Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP), Maternal Marker in Bangalore


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Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Maternal Marker test is primarily used to measure the alpha-fetoprotein level in the blood during pregnancy.

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Q. What is Alpha-Fetoprotein?

A. Alpha-Fetoprotein, also called AFP, is a plasma protein made in the liver of a developing fetus and yolk sacs and is present in pregnant women’s blood. Its level, whether too high or low, indicates a problem and needs to be tested in time.

Q. What Does Alpha-Fetoprotein Blood Test Show?

A. It measures AFP Levels in the blood and analyzes a baby’s risk for certain genetic problems and birth defects. Your doctor may call this test during 15-20 weeks of pregnancy to examine the overall condition of the baby and mother-to-be.

Q. What Are normal Alpha-Fetoprotein Levels?

A. AFP Levels in between 0 ng/mL to 40 ng/mL are considered normal. Levels greater than normal signify health problems.

Q. What Happens During AFP Tumor Marker Test?

A. Your healthcare professional may draw a blood sample from your vein to test it on varied grounds and provide accurate AFP Levels in blood during pregnancy.
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Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test in Bangalore


Giving birth to a new life is no less of a miracle. However, this blessing comes with several responsibilities. Throughout your pregnancy, your doctor may ask for several tests, and one important among all is Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test. Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) is a protein made in a developing baby's liver, and its levels more than normal signifies a baby’s risk of having several genetic problems and congenital disabilities. It is recommended by doctors between 15-20 weeks of pregnancy to analyze risks at the earliest and initiate the treatment.

AFP is a protein made by developing babies and found in pregnant women. It indicates health problems if its levels are higher or lower during pregnancy. Your doctor may call this test to measure your levels and prescribe treatment accordingly. You can book an Alpha-Fetoprotein Test in Bangalore with Redcliffe Labs to measure its level in the blood. We have a reliable team and advanced resources to keep up with testing standards. We maintain hygiene and safety throughout the testing to ensure you get no chance to complain.

Purpose Of Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test:

  • Measure AFP levels in a pregnant woman's blood.
  • Examine the baby’s risk of having genetic problems and birth defects.
  • Diagnose the problem initially that makes you accessible to treatment.
  • Screen certain cancers, like liver or testicular cancer, and monitor response to treatment.
  • Moreover, check for multiple pregnancies.
  • Early detection of the problem minimizes complications and ensures better health

Doctor May Calls Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test If:

Measuring AFP levels is necessary to eliminate complications and better health, your doctor may call the test to evaluate the levels and prescribe therapy or treatment accordingly.

  • Have a family history of birth defects or genetic disorders.
  • Are 35 years or older.
  • Have diabetes.
  • On specific medications that could harm the baby’s health or development.

Lower Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Levels Indicates:

  • Down syndrome
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Health problems

Higher Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Levels Indicates:

  • Neural Tube Defects
  • Spina bifida
  • Anencephaly
  • Multiple pregnancies

Getting the AFP Blood Test done is crucial to determine whether AFP levels are normal or not. It helps diagnose anything serious at the earliest and minimizes complications. Moreover, it makes early treatment accessible to treat the condition before it becomes severe. Being extra attentive and precautionary is no harm; therefore, you should get testing done in time.

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Things You Should Know Before Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP):

  • AFP Blood Test helps examine whether your baby is at risk of genetic disorders and birth defects or not.
  • Measure AFP levels in the blood and diagnose the condition at the earliest to initiate the treatment before it becomes devastating.
  • Confirm or rule out conditions like liver cancer or other cancers.
  • Monitor an individual’s response to cancer treatment.
  • It is a blood test with no specific risks and is safe.

Early testing is key to avoiding severities and ensuring a baby's good and healthy development. Whether Alpha-Fetoprotein Levels are high or low, both indicate different health conditions that require immediate attention. Therefore, you should take the AFP Test in time to avoid possible complications.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Alpha-Fetoprotein Level Test:

  • Have a skillful and supported team to provide the maximum support.
  • Use world-class and up-to-date technology.
  • Follow ethical testing procedures to provide promising services.
  • Ensure 100% accurate and timely reports.
  • Reports are as per NABL guidelines.

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Take The Test, Not Risk!

Don’t wait until the problem takes an ugly or devastating turn. Book an Alpha-Fetoprotein Blood Test in Bangalore with Redcliffe Labs today. Thanks to our ultra-modern resources and hands-on years of experience, we always put our customer's care and convenience first to offer nothing but the best testing services at pocket-friendly Alpha-Fetoprotein Test Price. We always go beyond conventional boundaries to keep your care and convenience intact. You can book a test in 1 minute with us via the website or mobile app. You can also call our representative for a one-to-one discussion about the test and more.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should I take an alpha-fetoprotein test?
Your healthcare professional may ask for an Alpha Fetoprotein Test between 15 & 20 weeks of pregnancy to check the baby’s risk of developing genetic disorders or birth defects.
    What is the normal AFP range?
    Less than 40 ng/mL are considered normal AFP levels in adults. And the normal range for gestation at 15 to 21 weeks is 10 to 150 ng/mL. These levels rise around the 12th week of pregnancy and drop consistently until birth.
      What causes raised AFP?
      In general cases, elevated AFP can be due to Liver Cancer, Tumor of Testis, and cancer of Ovaries. Sometimes, liver injury or disease can also elevate their levels. High AFP in pregnant women indicates a higher probability of a baby with neural tube defects. However, it is an indicative test, so your doctor may call for additional testing to confirm the condition.
        What does an abnormal AFP test mean?
        Abnormal AFP points to several chronic illnesses and certain cancers. And for pregnant women, it may mean that their baby is at higher risk of having a neural tube defect. However, a condition can be confirmed with additional testing only.
          What is the AFP test used for?
          AFP tests are used to predict cancer, measure AFP levels, determine your baby’s risk of birth defects, monitor the effectiveness of the cancer treatment, or check the reoccurrence of cancer after the treatment.
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