Cobalt, Spot Urine Test in Aligarh


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The cobalt-spot-urine monitors cobalt levels and analyzes its toxicity levels.

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Cobalt, Spot Urine Test in Aligarh

For humans, cobalt is an essential element, but when these elements develop in excess, they become toxic for the body to function correctly. The increased percentage of cobalt can cause asthma-like symptoms like allergies, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness, and can directly impact your essential organs like the eyes, skin, lungs, heart, kidney, and liver. Thus, getting an early diagnosis is required to prevent these toxic after-effects, and for that, you must take a cobalt urine test in Aligarh with Redcliffe Labs today!

Cobalt Spot Urine Test Price in Aligarh

Name of The Test Cobalt, spot urine test
Sample Type Urine
Number Of Tests 1
Actual Test Price 7040
Discounted Test Price 3520
Home Sample Collection Available
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection Not Required
Fasting Before Test No special preparation required
Get Reports Within 3 Days

Increased cobalt levels can do more harm than you think. You may be in a stressful situation as you look for a one-stop diagnostic center for all your complications, but there is no need to worry when Redcliffe Labs is there for you. It is the most trusted lab in India and has happily served millions of people and earned the trust of thousands of top doctors. Thus, book your cobalt urine blood test without waiting for further information to have a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the signs of elevated levels of cobalt in urine?
The signs of high cobalt in urine are vision loss, hearing loss, cognitive decline, hypothyroidism, weakness, fatigue, cardiomyopathy, peripheral neuropathy, etc.
    What is the high level of cobalt in urine?
    More than 1.8μg/L indicates high cobalt exposure and an elevated risk of systematic toxicity.
      What foods should you avoid when you have increased cobalt in your urine?
      In case you are diagnosed with having too much cobalt in your urine, you will be ordered to eat foods like fish, nuts, green spinach, broccoli, cereals, and oats.
        What is the cost of a cobalt urine test in Aligarh?
        Redcliffe Labs ensures that you get tested for cobalt urine test in Aligarh at a discounted cost of Rs 3520 to make Delhi a healthy capital once again.
          Rs.7040/-Rs. 3520/-