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This measures the total amount of albumin & globulin to diagnose kidney or liver disease.

Also known as: Protein Total, TP, Protein

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Q. What is a total protein test?

A. A total protein test is a blood test used to measure two major classes of proteins within your blood sample, called albumin and globulin.

Q. How to prepare for the TP test?

A. You can speak with your healthcare professional before the test to avoid complications. If you are on some specific medications or have any existing illness, you should share it with your doctor before the test to ensure that they do not interfere with the test results. However, do not stop your existing medicines without your doctor's advice.

Q. What is the cost of a total protein blood test in Agartala?

A. The Total Protein Test Price in Agartala is Rs 85 with Redcliffe Labs. You can book a home sample collection for this test.

Q. Why do I need a total protein test?

A. Besides using as a part of your regular health test, it is used to check that you are getting enough nutrition or find the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Moreover, it is used to look for kidney or liver diseases.

Total Protein Blood Test in Agartala

Protein is paramount for good health! Your body needs it to perform several functions and keep you healthy. It also helps your body repair the existing cells and create new ones. Therefore, maintaining protein balance in your body is important to keep yourself away from chronic illnesses. Doctors often call for a Total Protein Test of two types of protein in the body, called albumin and globulin. It is essential to measure the protein amount in your body to moderate your diet and lifestyle while there is still time. Redcliffe Labs is a trusted diagnostic center that you can count on for the Total Protein Test in Agartala.

Why Do I Need A Total Protein Test?

A Total Protein Test measures protein levels in the blood, especially the amount of albumin and globulin. Besides confirming any specific symptom, the test is an irreplaceable part of your regular full-body health checkups to help you analyze the condition and maintain good health.

Signs You Need Total Protein Test:

It is one of the most significant tests used as a part of comprehensive health checkups to analyze your condition and diagnose certain diseases. However, it can also be ordered if you are showing symptoms like

  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue
  • A sudden drop in your overall body weight
  • Edema (swelling due to extra fluid in tissue)
  • Have symptoms of kidney or liver disease
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Spider-like blood vessels on the skin
  • Jaundice

Even though you don’t have signs, you should get tested to measure your levels and check whether your body is getting an adequate amount of nutrition or not.

Total Protein Tests Results Interpret The Following:

Protein is undoubtedly vital in our body but can be problematic in both conditions when their levels are too high or too low. Therefore, to confirm the symptoms and measure the adequate levels, get done your TP Blood Test in Agartala today.

High Total Protein Levels Indicate To

  • Chronic inflammation (HIV or Hepatitis B & C)
  • Bone marrow disorders (Multiple myeloma or Waldenstrom disease).

Low Total Protein Levels Indicate To

  • Bleeding (hemorrhage)
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Protein-losing enteropathy
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Malabsorption
  • Kidney disorder
  • Extensive burns

Whether you have elevated protein or low protein levels in your blood, the Total Protein Test is crucial to measure which one it is and initiate the treatment or therapy accordingly. So, if you want to find Normal Total Protein Levels in Agartala.

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  • We are India’s fastest-growing diagnostic center, with our presence in many cities across the country.
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  • We have experienced and dedicated Phlebotomists to handle safe home sample collection following defined parameters.
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  • Whether you want a Serum Protein Test in Agartala or a Full body test, we are the destination for you to be.

So, Get Tested With Us Today!

Whether you want to measure the protein levels in your blood or analyze your overall health, Redcliffe Labs is undoubtedly the name you should keep in mind. We are the one-stop to book a Total Protein Blood Test in Agartala for Rs 85 only. You can get tested with us from the comfort of your home with our home sample collection facility. We have a trained team that will come to collect samples, and reports will be delivered to you via online means within the promised time frame. So, what are you waiting for? Book a test with us today.

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