fat levels in the urine and diagnose chyle in urine early.

Q. What Is Chyluria?

A. Chyluria is a rare lymphatic flow disorder that causes the lymphatic fluid to leak into the kidneys and turn the urine milky white.

Q. What Preparations Are Required?

A. It is a simple urine test that requires no special preparation, and you will get the reports within 2 days with free doctor consultation.

Q. Where To Book Chylomicron Urine Test ?

A. Redcliffe Labs is the best diagnostic center that you can consider to book Chylomicron Urine Test . We provide home-based testing and have trained phlebos to come to your home for sample collection.

Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine

A urine test is as important as a blood test. It helps doctors determine diverse diseases affecting the functions of your body and hurting your health. Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine is one urine test that doctors recommend to measure the levels of fat content in urine. It detects the chyle in the urine, which results in milky urine. Chyle is a lymphatic flow disorder that should be diagnosed early to get cured soon.

If you want to book Chylomicron Qualitative Urine Test , Redcliffe Labs is undeniably the destination for you to be. When you need reliable diagnostic results, you can count on us, and we promise that you will not be disappointed. We have all the advanced resources and trained professionals to perform tests following proper hygiene and ethical practices and provide accurate results.

Purpose Of Chylomicron Urine Test:

  • Check for the presence of chyluria in the urine.
  • Measure the fat levels and cholesterol in urine.
  • Help patients avoid long-term complications by identifying the problems early.
  • It checks for other components affecting the urine that the naked eye cannot see.
  • Aid doctors select the appropriate treatment to manage the symptoms and heal the disorder.

Symptoms That Call For Chylomicron Urine Test:

  • Hydrocele
  • Fever & chills
  • Pain during urination
  • Clots or chyle in urine
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Blood in the urine or milky urine

Diagnosing the condition is crucial to get the treatment before it’s late. Therefore, one should take every sign seriously to prevent all possible complications. So, if your doctor has called for Chylomicrons Test, we are where you should head right away. Find out all about the test and price before you book the test for a better understanding.

Cost Of Chylomicron Urine Test:

Chylomicron Urine Test Cost varies depending on the number of tests, city, state, and many other factors. Therefore, you should double-check it before booking the test. However, we being a client-centric company, prioritize your health over anything. So, you can get the Chylomicron Urine Test with us at Rs 600 with a free home sample collection.

Test Details

Name of The Test
Chylomicron Qualitative, Urine Test
Sample Type
Number of Tests
Actual Test Price
Rs 1210
Discounted Price
Rs 600
Home Sample Collection
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection
Fasting Before Test
No Fasting Required
Get Reports Within
72 Hrs

Things You Should Know Before Chylomicron Urine Test:

  • Chylomicron Qualitative Test is a urine test that checks for the presence of chyle (a milky substance) in the urine.
  • With the test, getting information regarding fat content in the urine fluid becomes easier and aids the doctor plan your diet and treatment accordingly.
  • It detects sexually transmitted diseases, nephrotic syndrome, urinary tract infections, and more health disorders.
  • The test poss no specific risks and ensure accurate testing of chyle in urine.
  • It is a simple urine test and requires no special preparations or fasting before the testing.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Chylomicron Urine Test:

  • Have a state-of-the-art diagnostic center with advanced tools and technology for diagnosing different conditions and providing effective medical health.
  • Provide the most basic to advanced tests under a single roof with a free doctor consultation to ensure your good health.
  • Offer personalized health packages to test your health on varied grounds without compromising quality.
  • Our prices are very affordable, so everyone can get their diagnostic done professionally without breaking their budget.
  • Follow ethical practices with utmost transparency to attain maximum client satisfaction.

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